• Rodman1938

    I guess “BITCH” would have offended her.

    • Guest

      or… butch?

      • IUfan37

        Butch….would be a compliment to her. She is, She was, She always will be….”Butch”.

    • Bouncerquinn

      Calling Mathews a BITCH would have offended her?

  • tim

    so glad to see that bitch put in her place lol

  • GSprecken

    I don’t tweat. Is there an ObamaPomPoms hash tag?

  • Paul Crittenden

    Huelskamp easily summed up all of MSNBC’s yellow “journalists”. Nothing but cheerleaders.

  • TiredofLiberals

    SHUT UP MADCOW! You got your A$$ handed to you

  • America’s Native Son

    i have offered a second opinion, she’s ugly too.

  • Tacjam4

    Cheerleader is nice! She’s not a jounalist…she’s an extension of the Obama administration! She’s one of the biggest problems of this country!

  • Walt Craig

    she’s too freakin UGLY to be a cheerleader!!!!! LOL

  • TREP

    C an’t U nderstand N ormal T hinking

  • Gary Banks

    i would call her an obamass kisser and a MORON!

  • Scott Shipman

    its like she was appalled to be called a cheerleader, then proceeded to defend the administration, argumentatively. Maddow really is ignorant.

  • Susan Kamelgarn

    She did not want to acknowledge what he was saying. Dont ask the question if you dont want the answer.

  • Bonnaroo

    EPIC smackdown! Way to go Rep! Loved the way you ruffled her papers! Totally unnerved the girl!

  • Cheryl Davis Miller

    Be strong Mr. Huelscamp. Stand for truth and the basis of the law of our land. She is a cheerleader. Just as MSNBC is. They are a joke.

  • Kris

    What would I call her? My mom taught me not to say those words.

    • kru

      I Would call her/him
      a bull-dike!

    • dougiefresh85

      Mine is “CEE U NEXT TUESDAY”.

  • Jeff

    Madcow…cheerleader…that’s putting it mildly…

  • Don

    see how she rolled her eyes on the second cheerleader spot, makes me think she knows she has been called out..

  • http://www.rosascabin.com/ Wade Hudgins

    Useless. Anyone that merely repeats the talking points they are told is useless. An answering from Walmart that cost $14 does the same job of repeating the same information and it can even take your message perfectly. The only thing that Maddow does perfectly is to NOT apply make-up.

  • Johanna Roberts

    A paid obama-pusher, same as cheerleader. Haven’t watched the show very often because it is sooooooooo “progressive” and zero balanced. But that’s okay for those not wishing to be armed with any facts.

  • Dorotha

    that is NO SHE nor HE it is an IT !!!!

  • Jack Lamb

    I call her a lackey..

  • dingocv

    I unfortunately went to high school with her, she just cares only to furthr the liberal agenda as she was supporting during her high school days. She belives in complete government control over society to where a nanny government is in complete control.

  • TheBattman

    There’s a reason she is also known as Rachel Madcow…

  • Gary Holveck

    Rachel is the disingenuous one. Yes, Rachel, saying that he (POTUS) would act to institute actions without help from Congress is a promise of lawlessness. Obama has broken the oath he swore to uphold. And YES, you are a cheerleader!!!!!!!!!

    • BJC

      a cheer “man”

  • http://lifebythecreek.wordpress.com/ PamD

    An evil warlock is what I would call her/him/it.

  • djmdgo

    Maddow is a typical libtard moron. Probably polishes his shoes. This dumb cow wouldn’t know a paddy if she saw one.

  • Shug

    Ms Maddow’s obvious reaction and defensiveness about being called a cheerleader proves the congressman’s point. Nothing else has to be said. However, attacking her takes away from the congressman’s very good points. Remember, truth will win out in the end. It just takes a long time sometimes.,,,,,,,,,,,This interviewer is not even worth name calling.

  • scott

    Her ratings tell the tale. No need to even insult this sad and pathetic woman.

  • rural_americans

    Obama’s cheer leading team captain: Rachel Maddow can’t stand the heat.

  • VirtualHybrid

    Fact is, President Obama has proven that he will skirt around the constitution when it fits his agenda…therefore…one can take from his SOTU that he will continue to skirt around the constitution in order to push MORE unpopular legislation.

  • Zachary Goldberg

    She’s trying to pin him down and all she can do is laugh in nervousness as he continues to deliver fact after fact.

  • Jibber Jabber Joe

    Gilligan works very hard to look like anything but a cheerleader.

  • Sbbmutt

    Take ur Pom Poms out of the closet Rachel!

  • SurferKing88

    Racheal Madcow and her smirky face disgust me.

    • Jonathan

      They’ve got others just like her. I get my doses of MSNBC poison from FB. The channel is banned (God, I almost feel like a Progressive using that word!) in my house, and nobody at work seems interested in trading Maddow’s circus act for re-runs of “Cold Case Files”. I am blessed.

    • Jonathan

      Another one – remember Ms. Smirky herself, Soledad O’Brien? They say she was canned, but I’ll bet there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when the door finally closed behind her.

  • etexfisherman48

    Any Republican that would go on her show is asking for what he got. It’s ignorant to prop up a failed show such as MSNBC. Let it fall on its own sword.

  • Bobby

    When is the Republican party going to stop name calling and get something done in Washington?

    • Kristina Dickey

      When is the president going to try to work WITH the Congress .. COMPROMISE instead of acting like a baby when he doesn’t get exactly what HE wants? The majority of this Country does NOT want Obamacare, does not want further gun control legislation. What the People wants is Jobs created (will happen thru Small Business if allowed to prosper .. quit over taxing, and stop the bailouts with corporate industry) Obama is acting like a dictator, not the POTUS

      I wish the Republicans would grow a few pairs and prosecute Obama, Clinton, Holder for Benghazi, lying time and again hurting Americans financially .. violating the oath they took to uphold the Constitution.

    • Nicole

      Lol look at your own party. Name something the Democrats have done besides lie, cover up issues and murders, and try to create a society thats solely dependent on government for everything.

    • Fred Keefer

      1. “Unhinged” Arsonists (Wasserman-Schultz)
      2. Insane People Who “Have Lost their Minds” (Harry Reid)
      3. “People with a Bomb Strapped to their Chest” (aka Terrorists)(Dan Pfeiffer)
      4. Blatant Extortionists (Jay Carney)
      5. “Legislative Arsonists” (Nancy Pelosi)
      You mean like the above.

      • sreynolds


    • sreynolds

      They won’t, 90% of them are in on it.

  • Venus

    About time this little girly/man, Madcow was put in she/he’s place. Priceless! Wish more people would let her/him know what a pathetic so called journalist she/he is.

  • Kay Jay

    I’d call her “Kevin” because she looks like Kevin Arnold off of Wonder Years.

  • Thad Daly

    Cheerleaders and apologists — that all that is left –

  • Winston Smith

    My god, she is so full of C**P! He is exactly right – if this was Bush, she and all the rest of the ultra left hypocrites like Michael Moore would already be calling for his impeachment!

  • Ken Pangborn

    She IS a cheerleader.

  • Scott Snoopy

    its laughable that the little boy aka maddow gets insulted at being called a cheerleader; she has nothing else to come back with…and this is an Ivy League grad. Rumor has it she is the smartest of PMSnbc’s commentators too.

    • Mr. Mike

      The “…smartest of PMSnbc’s commentators…”? That’s like being the best bull rider in Sweden. Not too tough.

  • Steve Csi

    I wonder if Obama will tell if she spits or swallows.

    • Evelyn Atwood

      She’s a lesbian.

    • Fred Keefer

      I doubt she does either, she lives under the rainbow.

    • Rickey Douglas Love

      Funny Steve ~ Love it ~

  • Carmen Carrozza

    What she reminds us of is the fact that there are many like her. Unshakable Obama backers, that defend all of his elitist, dictatorial comments and actions, without any realistic understanding of the harm he has done to our country.

    • Mr. Mike

      She’s hoping for a serfdom once he declares himself emperor.

