• Elden Morris

    I will wager that not a one of those that walked out have never lived anywhere but the United States of America. If they would go to some of these countries and see for themselves how others are treated, especially non-Muslims, their attitudes would change.

    • Poorlaggedman

      There are actually a bunch of Arabs on college campuses lately. I was just on a big ten university campus last semester for 4 years.

  • Charles Martel

    I would love to get a recording of your speech or to read a transcript.

  • John Locke

    Colonel West, they attended in hopes that you, like many, would be intimidated from speaking about history and facts in the interest of not offending someone. What they didn’t know? Infantry leads the way.

  • Jim Robertson

    Keep up the good work! Truth!

  • Braveheart

    So…we have a few ignorant turds at DePaul who love the muslim brotherhood. They have the right to move to one of those flea-ridden sewers.

  • cmac18411

    The truth needs no defense….apparently the “young ‘uns”, as you said, couldn’t handle the truth and simply don’t want to hear it. They’re idea of the truth is what they are fed by the liberal news media and facts only “cloud” the issue.

  • hashimoto

    Your a hero Colonel West….

  • Michael Smith

    in my browser, IE, your ads on the right are covering the last word of every line of the article, making it very hard to read. I am glad you spoke the truth and sorry the university students could not handle it.

    • Kay Jay

      I had same issue. I shrank the view size and now it is just fine.

      • Tracy Hudgins


  • Carolyn VanZorge

    keep standing strong, col west

  • jabbermule

    Why didn’t the students stay and challenge your assertions in a Q&A after your presentation? If they had truly wanted intellectual discourse (as all universities purport to encourage), then honest public debate would have been the most effective and honorable way to establish any sort of proposition. Instead, they did something cowardly, passive aggressive, and, ironically, completely ineffective.

    • Boo Radley

      Great point. They can’t challenge his facts and they don’t want to look stupid trying.

      • jabbermule

        Yep…instead, they look far more stupid by not even trying.

    • daddyody

      They cannot argue with facts and truth – the only discourse they had was to retreat in protest!

  • Boo Radley

    What’s sad is you laid out the facts, backed them up, and they ignored it all so as to make a point by walking out. Now if we could just get them to keep walking to another country!

    • daddyody

      They’re not interested in facts because they go against the agenda they’ve bought into…

  • Paulapilot

    They aren’t being told about history; therefore, they stand behind the evil people.

    I agree with Elden. They have never been to other countries. I have talked to people who go on a two-week vacation trip to Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. or Cuba and they come back to the states Socialist experts. :/
    Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

  • cumiadom

    Those trolls are stupid people refusing to get an education and learn the truth about the history they are trying to defend.

  • BobInBpt

    While I highly respect Allen West and his opinions, in all fairness to average, non-terrorist Palestinians, one has to admit that they have not been treated fairly.

    Before the birth of the State of Israel, indigenous Palestinians and Jews lived side by side in relative harmony. It was only after the State of Israel began evicting Palestinians from land they had lived on and farmed for generation after generation that the troubles began.

    It’s one thing to build housing for indigenous Jews and quite another to keep evicting Palestinians only to build housing for Jews from the Bronx and other parts of the world who keep flooding into the country and upsetting the balance of power; as if the Palestinians had any say in Israel at all.

    Basically, the Israeli’s have treated the Palestinians much like we treated Native Americans as we kept driving them off of THEIR land to make way for more and more white Europeans.

    • Ebenezer

      Those Palestinians were not evicted, they left voluntarily after being warned by the Arabs of the bloodbath to come. They thought that after the Jews were exterminated or pushed into the sea that they could exercise their “right to return,” which they still clamor for.

      • eadtuff

        saying “they left voluntarily,” isn’t much different than holocaust denial, even if palestinians are a group of people you dislike

      • Ebenezer

        Palestinians are not a group that I dislike. How can I dislike a fictitious “race?”

      • eadtuff

        good work, dehumanizing people makes it easier to legitimize oppressing them. The same thing Nazis did to the Jews, you’re in good company!

      • Ebenezer


      • Paul Robinson

        MY, you DO like to rewrite history, don’t you. YES they left voluntarily, in hopes of returning to all the booty the Jews would leave behind. Their hatred for the Jews and their greed for their stuff is why they are in those camps today. And the biggest shortage in the Palestinian areas is parking outside their luxury malls. So apart from your racism and attempts at rewriting history, what other leftist trash are you capable of? Are you capable of actually thinking and researching for yourself?

