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  • raycom4rt

    ACA is such a boned up failure that it would seem that the Democrats would override and take the bull by the horns, but alas they do nothing. (just like the Republicans) We just wait for the next election and whose to say, who learned what….. that a bunch of a/h folks give us Hillary for the next go around! It’s so very sad to watch the demise of my beloved country.

  • The_Patriot

    What happens depends on what happens may 16th and beyond. I have no idea what to expect from The muslim/communist in chief. will he sick the DHS dogs on the unarmed citizens, while declaring martial law? For that matter will the 014 elections be rigged by the power brokers and the rich special interest groups. This fight will be huge and ugly.

  • Ursus_americanus

    Getting folks out to vote for the midterms will be challenging enough. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too complicated with infighting. We are teetering on a defeatist attitude but the slightest wave of positive energy could be very motivational. Let’s pray that the ones with true self-sacrificial servants hearts make it in (because that’s what our nation needs now more than ever) and the self-advancing career politicians become invisible. There are millions of people in this country who want America to make it through this precarious timespace, yet they still deem “politics” to be annoying, frustrating and, quite frankly, draining. Who needs that?

  • john

    Does anybody know how to spell or at least use spell check? Every freaking article I read has at least one typo and misspellings. American education at it’s finest.

    • Ursus_americanus

      I would say that texting has lowered the benchmark for good grammar.

      • marylou

        If you learn proper grammar in school, you would not lower yourself
        to write like an ignorant idiot! What is posted here is NOT texting, it’s ignorance!

    • marylou

      The Liberal ‘dumbing down’ of America is/was deliberate!

    • Nanette Gray

      Typo’s are not a sign of intelligence! STOP! Many people do not activate spell check, some type to fast and do not proof read what they type. Give people a break! If it was my husband he would be a one finger “typer” ( not spelling correct!) and not knowing how to use spell check, believe me he is very intelligent, he has owned 4 business. He is of a different generation and has never become computer literate.


    The political lines being SO blurred these days, I don’t know whose right or left of the issues anymore!

  • JJay278

    First off any Repub who’d support dirt bag Cuomo is not any person I’d want to know. Secondly the De Blasio/Lhota election saw the WORST number turn out. Just over 1 million people voted in a city of 8 mil. That’s pathetic. And he didn’t get the full mil. He didn’t not run a “great” campaign. He was just a Dem in a city of morons. Look I love New York, I love my city and I love the people (for the most part) but they get very stupid sometimes. These two jerks who hold power in the state today are a perfect example of one of those brain fart moments. But then you flip the coin and realize they voted in Giuliani overwhelmingly, twice. So there’s always hope. The answer is the: GOP HAVE TO FIGHT TO TAKE THIS CITY BACK!!! They have to clean up the party in NY. They have to put money in candidates! New York is there for them to take. They just have to not fear the fight.

  • Connie Lee

    Perhaps if they put up some decent candidates…having to choose from the lesser of two evils is not easy

  • Phoebe

    Some background on how America was corrupted . Quite long with lots of footnotes.
    Here is http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-state-the-deep-state-and-the-wall-street-overworld/5372843:

  • 7bill_lee7

    #1 Replace John Boehner with a conservative that has the rocky mountain oysters to go after Obama, Holder and the rest. #2 Secure the senate. #3 Replace McConnell and Reid. Spend your hard earned money to research and support conservative candidates you can vote for and don’t listen to the polsters. Tell your friends to do the same. If they hate Obamacare they have to get rid of Obama.

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