  • Scoon Jenkins

    She was whipped………….she knew it and she started first with feigned outrage because of “cheerleader” and then he once again worked her over on the “lawless” comment and proved himself completely factual and correct………and exposed her attempts to spin any negative comments away from Obama in her typical snarky way……..she was out gunned and she knew it

    • Mike

      She called him disingenuous because that is what she was!

      That was her pathetic liberal way of trying to TOP him!

      With that comment she was doing nothing more than displaying exactly what the liberal plan has always been…. to basically accuse any conservative of exactly what they are guilty of!
      SHE was insincere and she was the one withholding information!!

      The Senator was DEAD ON accurate and most sincere!

      I don’t think Democrats know what disingenuous means.

  • billkoch

    Guess there are some republicans with guts. Too bad they are not part of the leadership.

  • Melts12

    Madcow’s arrogance rivals that of Obuma. I wonder if she’s checked the ratings for her program, maybe if she did it might tone down her rancorous and odious attitude!

  • tired

    OMG… this woman is not a journalist… The credo of a true journalist is report who, what when, where and why… She is not reporting anything; she is not listening….

  • Ruben Escobar

    Rachel Maddow she is a Libtard and a COPROPHAGOUS grin.

  • Leslie Davis

    I’d Love to see them Face to Face… Cheerleader VS Kansas Rep….. LOL

  • Larry Walther

    A clam who lives buried in the sand.

  • toonybrain

    I’d echo the Fox news anchor Tricia Macke who called her, “an angry young man.”

  • Craig1748

    She appears to be an idiot and nothing more than a mouthpiece for Obama and the Democrats.

    • Julieb615

      Yep, she’s a cheerleader.

  • Tatahnka

    Her body language speaks volumes to the fact that she just had her @ss beaten. Her stumble-bumbling verbal reactions were more confirmation of the aforementioned beating.

    • patriot first

      Well deserved at that.

  • 1ndependentOne

    Does she know what disingenuous means? How is what he says not sincere nor forthcoming?

  • conservative2012

    Cheerleader? Oh no! Good thing she’s not a conservative, because we know what libs would call her, and it wouldn’t be cheerleader, but it would start wit a c.

  • FRG

    OMG! You go, Mr. Huelskamp!

    She is not a journalist as we all know it! She has no idea what she was asking him about!

    Se is a mouthpiece to the progressive liberals and democrats! How many people watch MSNBC? 6? LOL

  • Larry Walther

    We have a system. Out here in flyover country, we exercise our right to yell and call names. The republicans inside the beltway are supposed to be getting “something done”. It’s not our fault if THEY fail, but we hold up our end!

  • MamaMia

    Whoa, did he call her a CHEERLEADER!!?? God forbid! How nice that she just insulted high school girls all over the place. I was a high school cheerleader myself. It was actually an honor, and really wasn’t all that terrible…… She is a moron.

  • AZWarrior

    Excuse me: But he did NOT insult her. He spoke the truth. if that offends her…… tough titty. How many times has this mealy mouth turd referred to FOX as the Media Dept. for the GOP?

  • Kemios

    I’d call her a cheerleader.

  • Michael Superczynski

    A blooming idiot!

  • Fred Keefer

    If she had a clock, it just got cleaned.

  • XYZ4me

    That was awesome! I think it struck a nerve when he called it. “Journalist all think they a can be rude, crude and disrespectful” when it doesn’t fit their biased agenda…. Pierce Morgan is their ring leader aka the nazi journalist of the tabloid news. And I say nazi because of his my way or I’ll crucify you style of interview. Actually interview is used loosely he has no interest of interviews – he wants to maul and nail to the wall. I am tired of bullies mascarading as journalists. It’s time the interviews start calling them out.

  • Gail Miller

    How was he disingenuous? All I heard was the truth.. She is a lil cheerleader for Obama and his lawlessness.

  • mike

    I don’t believe that’s insult. She does cheer for the king at any cost

  • tom quinn

    I’d call her a pretty good reporter and That Hump a typical butt head

    • edoyle7

      You are a douchbag..

    • Rickey Douglas Love

      She is Dumb as a Box od Rocks ~

    • whoselineisitanyway

      Ditto: you got your head firmly planted where flowers don’t grow & the sun don’t shine

    • Mike

      Get out of here douche bag Liberal DRONE

  • Sarcasm

    That was the first time I had ever watched her show.

  • Shane McMahon

    I wonder if she’s for gay marriage? And I thought cheerleaders were good looking?

    • Rambler

      Rachel and her partner, Susan Mikula, are obviously for gay marriage.

  • DavStp

    Rah rah sis boom bah! Carry that water Rachel!

  • Ronald

    The beginning of the end for PC as we know it!

    • Charley Larson

      We can only hope and pray……

  • vtxowner

    Almost all newsmedia’s in this nation are socialist democrats and will back their messiah / King to the grave. I am convinced there is no hope for this country without complete eradication of the socialist democratic party, all its members and supporter not only nation wide but world wide. Until this disease is eradicated from the top down America will continue to go down the toilet at Mach 1. They’re punks.

  • Jeanette Smith

    Yes he said ‘Cheerleader” very apt, and it describes most of the media that’s why no one watches them and their networks, it almost borders a cult-like mentality. Especially since the media is trying to spend more time on Christie and traffic, when in reality millions of people have spent more time on the phone trying to untangle their Healthcare insurance mess than the few hundred spent in the traffic jam, but the media doesn’t want to report on what effects the millions everyday, they would rather hang onto their ‘bone’ to make Christie look bad, and the media lost, it was an epic fail, and embarssingly obvious to the viewers.

    • Rambler

      He coulda and shoulda have called her a $2 whore because she has no ethics, morals, and standards……… but then that would be degrading some $2 whores who are far better than Rachel Maddow.

  • SYG

    Between Rachel’s “CHEER LEADING” and that other moron, CHRIS MATTHEW, with the “tingling going up and down HIS leg,” they should do the half time show at the super bowl.

    • Charley Larson


  • Nedd Kareiva

    “What would you call her?”

    Bimbo. Definition = disreputable woman. Can any other term be so more apropos?

  • jeanbean14

    Her reaction to his use of the word “cheerleader” proves that she IS a cheerleader for Obama. His speech did read like dictates like a king. She is a moron and a socialist who can’t think for herself . All she can do is cheer for Obama, kiss his butt, and attack anyone who dares to criticize Obama. This Congressman called her out on her complete lack of integrity as a journalist, he failure to do her job, and her constant propaganda lies. Rachel Maddow is a hack. Who watches her crappy show???

    • Kathleen Elisabeth

      I think she didn’t like being called a ‘cheerleader’ that would be too ‘girly’ a term for a mannish woman

      • Kathleen Elisabeth

        She focused on the buzzword ‘cheerleader’ and distracted from the content of the conversation. She was insulted being called a cheerleader, after all she wants to look like and emulate a man

      • Vlad99

        She let him fly off the handle until the cheerleader attack.

      • Vlad99

        I believe cheerleaders can be male too, wasn’t GW Bush a cheerleader in highschool? Are you sexist?

    • Mike

      At least there is someone else out there who can clearly see through the mess!!

      Glad to see someone saying that her reaction is proof of her guilt!

      That cheesy FAUX laughing she does makes me want to smash things!

  • Brendan

    Cable news is biased.
    They’re all cheerleaders, pushing for their team, instead of doing actual journalism.
    MSNBC are stooges for the left and FOX are stooges for the right.

    • CJ

      Brendan, FOX news is fair and balanced. I can name several liberals that appear regularly on FOX news ie., Bob Becklel, Kirsten Powers, Juan Williams and Alan Colmes just to name a few. How many conservatives can you name on MSNBC?

      • Brendan

        fair and balanced… that’s good

      • Senor Sano

        Laughter as a response? You lose!

      • Brendan

        Aren’t you supposed to laugh at a joke?
        He wrote that FOX News isn’t biased.
        That’s hilarious.

      • Vlad99

        Joe Scarborough, S.E Cupp, Michael Steele

  • sue

    This woman just showed how picky picky PC has become. GO GET HER, TIM!!!! Wish more of you would stand up to these K – – A – – journalists

  • Bobtail362

    Geez…Rachel dont like the truth.