      • eadtuff

        Nice job making stuff up, little fella. Hope that works out for you. Your hatred will most likely lead to an early death. Please get regular checkups, thanks to Obamacare you are able to do that. And your grandkids will call eventually, don’t worry.

      • freeaw

        I have friends who are Palestinian who fled the Sinai Peninsula during the the 1960’s. They left because the PLO were killing Christians, they were using the guise of the fight against the Israeli State to kill Palestinian Christians because even then they allowed only followers of Islam to survive.

      • eadtuff

        This is completely fictious. The palestinian resistance organizations of the 1960s were secular (look up George Habash, a notorious Christian PLO member.) In fact, Israel helped Hamas gain a foothold because they wanted to counter the influence of the PLO/Fatah. That worked out well

    • Ollie

      I give this land to Abraham descendants “The Jews” for an everlasting covenant! Thus sayeth the Lord! case closed!

    • jabbermule

      It’s real easy to sit in the United States of America in your ivory tower protected by the world’s most powerful military with a massive arsenal of nuclear bombs surrounded by the world’s two largest oceans and two friendly neighbors, and criticize a tiny country the size of New Jersey with no more than 18 million people fighting for its very survival surrounded by 400 million hostile neighbors who constantly vow to “drive (it) into the sea.” The comparison to what the U.S. did to Native Americans doesn’t even come close and is an insult to Indigenous peoples everywhere who were wiped out by true colonialism.

      • eadtuff

        Oh, give me a break. Israel is the most powerful country in the region and has nukes. That excuse doesn’t fly anymore. They’re just racists.

      • jabbermule

        Then go live there if you think it’s so safe. My hunch is you’ve never even traveled there, or else you wouldn’t make such an ignorant statement.

      • eadtuff

        I can’t emigrate to Israel because I’m not Jewish. A country that practices race-based ethnic cleansing is pretty much the definition of racist.

      • Ebenezer

        Why would you want to emigrate to Israel?
        Race based? What race? I have seen blond Jews from Europe, brown Jews from North Africa, and black Falasha Jews from Ethiopia. What you want is to make the Jews a minority so the Muslims can declare sharia law and exterminate the Jews.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        Hey! We agree on something! So when will you protest Saudi Arabia for denying visas to Jews because they are Jewish? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/25/saudi-arabia-jerusalem-post-obama_n_5027062.html

        But wait — as I look at the actual facts here, it occurs to me that Israel does not have a race-based requirement to even visit Israel (unlike Saudi Arabia), and they even have some helpful tips for people who are not Jewish who may want to move to Israel: http://momentumisrael.com/non-jews-israel/

        Hmm… After about 2 minutes’ worth of research online, it appears that your first statement is completely bollocks, and your second statement, while true, doesn’t describe the country you intend it to.

        I stand in awe at the amount of fail wafting from that post — jolly good job, sir! :-)

      • Guest

        And, by the way, it’s clear you have no argument since you dragged out the “R” word so quickly. Try using your brain instead of retreating to that same old tiresome liberal fallback position.

      • Paul Robinson

        Funny thing – that they treat their Arab citizens so well, while the Jewes in Arab countries are persecuted. Your definition is racism is definitely NOT the one in the dictionary. I would suggest it is YOU who is racist. 400 million vs 18 million – now that sounds like even odds.. Billiuons is US oil money coming in every year vs a country that cannot export Sodastream products without them being boycotted. Sounds fair . . . to a racist.

      • eadtuff

        I think your diaper needs changed, Paul.

    • Mike Biliti

      “Before the birth of the State of Israel, indigenous Palestinians and Jews lived side by side in relative harmony.”??? Where did you hear that? No, Jews were treated as 2nd class dhimmi as long as they bowed to their Muslim oppressors. Secondly, Arabs are not indigenous to Palestine/Israel. From the time the Romans exiled the Jews until the 19th century there were never more than 270-thousand people in the land. Arabs began arriving in the land in the 7th century. There were also Turks, Kurds, Persians, Egyptians, Jews, Druze, Circassian, Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Samaritans, and I am sure I am leaving out other non-Arab groups. The overwhelming majority of Arabs in Israel/Palestinian Authority arrived during the Period of the Mandate while the British were supposed to be facilitating the “New Jewish Commonwealth” but instead cut off the Jewish return home while turning a blind eye to illegal Arab immigration from Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and other Arab countries.