  • Phyllis

    I never watch that station as they are all cheerleaders!! Witch makes me sick! Huelskamp hit the nail on the head! If it had been Bush, God could only help us !!!!

  • whoselineisitanyway

    I’d call her what she plainly is: TO WIT: A BRAINLESS TWIT. I’d like to use a different word, but so many twits, so little time

  • cjleete

    He shouldn’t have stopped there, here’s some suggestions for effective insulting…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSEYXWmEse8

  • Mike

    THIS BITCH thinks she can blame what happened in Benghazi on people voting on spending cuts for diplomatic embassies? Is she NUTS?
    They cut spending OVERALL. That doesn’t mean when someone is in trouble you IGNORE THEM!!! THATS UNAMERICA AND IRRESPONSIBLE!


  • David M Vukusich

    She is true joke ! And I feel the congressman has it correct a Cheer Leader for the Obama Administration!

  • Adam Sean Finley

    Rachel Maddow is little more than a political hack. I am just mad I actually listened to her speak for more than 10 seconds, it is time in my life I just will never get back. I only listened because the congressman’s staements were very spot on!

  • Kathy Smith

    I think that calling Ms. Maddow and all the others like her a cheerleader was far too kind. They are mesmerized by the fox with the silver tongue and have forgotten what journalism is all about.

  • David M Vukusich

    Fox news is more truthful and are far better then the rest in reporting the true facts! Fox news also with their reporting they are not so blind to the true facts as the rest are !

  • Mike


  • Mike

    I got 36 Seconds in and was already thoroughly PISSED OFF

  • i2luvmyusa

    The majority of MSNBC staff are hypocrites and bigots.

  • call it as it is


    • KevinC

      I think you mean DICK!!!!!!

      • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

        Either way, you both are insulting useful body parts.

    • hillybeans

      stop being crude

  • DJ

    Really glad somebody goes on the attack against those piss poor so called journalists…I mean cheerleaders. Here is my cheer….Go Tim Go!!!

  • CCC

    Rachel might as well be wearing an Obama shirt or something similar.
    I find it funny that she wants to spend more time taking apart what the congressman said, than picking apart what Obama said.
    Even more ironic that she has more concern about asking “What did you just call me?” than saying “what are the fact?” She is more concerned about her image and Obama’s image than she is about anything else.

    • Mike

      She had the NERVE to Laugh when he said she was a cheerleader.
      She damn sure knows she is!! And I know that when Obama had all the Liberal journalists come to the White house and didn’t invite nor allow Fox news or ANY Conservative journalists the reason we didn’t hear about what they discussed ever is because he discussed with them how to destroy the GOP and they are following his commandments to the letter!

  • Kathleen Elisabeth

    Maddow and her smarmy attitude. MSNBC’s ratings are dragging along the floor because of their partisan reporters and ‘journalists’, if that is what you can call them. Maddow is a total joke amongst journalists.

  • merrick04

    What I would call her, you would not print anyway, so I’ll just say that Mr. Huelskamp is MY representative in Kansas and I am very proud of him. Just wish there were more of him.

    • Tom Winegar

      I have a good one in my Northeast Kansas district but today I wish he was mine.

  • Warren Gacsi

    There goes Rachel Mad-cow still in the ether of make-believe.

  • JoeCasepack

    Obama could literally kill a baby while reading from a teleprompter and Maddow would support his actions without question.

    And we would be racists for objecting to the death of the baby.

    There is no winning with these radical types.

    • Burleson Fred

      Truth is, He does support the killing of babies and so does MADCOW.

  • 19greg45

    I LOVE it when ManlyWoman gets taken to school! She’s was probably dying inside, wishing she could cut away to a commercial the minute he started scoring points.

  • GaylePutt

    Watch her body language…she KNOWS she’s a cheerleader and not a journalist.

  • Melanie Southwick Hinkle

    Speak the truth, Madcow.

  • Dave

    The Rep really got under his aaah I mean her skin. Love the Libs reaction when they are faced with the facts.

  • Lloyd Edward Raynor

    Rachel Maddow is Chris Hayes in Drag…

    • hillybeans

      i always the it was the other way..’chris is rachel’ but what difference does it make?

  • George

    Kill the Goldman Sucks ads!

  • KMac1964

    First of all, Rachel Maddow is NOT a journalist. She is a political commentator with her own opinion based show….if she truly were a journalist then the Congressman would not have needed to call her a cheerleader…LOL
    The night Obama was elected back in 2008 she was giggling like a schoolgirl on TV. I was appalled at her behavior that night (I had never seen her show before then) because I was still under the naive perception that journalists actually reported the news and didn’t ‘cheer’ for their own political beliefs being realized.
    I remember how the media crucified Nixon – and Ford and yes even Carter…where are those journalists???

  • Kathy

    And that is why I spent hours campaigning for this man!!!

  • Johnny Creel

    Rachel Maddow is the skinny little nerd guy who always got his ass kicked in school.

  • Ralph

    Just another Liberal Hack pretending to be a Journalist! She wouldn’t even be a good cheerleader. She’s just a mouthpiece.

  • Wendy Dietze

    I would call her incompetent and Huelskamp my hero. We should all go on his Facebook page and thank him for standing up to the lame stream media. Maybe the rest of the fraidy cats would start standing up for the truth.

  • Yoma Ma

    Rachel Mad Dog- and the loons of MSNBC

  • Mike

    Tim says, “he dictates executive orders.”
    Rachel says, ” are executive orders lawless?”
    Tim, ” an executive action without authority is lawlessness.”
    Rachel, ” executive orders are lawless?”
    Tim, ” If there is no authority.” Rachel laughing at the same time as if she has made her point when the fact is executive orders are not something you just use to create laws because Congress wont agree!! When Congress doesn’t vote something into Law Executive Orders to make it law anyway ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!

    “Major policy initiatives usually require approval by the legislative branch, but executive orders have significant influence over the internal affairs of government, deciding how and to what degree laws will be enforced, dealing with emergencies, waging war, and in general fine policy choices in the implementation of broad statutes”

    Where in the above quote do you see that Obama can just use executive orders to bypass a Congress because he don’t like what half of Congress has to say or he don’t like that half of it doesn’t agree with him EVERY TIME HE SAYS SOMETHING!

    This man NEEDS To be removed from office!!

  • justathought22

    a tool

  • LiCormack

    an idiot sheep

  • Gino

    Rachel Madcow

  • Sam in NC

    That b!tch is a waste of oxygen and ugly as sin !

  • Ronald W. Jones

    An Obama sycophant !

  • bikerdogred1

    What she is ,is a guy with no balls,can’t think straight like that,just a hippie that knows everything a legend in his mind that’s all.

  • beverly daniel

    conservatives need to boycott MSNBC. let them interview each other and continue getting themselves in trouble/fired.

  • Mike

    Rachel also calls Tim disingenuous which means WITHOLDING INFORMATION or Not Genuine or sincere! I think he was TOTALLY sincere! He wasn’t laughing at her like she was at him!!!

    This from a woman who laughed and asked a few questions and tried to cut him off when he was making very clear points.

    SHE was disingenuous!! AGAIN, as usual the liberal accuses the Conservative of exactly what they are guilty of! Withholding information and a lack of sincerity!

  • LibertyNow

    That’s exactly what she is, a cheerleader for Obama…….(an insult to cheerleaders everywhere). There is no one on MSNBC who is anything but an agent for the left.

  • dollaholla


  • Larry Curtis

    It appears as though the censors have gotten to this one as the video content is no longer available…or at least that is what it says for me, and I have refreshed this page a few times in an attempt to bring it up.

  • KM

    To bad I can’t see it. It’s been taken down by Big Brother!

  • Dave


  • johngaltspeak

    I can’t get the video either, but I agree about Maddow.

  • JStudd1

    A “hollow, partisan, poor-excuse-for-a-journalist” cheerleader!

  • j

    anything but a journalist

  • Burly Bergeron

    has facebook removed the video? would love to see the reaction on Madcow’s face.

    • Scott Masewicz

      We’re not on Facebook. We’re on allenbwest.com. So no, unless facebook as some master hackers on their team, this is just a technical issue on the website.

      If we were on facebook though, it wouldn’t surprise me if facebook removed it.

    • Vlad99
  • lemondrop1

    I can’t see the video either, oh yes, facebook is a cheerleader as well so they’ve removed from that link , is there another place to see it? I would love to see it, but I never watch MSNBC, oh I hope it goes back up. good for him. she never denied it, either . she is a non journalist , she would never admit the truth ,unless a republican gets back in office. she, and the rest of them , would be all over that. now lets see the same said to Chris Matthews, Matt Lauer, and from ABC, Diane Sawyer

  • damifinoone

    If I said it you’d have to delete it, but if you “hunt” for the answer you will probably find it.

  • hillybeans

    where’s the video? i believe i caught the rerun where she mentioned being called a cheerleader- BUT finally! good for him..i am tired of this kowtowing. boehner just released the ‘Republican principles’

  • delilahrenee

    It’s about time somebody let her have it. I just watched a video of black activists in Chicago, some of who supported Obama at one time, some did not vote for him because they said he didn’t do anything for them as a state senator so why vote for him? So when his own hometown folks don’t like him, Maddow keep cheering for him.She is a poor excuse for a responsible journalist.

  • Jeri Barnett
  • congressive

    Of course you can’t watch the video. West can’t have you seeing what actually happened when Huelskamp is reduced to blubber. BTW, Ambassador Stevens refused the offer of additional security twice. Look it up. Here’s a clue: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2013/05/14/191235/amb-stevens-twice-said-no-to-military.html

    • Vlad99

      Ambassador Stevens died because he trusted the rebels too much.

      • davidnohe

        The rebels in the Obama Administration, that is.

      • Mike

        Stevens died because Hillary and Obama ignored requests for security!!

        And don’t even try to show that stupid ONE article/video that LIES like liberals do! If that were true then liberals in every hearing would have been repeating it and showing the source!!
        But of course no one tried it because it is the ramblings of a foolish liberal blogger.

      • Barbara G Lovejoy

        Stevens was killed because he was gay…Hey I’m on your side, Benghazi was a gun running op gone bad. Steven asking for security was a cover up to hide the real reason. Obama was running guns to Al Qaeda through Libya to Turkey to its final destination Syria but Libya changed their mind and backed out. Islamic law does not include gays and Stevens was killed because of this. The 2 CIA ops were killed because they were in the wrong place etc. 4 Generals were relieved of their command because they disobeyed a direct order from Obama to stand down, they were readying their troops for a rescue mission. General Petraeus was humiliated with that “scandal” because he KNEW the truth about Benghazi and was going to spill his guts to Congress. Obama and Hillary had to act fast and come up with a motive..Within 15 minutes of the attack Obama KNEW it was a terrorist attack and went to bed while 4 Americans were murdered.

    • Karen O’Henley Williams

      No, you look it up. He did ask for 5 extra security personnel. By the way, he should have been adequately guarded WITHOUT asking ! Everyone knew those men were in a precarious position! Obviously, he and his men were not considered important enough to listen to! How can anyone make excuses for BENGHAZI! Believe me, we will never forget! What did you do, find the report you liked best and chose that one? Look for more info!


  • Crosslaker

    A drone

  • Vlad99

    Col. West don’t mean to be harassing/trolling and all but how am I supposed to comment a video I can’t see. That being said you are allowed to be biased your an activist not a journalist. But to invite your supporters to insult Mrs Maddow is way past disingeneous. It’s outright offensive and not worthy of the man I assume you to be.

    • justapatriot

      If you read the article, you would have read the exchange. The Congressman called her a “cheerleader”. I would agree with the Congressman. She is indeed a cheerleader and not a journalist.

    • Roland Sullivan

      Sounds like sour grapes to me but what else can you expect from a liberal?

      • Vlad99

        Sour grapes over what? Huelskamp looked like total douchebag. He did his best to push her around and she just laughed.

    • Mike

      Do you even know what disingenuous means? You certainly don’t know how to spell it!
      I think you need to look it up! Rachel Maddow was disingenuous throughout the entire interview.

      If you want to see the video I suggest you use another Browser. Because it works fine for me. But it is nice of you to blame Allen West for YOUR browser not working!

      Are you sure you aren’t a liberal? They act just like you do.

      And believe me when I say I am being MOST Sincere and not withholding a thing!

      • Vlad99

        I saw the video I know how to use youtube and search for it myself. Thank you very much for the tech support I work in IT. I’m sure Col West himself knows I’m a liberal. And seing all the personal attacks in that sewer pit. I wasn’t wrong about my assumptions.

  • MickeyFreakinDougal

    Haha, love it. A representative is not paid to be unbiased. But a “journalist” (have to swallow pretty hard to call maddow one of those) is supposed to be unbiased. Love it when one gets called out!

    And by the way, Colonel West, it’s not an insult when it is the blatant truth, is it?

  • Sneetches

    Rachel Maddow is as much of a journalist as she is a lady. There’s a whole lot of daylight between those two.

  • CBG

    I would call her a low life liberal.

  • Lynne Buchanan

    @Vlad99:disqus . Col West asked what would we call her. He didn’t ask anyone to insult her. So I find it interesting that you would immediately assume that only insults would be forthcoming. Of course, you would be right because there is nothing Rachel Maddow does that would elicit any kind of positive response.

    • Vlad99

      Just cut it short with:”you were right in your assumptions” and say thank you.

      • Mike

        Why even come here? Go back to Huff Puff

      • Vlad99

        Because I’m not happy with the standard: “great article I love your indsight” comment. It doesn’t add any value to the debate. Unlike conservatives I like to have my bias and my preconceptions challenged. It’s rare but it happens.

      • Mike

        You realizing you have bias is a good thing. But why wait for someone else to challenge them? Are you unable to deal with you own bias?

        The fact is people of different races have bias. We can choose to respond to people because of or in spite of our bias or we can thoughtfully consider what is right and respond accordingly.

        Saying conservatives don’t like to have their bias challenged is really short sighted. PEOPLE don’t like to have their bias challenged. There are those who can stand above the nonsense and look down on it and can actually see a path through the disturbances from both sides.

        If you think I think Republicans are right you got me all wrong.

        I know the difference between the Entrenched Republicans and the Democrats… NOTHING!

        The only people in the Government right now who care about you and I and realize that both of us have different ideas about what freedom should mean is the TEA PARTY.

        They care about the Constitution. Liberals all get their ideas as Obama tells them what to think.
        He started out saying Republicans are trying to destroy the constitution and denied that he wanted to get rid of it.
        Then a few years later he finally made it clear that he thinks our Constitution is outdated and should be changed because its in his way he said!

        If you agree with Obama then you just don’t understand what keeps Americans free!

        Dick Durbin told Ted Cruz that the Constitution is not Absolute!
        But he said that because he doesn’t understand nor know how to create legislation without robbing the rights of the people!
        He, like Obama, is fooling people into thinking that their safety is more important than their Rights when their Rights are what ultimately keeps them safe!!

        Do you truly believe it should be legal for the President( ANY PRESIDENT) to find a LOOPHOLE around the 9th and 10th Amendments to take more power for themselves to dissolve the 1st 2nd and 4th Amendments?

        Back in 2008 I bet anything you were with Obama when he said Bush was un-American and passing Unconstitutional Laws with the Patriot act and the Unconstitutional wire tapping.
        But I bet now you think the NDAA is great stuff! I bet you think that everything Obama does is flawless!

        I bet you have made excuses for Obamas LIES like every Liberal.

        If you make excuses for Obama then only you can ask yourself if you do so because he is black and so are you! I cannot answer that for you. Will your bias tell you what to think


      • Vlad99

        “Do you truly believe it should be legal for the President( ANY PRESIDENT) to find a LOOPHOLE around the 9th and 10th Amendments to take more power for themselves to dissolve the 1st 2nd and 4th Amendments?” How did Obama found a loophole? And how did he grab more power for himself?

  • http://www.thelazycomic.com The Lazy Comic

    Michael Savage refers to her as MadCow. I couldn’t agree with him more. It amazes me how the dems blindly just recite the B.S. they’ve been fed. (I hear it all the time). Randy, The Lazy Comic.