      • abeleehane

        Armenians, Ethiopians, French (from Templar times).

    • Paul Robinson

      You ignore the FACT that much of Israel was BOUGHT as useless swamp/desert for high prices, by individuals – that although the Jews suffered at the hands of their neighbors, they DID make the desert blossom like a rose on land they individually owned. The great exodus from Palestine around 1948 was caused by the mizlim lies that Israel would kill all Arabs who stayed behind. In fact those who stayed behind are among the best treated Arabs in the world. The two-nation solution was Israel and Jordan. By muzlim theology, because they once occupied Israel, they own it forever.

      • Hamza Nadeem

        The amount of land that was BOUGHT was along the coast. Do your research. The UN partition plan gave Israel much more than the land the Jews Owned, and ever since they have continued to encroach on more land.

    • abeleehane

      Some here have responded to some of your claims. I will also remind you that when the State of Israel was born, Arab armies invaded and tried to evict, kill and otherwise eliminate Jews from the land. In a war and especially in one that took place over 65 years ago, people get displaced. A war is never a nice thing and you can’t get your stuff back when you lose after having initiated the belligerence. You then go on and add that Israel is still evicting Arabs, this is utterly false. You have no idea what you are talking about and I would say that you are another victim of the propaganda and anti-israel campaign waged by the likes of the NYT, The Guardian and other shameful publications.

      • eadtuff

        So what would you call demolishing homes to make room for Jewish-only settlements?

      • Ebenezer


      • abeleehane

        That would be terrible …but it only happened in the imagination of Jew-haters, and other made-up “media” online News .
        Keep the good work !

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      There are no Palestinians. There are, however, Jordanians. And if you would spend 5 minutes researching how Jordanians treated the group of Jordanians you call Palestinians, you may get an appreciation for who the real aggressors are in the region.

      This, of course, assumes that you care about actual truth.

  • Eric


    • DSW

      I’m white, my children are mulatto, so I’m NOT racist but I AM anti-Obama ONLY because he’s anti-America (I don’t give a rat’s tushy WHERE he was born–well, I do, but that’s a conversation for another day…). THIS TICKET? I would DEF vote for West/Carson OR Carson/West!

      • larry tanton

        Would be one way to prove to the liberals we’re not racist huh

      • Conservative NOT Racist

        I don’t have to prove to them a damn thing except that I, and many, MANY more like me, are sick of them tearing down this nation. We aren’t going to be too fussy about HOW we let them know it either.

      • Steven Wedig

        Larry tanton… some how i’m sure we would STILL be called racist,…..

  • Jose Elizabeth Allen Hawkins

    This is most interesting.I did not know about the intolerance of Hadrian…fascinating. I hope you have time to read Weigel ‘s article in First Things (online…the complete article can be downloaded for $1.99).It is ostensibly about the (non) causes of the start of WW1…but it chillingly reflects the exact situation now. He talks about the ‘myths ‘ that each participant clung to…none of which meshed with the truth.This was and still is part of this ‘hundred years war ‘ which is still being played out…but unfortunately the ‘myths ‘ have not been debunked or abandoned….which is precisely why you were rudely treated by a few bird brained students.The young people of America (and the government) have their own myth and itis leading the world once again into mortal combat with all the other myths. Unfortunately There is no pursuit of Truth today any more than in 1914..and so we will repeat the massacre which started the decline of Western Civilisation which had been built solely on the quest for Truth.

  • melsbabysis

    Man cannot fix the Middle East. It is a Biblical issue, not a political one. It won’t be resolved until Jesus returns.

  • Ken Perkins

    I agree that our colleges are being used to indoctrinate rather than educate. Lt Col. West, I do not believe that would have happened to you if you had been a registered Democrat. I believe whole heartedly that our radicalized enemies have infiltrated the left and are using their doctrin against us. Our so called leadership in D.C. has only fanned the flames. I am a 27 year veteran of the U.S Armed Forces, and the direction our country is headed causes me a great deal of worry. I certainly hate the thought of defending myself against my countrymen and waht that would entail. I am afraid, however, that is the direction we are headed……note the movement by some to label veterans as dangerous.

    I stand with our founding fathers, I stand for all that has made America great, and I stand with Israel.

  • Bramble

    It was Hadrian that banned the calendar! Thank you. You have just made my rather lazy study of history a little easier. This is why we celebrate Christmas and Easter, not the Levitical feasts. It took early Christians a century more to solidly stand against the Torah, but we did it. During that century we completely reconfigured theology, and figured out a way to be Christian without having that stain of being considered a Jewish sect. Constantine allowed Christians to escape persecution, as long as they lived by the Roman calendar!