  • Donna Felice

    He is absolutely correct she along with her colleagues are Obama’s cheerleaders. They have no clue the damage they are doing to this country. The rest of the world views us as ignorant and uninformed and for the most part they are correct. The major networks are sucking on Obama’s teat and grinning as they thumb their noses at those of us who have intelligent and informed opinions. It will just be a matter of time when the government takes control of their extravagant living quarters and fills them with the dregs of society so they can share just like real socialists.

    • Mike

      They are already filling them with the dregs of society!!

  • Goose bump

    mAdDoW is way to Homely to make it as a Cheerleader in my town ….LMFAO !!!!!!

  • TerryHyland

    No wonder the video is unavailable!!!!!!!!

  • Vlad99

    All there was in that interview is Maddow asking Huelskamp specific and pointed questions about his tweets during the SOTU. And he kept screaming Benghazi. The she asked him about executive orders and he screamed Obamacare. Rachel mostly let him fly off the handle altough he did get her attention. Republicans go on MSNBC to scream at their interviewer so nothing special there.

    • http://www.facebook.com/george.burch.71 George Burch

      Every red blooded American should be screaming Benghazi. Four Americans killed well screaming for hell and what does Obama do… Goes to bed and Hillary hides. And some people think that it was okay for the Americans to die and the country not getting a straight story from Washington!!!! Moron

      • Vlad99

        Thousands of Americans died in Iraq, Afghanistan, more in the WTC. 13 embassies got bombed under Bush. So there’s a lot of things red blooded americans should be screaming about besides Benghazi. We all know you guys are scared shitless of Hillary 2016 and trying to stick as much dirt on her as you can. Huelskamp don’t give a rat’s ass about Ambassador Stevens or his family.

      • Mike

        Hey MORON! Americans dying in Iraq and Afghanistan SIGNED UP FOR IT!!
        The 4 that died in Benghazi already did their service and weren’t in the Military you MORON GOOF BALL STUPID NON THINKING LIBERAL DIPSH~T!

        You are damned right we are scared of Hillary. She is a beast of a person.
        But all you Liberals are petrified of Cruz, Paul, Gowdy and many other Tea Party members who will run in 2016.

        If Hillary wins it will ONLY be because of stealing it the Democrat way! Just like they did back before 1965 to disenfranchise Republicans with the express purpose of disenfranchising the black population and the poor.
        And you can pretend and try to say that the Democrats back then were the Republicans today but you will be speaking out of your a$$ if you say it or even think it and I would tell you to go read up on the Whig party and the Democratic Republican party split before the Whigs and find out that they believe the SAME THING we Conservatives do today! The Liberals have found a way to fool the non thinking public. You must be one of them short mind.

        Huelskamp absolutely looked to care to me. Maddow was the one laughing at every true thing he said in an attempt to discredit.

        You know damned well when an entire biased media goes to the white house and no conservative sources are allowed at the meeting and ALL THESE JOURNALISTS come out with NOTHING To say about the meeting then you know there is a scheme going on in that!!

        Wake up dumb goofball. I stopped trying to be nice to you people.

        You love being fooled like a dunce.

      • Vlad99

        Here we go again with the race card. Democrats are the racists I know. Republicans pushed for civil-rights I know. I also know its 2014. I know who calls me a moocher and a taker.

      • Mike

        You are the only one using the RACE Card buddy!

        Democrats ARE the Racists. Always has been!

        And Republicans don’t call black people moochers and takers.

        Stop with the lies. Either you are ok with lying for liberals or you truly do believe what they say without any evidence at all!

        There would be validity to what you are saying if you can show evidence of one Republican ever calling a black person a moocher and a taker.

        And don’t even try to play that CODE WORD bull.

      • Vlad99

        I talked about WTC, Iraq and Afghanistan. He went off with civil-rights and republican did it.

    • Roland Sullivan

      Liberals don’t hear what they are saying anyway, so why bother? She never answered one single question, and she never heard one single question, she is simply a cheerleader, If she talked to her wife that way she would be getting a divorce about now.

      • Vlad99

        In the conservative school of journalism the interviewer have to answer the question of the interviewee. What a load of crap she asked about his tweets during the SOTU he did not answer any of the questions. Interview and debate are two different things.

    • Delta V

      Screaming? Seriously? The only time he raised his voice was when she kept dodging his question. Otherwise it was a fairly calm exchange. Which leads me to believe you were watching a different interview or you’re just another blinded liberal.

      • Vlad99

        Only in the conservative world the interviewee ask the questions and the interviewer have to answer.

      • Mike

        How stupid can you be? Instead of answering Delta V that he didn’t ask the questions you go along with his answer just to give a stupid retort.

      • Vlad99

        Come on Mike, I’m stupid? She asked him about his tweets instead of answering the question he went on and on about Benghazi and Hillary. Her line of questioning was about his tweets nothing else. Then she asked about his tweets on executive orders. Again she asked him about his comments and he called her a cheerleader. If someone was avoiding answering questions is Huelskamp.

      • Delta V

        And only in the liberal world is the exchange only one way.

  • koala

    He is correct. Maddow is a cheerleader.

    • Vlad99

      Maddow criticizes Obama enough but conservatives wouldn’t know about it since they don’t watch.

      • Barbara G Lovejoy

        I have watched and all I ever hear from her is her mock crying about how they pick on Obama, how could they pick on Obama THEY MUST BE RACIST!!!

      • Gman

        I am conservative … I watch MS-NBC … I do not watch FoxNews (standard, preemptive anti-typical-liberal-psychological-projection disclaimer) … sure, I’ve heard Maddow criticize Obama … FOR NOT BEING LIBERAL ENOUGH. I’m surprised that you think an anecdotal criticism here or there somehow means that these doofuses at MS-NBC are not *all* leaping, screaming, Obama-worshiping, DNC-Playbook-puking, filthy Democrat sycophants. Chris Matthews has criticized Obama, as well … are you going to sit here and tell us all that Tingles Matthews isn’t an Obama Butt-Sniffer?

  • drjanetta

    Yes she is …big time. She carries the toilet paper for Obama…!

    • Earl Reeves

      I would carry that a little farther and say she wipes his ass.

  • Roland Sullivan

    What I want to know is, why do conservative’s even appear on Madcow’s show, if they would stop appearing on her show she would disappear, because without them her ratings are scrapping the bottom, and she is dragging her network down with her. Just stop showing up for her to ridicule.

  • Barbara G Lovejoy

    I’d call her a bitch (among other thing I won’t say here), she always has been, she’s got her head so far up Obama’s ass if she turned her head too quickly she’d break her damned neck!!

  • Gmiester

    Why is the content unavailable to watch?

  • Douglas Rood

    Who in the hell watches the loons on MSNBC? “Baaaaaa”.:)

  • juppie

    I call her a flat chested dyke.

  • fntsmk

    Bitch. Liberal Bitch. Socialist Bitch. Marxist Bitch… Obama-loving cheerleader Bitch. Anything but a journalist.

  • Mary Jensen

    Madcow wipes Obama’s rectum so much that she gives a new meaning to brown nosing.

  • Crusher

    She makes a good living as a rabble rouser and bomb tosser. We empower her by paying attention.

  • fog643

    Ugly cheerleader . .

  • d-nice

    It starts with a c…

    • mhgoats1

      …… Cheerleader………….

  • Astrobuf

    So where did the video go? It’s a dead link! Did MSNBC decide to take it down to avoid further embarrassment for their mad cow?

  • callenczar

    I would call her a loser….she lost the debate and looked ridiculous…like a pouting cheerleader

    • Mike

      That damned Liberal laughing. They all got that from JOE “DOUBLE DUH” BIDEN! Biden knew what Ryan was saying during the debates was the truth so he laughed to try and take the focus off Ryans words.

      That is a game they are playing.

  • Frank

    cheer leading cow

  • Carol Lee Brown

    and all three people watching got soooo irritated !

  • Mitchell

    If that attack had happened on the Bush watch Lybia would have been annihilated 2 days after the attack happened.

    • Mike

      NO Democrat cares about American lives.

      YET every dumb Liberal will try to defend the inaction of Obama an the action of lying afterwards by saying, ” But what about 3000 dying in 9/11 under bush and what about Iraq and Afghanistan?”

      Ok Libs… here is the answer to that nonsense… Bush did NOT LIE and try to cover anything up!! Bush did NOT bomb the WTC. Bush was a bit duped admittedly into Iraq to which Obama ended it way too early just for brownie points to try and get reelected. And Afghanistan?
      REALLY? 3/4 of all the deaths in Afghanistan happened under OBAMA because he fired and refused to give Generals what they needed to fight the insurgents!!

      Obama LIED, then he LIED AGAIN. Then he lied again and again. Then he lied again and again and again! Then he lied again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again X100000000

      REALLY? Do you think there is any comparison there?

  • Valerie Williams

    I didn’t know all that about you, Colonel West! I’m a lifetime Kansan and a K-State alum. I like you and Angela even more now!

  • Brad Patterson Pga
  • ray

    what would i call her??????Can’t Understand Normal Thinking??

    • mydadsays


  • Domenick

    Maddow, a smug personality, with an undertone of condescending ridicule, who tries to make anyone who doesn’t agree with this administration, look like a fool. MSNBC will be off the air soon.

  • CSHJ

    Bitch wouldn’t be very nice but it fits……….I can’t really say what kind of bitch though.

  • Cullen Guimond

    The video doesn’t work, I would love to see it though.

  • Edgar DeCanniere

    they aren’t going to let us see the TRUTH!!!

  • Edgar DeCanniere

    Rachael Madcow…what a waste of mankind!

  • Kevis

    I’d call Rachel Madcow what I call Miley Cyrus –
    A Slunt.
    THAT is an insult *Ms.* Madcow.

  • OrionElectra

    Oh man, the video is 404’d. Did operatives from MSDNC hack it down?

  • Lol

    I’d call her a dude

  • Scott Coffman

    I would call her a Obama propaganda worker

  • bcasebolt

    Idiot…idiot puppet sheep

    • Charles Henke

      Sheeple and Puppets indeed…
      Jim Henson Muppets might look better on Mainstream Socialist Never Believing Conservatives channel. Heck, they might get more ratings!

  • Vonnie Wilford

    A cheerleader for Obama & Hillary!!

  • dardyl

    People like her feel that they are the only ‘enlightened’ ones and that they must school us all. She just got schooled and it should happen MUCH more often.

  • Al Dailey


  • Robert

    Heulskamp. A great Big THANK YOU!

  • Janie Daniels


  • William

    Maddow is one of those fools that to commies use to gain power with and when they’re done with them they line them up in front of a wall with a lot of pock marks in it…

  • Joe Edwards

    Can’t post that one word here,

  • Hoof Harted

    Come on. Someone has to carry Obama’s water.

  • Selma Birch

    I would have called the obama team mascot!!! She isn’t cute enough to be a cheerleader!!!

  • Frank Swart

    He was putting it very nicely.

  • Kenyan Mocker

    She’s going to get real skinny. He has eaten all of her lunches for a long time. Loved her nervous laughter when she knew she’d been had.

    • Vlad99

      Are you a mind reader?

    • jtintx2

      Yes indeed she was visibly uncomfortable!!!!

  • OrganicGirl

    Who is the goon with the glasses. Pleeeeaaaassssseeee, shut up!

  • weeknocky

    The most annoying group of people..self-righteous, pompous, smug and degrading.

  • Annie

    she couldn’t possibly be on a bigger ego trip and thank you Mr. Huelskamp for putting her in her place. Thank you!

  • Liberius Lucanus

    If the republican party is going to bite the rear from an arrogant split tail they ought to send in a pit bull rather than a poodle.

    • Dash_Riprock

      Agreed. And I think we need to somehow get Gingrich back in the game.

    • jtintx2

      Someone like uncle Ted Nugent!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Henke

    I would call Ms. Maddow a “Bat Crap Crazy Cheerleader”. She’s the kind of “reporter” that would just read her party lines like reporters did in Soviet Moscow.
    Ms. Maddow and her crew of Left leaning demigods are all about attacking people like Rep Tim Huelskamp who actually stand up and fight against the power of “Dear Leader” and his appointed camp of demoncrats.

    As a Veteran, I believe that the wounded Ranger shown by the wife of “Dear Leader” was used as a prop. Shamelessly so. But “Dear Leader don’t care about our Military. Just like Madam Clinton don’t care about Bengazhi!
    This administration has done more sloppy OPSEC leaks and because of this statememts made by “V.P. Koo-koo Crazy Morittmer” has got Troops, Sailors, Marines killed by Identifying SpecOps operators; which is a MAJOR Hell No!

    Chris Stevens and his detail needed help, they didn’t get it; and Chris Matthews has the pebbles to say his junk filled pathetic statements? And don’t get me started on the so called “Reverend” Al Sharpton.
    This is why I watch Fox News for, stand by and support Lt. Col. Allen West, and would charge a pillbox armed w/a butter knife if the Col asked me to. Allen West is a true leader, where none of the current administration have a clue on how to lead!
    Securing my soapbox for the moment!

    • Marilyn

      AWESOME !!! AND..thank you for your service

  • rikker45

    I would call her madcow.

  • Dash_Riprock

    Yup!! And these libs finished off the whole segment attacking the Rep instead of answering or addressing some of those questions that were posted. Mathews needs to get his facts straight about the anti-islam youtube video. Subsequent investigations have clearly shown that those rock-throwers didn’t even know the video even existed. Mathews flashed his pom-poms for Obama in that single statement.

  • PoizenIvy

    I can’t stand her.. And is that al sharpton sitting there? I didn’t even watch the whole thing. Her stupidity disgusts me. I would call her an ass kissing idiot who made a fool of herself!

  • Syd

    Rachel does not understand the Constitution. She needs to take a course on it so she knows this President is using his office to get around the Legislature to pass laws he knows they would not pass. His sole purpose to bring socialism into this country and liberal thinking people are either too blind to see this or they don’t want to see it because that’s what they want.

    • Panors77

      Nor does she care about the constitution…..she and her ilk prefer marx’s manifesto.

  • D. Brown

    I stopped watch Maddow years ago. Her tone is condescending and mocking for pretty much everything she speaks on. She as arrogant and bereft of introspect.

  • pugilist66

    The incredulousness (if I may coin a term to express liberal hypocrisy) of Maddow, Matthews, Sharpton and that little weasel with glasses when their messiah is criticized is hilarious to watch. And, the fact they consider themselves to be serious journalists is truly absurd in the extreme.

  • http://oldfox.info/ Terry “OldFox” Seale

    Praps, he doesn’t know that Rachel is a bull dyke and “cheerleaders” to her are silly little sissy sluts useful for amusement and eye-candy alone.

    • Diane Rickman Carder

      hahahaaa so he really insulted her



    • Deathstalker74

      Um, “bitch” refers to a “female” dog. Not sure she qualifies.

  • bret

    what a bunch of losers on msnbc

  • Lawrance Parks

    I call her a Traitor…

  • Diane Rickman Carder

    She be a BEEEooootttttcccchhhheeee

  • sherry8260

    Call “her”?? I thought she/it was a man trying to pass…

  • Stunned

    “If the Benghazi attacked had occurred under President George W. Bush, it would have been front page on the New York Times every day. If it were Speaker Nancy Pelosi, there would be a select committee. And Rachel Maddow would be cheering on for impeachment and imprisonment for murder — not to mention the lies told.”

    Has the author already forgotten about 9/11? The Bush administration knew an attack was likely to happen and still didn’t do anything to stop it.

    • Larry Curtis

      What exactly would you have had them do prior to the attack on the WTC and Pentagon? I mean, are you suggesting they already knew exactly what these terrorist operatives were going to do and how they were going to carry out their attacks? Please explain. These ding-a-lings on MSNBC continue to propagate a bunch of BS regarding the attack on Benghazi. Chris Matthews is full of it, there has been NOTHING proven to clear anyone…the only things that have been proven to this point is that there was a well-organized attack on the American compound and NOT a spontaneous reaction to a stupid video that had been on youtube for several months already. There was a request for added security prior to this attack, none was given. There were pleas for assistance during the attack…none was given, and a General Officer was arrested and relieved of his command within minutes of defying the order to stand-down and NOT render assistance.

      • Panors77

        Yep…..especially no surveilance video showing ANY kind of “protest” whatsoever.

    • hatsourdough

      The person that didn’t do anything about it was Bill Clinton, but of course as a liberal you won’t recognize this. 911 was planned during the Clinton administration and the Palistinies offered Ben Laden on a platter to Clinton, but he declined.

  • Deathstalker74

    Love the way Ralph Maccio completely ignores the Congressman’s point about Obama retracting parts of Obamacare without authority. She asked him for examples, he cited examples, and then she willfully ignores them and tries to portray him as being ignorant. Got to love Chris “shiver up my leg” Matthews trying to rewrite the history of Benghazi too. Is it any wonder why MSNBC is the LEAST trusted news (if you can call it that) organization?

    • Panors77

      Beat me to it about Matthews.

  • NPDeeDee

    She is one nasty piece of business–and NOT all that bright, But who watches MSNBC? I only hear of their boneheadedness on the internet and FOX news.

  • William F

    Rachael Maddow does not have a clue how the federal government works.

  • Panors77

    I can’t believe that after the interview these “journalists” are still pumping on about the attack being about a stupid video. OMG??? Unfreakingbelievable!!

    • willie lee

      It’s because there’s so many out there that only get there news from the mainstream lib media because they are lazy and stuck in the matrix….that they keep spouting lies and many will believe them.They don’t get called out enough on their duplicity to warrant them changing and they have no scruples or are told to keep pumping it by their propaganda directors.

  • Jim Tidwell

    Ha! Sounds like he busted on Madcow, and she took offence at him telling the truth.

  • TFN

    you don’t want to know and could not print what i think of maddow

  • Lighthorse51

    Huelskamp had it right, though I would call her a silly, empty headed cheerleader, sucking up to the quarterback with the big ears.

  • Bouncerquinn

    What a bunch of chickenshits MSNBC are!!

  • Corey Kurisu

    MSNBC is so obviously in the tank for Obama and Democrats as to not have any credibility. Let’s not forget Chris Matthews talking about “tingles down my leg” for Obama. Sadly though it illustrates the weakness of Conservatives. We allow ourselves to be bullied without response. We allow them to call us racist, sexist or whatever just because they can’t handle debate. They unify even behind sexual predators (JFK/Clinton), racists (Sharpton/Jackson/Thurmond) and Socialists (FDR/Obama). What do we do? Destroy our candidates if they do not fit the perfect picture in our heads over who we want. The last election had two great men who could have led our nation well, Cain and Romney. We destroyed Cain in the nomination process because he’s a businessman not a politician. We destroyed Romney by not voting. It is believed some 50 million Conservatives did not vote over Romney’s religion. Well guess what, we didn’t get the Mormon and ended up with a Muslim. We need to all vote in every election for the best candidate for our nation. There will be no perfect person unless it is your name, so quit making excuses and get out. The Democrats are very good at getting voters to show up, even the dead and fictitious. More votes for Obama in Ohio last time than people legally eligible to vote. So we need to unify. And considering statistically speaking all Conservative groups Republican, Libertarian, Constitution, etc. have more registered voters than Liberals by a 6 to 4 margin. We need unity to turn this around. And put more faces in the public like West, Jindal, Rubio and all the other “minority” Conservatives out there proudly to show we are not, at least I’m not, white. Also get the truth out about the history of the party of tolerance and peace. FDR put my family in concentration camps. Truman dropped the only nukes used on people. Wallace opposed desegregation. Clinton abused women. These are historical facts about Democrats but we get blamed for these behaviors because nobody dares to correct them.

    • willie lee

      So very well said Corey. Hope you don’t mind but I’d like to pass on your well crafted response to my people.

    • maxtcat

      A small, but IMO, important correction, it was, “I got this thrill going up my leg. . .” http://youtu.be/no9fpKVXxCc

  • Rob2112

    Wow, I loved how he called the “cheerleader” Rachel Madcow out. I’m not sure, but I still say that she may be keanu reeves in drag? Has anyone seen them in the same place together to verify that I am wrong?

    • Daffy2009

      I’ve always wondered if she and (“fellow” BSNBC host) Chris Hayes have ever been seen together.

      • Rob2112

        From this video clip we know that Chris Hayes is not Rachel. He is sitting right next to her. I have to admit they are strikingly similar, except Chris is quite a bit more feminine then Rachel. I think Chris is actually her long lost little sister.

    • maxtcat

      Yes, you are wrong. Maddow is the reincarnation of Clark Gable!

  • JOHN

    maddow and the rest of the BRAT PACK , as usual were quick to make excuse for this administration , ANYONE that disagrees with their view is automatically a conspiracy theorist or doesn’t know what they’re talking about, NO WONDER her show STINKS!!

  • Vivian Middleton

    Where is Grimm when you need him? Throw this guy off the balcony!

  • misterwax

    rug muncher……. and cheerleader.

  • olly

    where is old Senator Joseph McCarthy when you need him ? He would probably have a heart attack or stoke dealing with what we have today . GOD Rest His Soul !

  • Trudy

    Maddow should be careful where she goes with the cheerleader thing. It not only highlights her ignorance of the English language but draws attention to the fact that she looks down on the type of cheerleader she thinks he meant. Or do liberals only champion certain types of women?

  • Kay Jay

    I’d call her unable to avoid taking a general comment about her ilk as a personal attack on her… she was visibly shaken and offended by being called a “cheerleader”. Her and the rest of those donkeys just proved the congressman’s point with their so-called group commentary (Obama group hug was more like it) after the interview was over.


    Remember investigative journalists who were hell bent for leather to uncover the truth?

  • Sharon Mark

    Aww Rachel got called a name. If the shoe fits, wear it. It could have been a nasty name like your fellow msnbc people called Laura and Sarah. At least his description of you was not filthy language. In the real world not everyone will like you and can see through your personality. If you can’t take a little heat, Get out of the business of talk show host. Rah Rah cheerleader.

  • Kitten

    The name I call her can’t be used.

  • Emmy

    OMG… the total of EO’s from former presidents is irrelevant. What the EO’s were for is what matters. The current president’s EO’s are all power grabs for himself or to redefine the country into what he wants it to be when THE LAW otherwise prevents him from just doing whatever he so desires. So, he whips up an EO. And people watch this stuff. And believe it.

  • hate hater

    she is so sad, its awful to watch them struggle with the war within themselves like that…

  • Charles Carnes

    I blocked MSNBC when Keith O. was there.No loss in my household…But to the advertisers-so sad..

  • ronaldfel

    I’d rather watch “Pravda”, it’s more truthful!!

  • Shaun

    That guy on the left is super annoying. Where do they find these rejects?

  • Reddkl

    Republicans are not helping themselves with interviews I’ve seen over the past two weeks. My friends here in New Hampshire are greatly concerned about keeping New Hampshire a Republican state and from what I’ve seen, I understand their concern.

  • Greg Sanford

    Maddow, Sharpton, & Mathews are the Three Blind Liberal Mice of the media.

  • Sine_Labore_Nihil

    It would come as no surprise if news appeared that the fed has been pumping money into MSNBC to keep their puppet show afloat. MSNBC is a joke and failing faster than CNN. With the blatant cheerleading and totally biased reporting, if you would even call it reporting, is disgusting. I stopped watching MSNBC many years ago, before Oblammer was anointed.

    Huelskamp did the right thing and it is a clear path all republicans, conservatives and tea party politicians should follow. Hammer the dictatorship with its’ record, constantly and consistently with facts. Be careful to not get drawn into the wedge issues that the dictatorship and its’ minions use to derail and deflect the truth about its’ record. This is why the republicans look divided. The democrats have the wedge issue tool down to a science. What are wedge issues: Abortion, income inequality, same sex marriage, etc. What republicans need to and should do is stay on point and note strongly and repeatedly the failures of this dictatorship starting with Oblammer Care and move on to the loss of jobs during the administrations tenure then, to exploding deficit, then the Benghazi attack then, to the NSA and then to the IRS targeting politically certain factions that are against the administration. There are so many more facts about this failed presidency the republicans need to focus on including the aforementioned failures. Then and only then can the republicans, conservatives, and tea party begin to speak with one load voice.

  • Dave

    Maddow called him “disingenuous.” What would you call her?

    I would call her a mutating virus. We need to find an inoculation before it affects more people. We once had madcow now we have maddow.

  • colleenf

    Tried to listen to her, but could not. Got really nauseated……..and I would rather scoop cat poop out of the litter box than listen to her…..about anything.

  • Gary Iampaglia

    sharpton is an idiot. It is NOT HOW MANY executive orders that are signed, it is what the order is!!! For that matter, they are all idiots!!!

    • TS

      Exactly, but the idiots they are don’t understand that.

  • Mark Goodlin

    Can’t talk sense to leftist even as the President and democrats are making their own live difficult and screwing them as they speak. They want to support a Pres. that had destroyed this county and cause great distress on nearly every person that lives here.

  • Chris Wohland

    Al Sharpton is now considered a journalist? when did race baiting and lying become a predicator of transference of fact? How many times do we need to hear that what the POTUS does is not constitutional before we decide to censure, at least, or impeach for dereliction of duty, he is the “Commander-in-Chief”, is he not held to the same standards of the constitution that our service men and women are? And when did the any agency regardless of Chris Matthews claims verify that the attack on the Benghazi embassy was actually related to a 1.5 minute preview of some unheard of and unseen movie that denigrated the prophet Mohammed? These people will do anything in order to continue their own misadventures, Al Sharpton as a character witness to the presidency, may God have mercy on their souls!

  • JPeyton

    Chris Matthews, Rachel, the race baiter Al Sharpton and the rest of the MSNBC crew are people that cannot find a real job in the news media that will hire them and that is
    why they are on MSNBC. They present inaccurate and bad facts, Obama ass
    kissers, and distorters of the truth and puppets of the Democratic Party.
    One example of their lack of credibility is the fact that they have this big
    headed, racist midget Sharpton on. Sharpton makes his living preaching hatred
    of white people to the blacks so he can keep them stirred up and held back. He
    should be considered by Homeland Security as home grown terrorist. And yes Rachel you and the rest of your crew are Obama’s cheerleaders.

  • Patrick

    Man these people are morons! Rachael is mad because the Rep Huelskamp called her out! I wish more conservatives were like Allen West and Huelskamp. calling out these liars!

  • guest

    mmm… income inequality… I now make about 1/5 what I made in 2008…

  • donzap

    Maddow is at home on the news sewer network, MsNBC.

  • Richard H. Gould

    A Liar and a Traitor, that is I what I call the “madcow”!!!

  • Richard H. Gould

    a trainwreck that is headed for the scrapheap that is what I call MSNBC!!..LOL

  • vonholland

    Moron and bitch

  • catfish

    These are the most ignorant group of “journalists” (???) I have ever seen.

  • JJM123

    The last few minutes of this sound like a bunch of elementary school kids BITCHing that things aren’t going as they want.

  • Janet Sutton

    Okay Butch! first off shut up and let him answer the question. Obama has acted like a dictator, and you trying to misconstrue the evidence. You are a stupid foolish woman, and he was right, cheerleader, you don’t have a clue

  • Janet Sutton

    Oh my god media hype, lying pieces of garbage, and you lied about the Benghazi

  • April Mathis


  • Guy Fleegman1

    This parasite Maddow is the enemy…THE ENEMY

  • SanDiegoSteve

    Maddow is a shrew. What a bunch of lunatics on THAT panel.

  • Brian

    When did The Fourth Estate become the Fifth Column?!

    • Walter Dampier

      The media are way too stupid to even realize they are part in the 5th column.

  • Nanci Alley

    All at MSMBC ARE NUTS! What part of the Constitution do they not understand? Obama is lawlessness is destroying America piece by piece! To HELL WITH OBAMA! He deserves to be IMPEACHED & hanged for his traitorous actions!

  • Joe Wallis

    I come before you today to tell you about Kool-Aid. It is sweet, gives you happy feelings and will totally take your rights out from under you. What is lawless? The liberal media is lawless. The current administration is lawless in regards to the BarryCare and big business’s get out of jail free card.

  • Bob Danley

    Isn’t that the dude who played Wesley on Star Trek The Next Generation?

  • http://www.facebook.com/charles.sansing.54 Charles Sansing

    The only time Obama acknowledges any hero in our military is when he can get credit. He is a despicable man. Using this type situation while he cuts pay, benefits , closes commissaries, reduces retirement pay and refuses to allow our service members to worship God while he promotes religious rights for muslim and other mid eastern religious beliefs. Christian soldiers are subject to court martial if found promoting , praying or being art of religious services. Obama uses the military to benefit himself!

  • nwbrian

    We could all tell MSNBC fell flat on their face when Sharpton was added. These people are anti-American, race baiting communists.

  • kenpo5

    Listening to the rest of the tripe afterwards all I can say is those clowns at MSNBC ARE in FACT a bunch of P**SY CHEERLEADERS for the Bi-Sexual Muslim in Chief.

  • fliteking

    SInce when is Rachael a man’s name?

  • Walter Dampier

    You “journalists” do realize that after obama is tried/hanged for treason that you’re next, don’t you?

    • NotASheep

      you sir are an idiot

  • Tom Dilbeck

    Tom Dilbeck ,I Am An Independent Thinker I Have Raised 5 Independent Thinkers / But Trying To Listen To Your Pres. I Sure Was Glad That I Voted For Mitt I Cant Believe You Can Set There Each Night Pouring Out That Garbage ? Do You Really Read The Letter On The Prompter Or Are You Trying To Get A Date For Later In The Evening ?

    • JLogre9182

      мʏ ғʀι­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴɖ’ѕ ѕт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ք-мօтн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ мαĸ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕ $74 нօυʀʟʏ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ. ѕн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­℮­­­­­­­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴ υɴ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­мքʟօʏ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɖ ғօʀ т­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ քαʏƈн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ƈĸ աαѕ $15250 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. ғʀօм тнιѕ ѕօυʀƈ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ fox800&#46com

  • Hoey Joey

    MSNBC is trying to emulate FOX here with no reality to stand on. Matthews is still blaming the video their all delusional cheerleaders for failed socialist divisive agenda of a failed President. Obam has failed in his agenda and has failed his voters and our country.

  • cumiadom

    MSNBC has always been and it still is a team of King Obama’s cheerleaders. Journalism is not in their agenda. Biased justification and excuse of all the Liar in Chief failures and breaks of the Constitution is their only goal and reason for being.

  • fed up

    Maddow, give it up… you are clueless!

  • fed up

    This group of Cheerleaders are absolutely Ignorant!

  • bluesfanm60

    Cee U Next Tuesday, Maddow.

  • radicallyalyssa

    Good for him!

  • Floordoc808

    No wonder no one watches this station!

  • MotherBatherick

    I would call Maddow what she is: a utopian creep failing at her own coexistence.

  • Wanda Gavin

    what I would call her cannot be used here…and really as a Christian should not be used…but it still fills my head..so I am guilty…

  • David Roberts

    Seems like Rachael had trouble understanding what Huelskamp was saying. Duh!

  • Mangination

    She’s such a pathetic liberal troll and immoral piece of filth. Sadly, she uses fallacious arguments to try and divert and deflect away everything he was saying, which is the same nonsense every other liberal attempts when faced with facts and reality.

  • RobiZ

    I do not think Sen Huelskamp was the best choice to argue with Maddow; however, executive orders are not in the constitution. they are allowed, because the President’s job is to execute laws. He has no authority to change a law nor make one, but he can help in how the law is carried out through executive order. It is odd that it has been allowed to prevent people access to documents, intern Japanese Americans during WWII, and use our soldiers. G Bush Sr. did not have more executive orders than Obama. That statement was incorrect. Maybe if you limit the number to Obama’s first year, it would be.

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