    • Paul Robinson

      Any citations?

    • shawn

      It was a Jew who brought Christianity to non Jews. His name was Paul the apostle and he taught that non Jews didn’t need to live by Jewish law except that they see it as a healthy way to Live.

      • Bramble

        If you really wonder, there’s lots of info. Most people just want to argue. Try Firstfruits of Zion if you want to study. I first went to meetings that taught this, because I loved Israel. After some time, I began to wonder if what they taught was true. I dug out an old church history book, and… voila! There it all is. The western church has been antisemitic, much to our disgrace. The western church has spent most of it’s history in ignorance and illiteracy, much to our disgrace. Time to study.

      • shawn

        I couldn’t agree more, and the main fact is we have almost entirely become, a what’s in it for me nation. My personal belief on that is it started small. It started when we took prayer out of the schools. Then the pledge of alliegance. It’s come to the point where the only thing left is what the big government wants us to believe for the most part, and people stopped standing for what was right and just, and became about all that we could get away with.

  • larry tanton

    Who in their right mind doesn’t want the Truth is what gets me, it’s like some have been brainwashed into ignoring anything that comes from a Conservative or an Christian. I’m some of it is from the indoctrination of our kids early and that is darn right wrong. Makes ya wonder where we’re headed as a Country.

    • Steven Wedig

      Makes me worry more then wonder…..the more i watch/read things “unfold” around us…..

    • trixiewoobeans

      I can tell you that as a former Lib Dem, taught to distrust all things Republican and Conservative, I avoided “the Truth” because it made me so insecure, thinking possibly most of what I believed in was false. When you have hardcore convictions, then somebody or something challenges them, it really shakes you up. You have to choose to continue in (un)happy ignorance, or grit your teeth and hear, weigh and consider the “other side.” I decided that even if the Truth was painful, and yes, sometimes frightening to me, I would pursue it. Those people who walked out chose to remain in ignorance.

      • trixiewoobeans

        I might also add there’s a large element of ego involved in Liberalism. They are convinced, and convince you, that they are morally and intellectually superior. That’s a heady combination, especially for the young. I had to re-think that as well and “humble myself” to consider other views, and the very strong possibility I was Wro…, wro…, WRONG! Phew, that was hard, lol!

  • Ken Perkins

    I forgot to mention that I stand behind Lt Col West….or in front of you if need be.

  • http://siteifyouhaveone.com des guss

    You’re nothing but a jewish puppet, Allen West. When they say jump, you ask how high. You’re a coward who hides behind Judaism because you’re afraid of the jewish terrorists and want to become more powerful in the JEWnited States.

    • beenthere

      Where did you get you information. I would like to see how wrong I may have been all this time. Any links would be appreciated.

      • jabbermule

        Don’t bother engaging this clown – he is just another brainwashed anti-Semite who isn’t interested in an intellectual discussion. The best course is to ignore…

    • Bigrigo

      The real coward is you des gus sitting at your PC spewing your garbage. Why don’t you attend one of Col. West speeches and say this to his face.

    • Greyson Wolfe 75

      How very tolerant of you…..

    • larry tanton

      A coward that had Iraqi’s running huh lol

    • Richard Watson

      Just like those idiot liberals, you wouldn’t be able to participate in any intelligent debate or produce facts. “Blame the Jews” is a statement of emotion. Col West reveals fact and there are those that have a problem with it.

    • Terry O’shea


      • Jennifer Loper

        I don’t know…pigs are pretty smart animals.

    • Jose CUnha

      …yeah, we are all afraid of those “Jewish terrorists” becuase look at the havok they have wreaked on the world. You sir, are a blithering idot Kool Aid drinker, and to mention you in the same breathe as a patriot like Allen West is ludicrous.

    • Steven Wedig

      THIS IS THE BEST trash talk you got!?!?! Roflmao you’re not even worth Col Wests time…..you’re like a lil pimple and you just “exploded” you’re now empty of verbal infection……hardly even worth MY time….but then i personaly found your stupidity funny………that’s just ME

      • tammytnt

        I think a lot of us are shaking our heads, and wondering how anyone gets that dumb’

    • shawn

      No there guy, he like others believe the Jews deserve to have the land that rightfully belongs to them. Not to mention dispelled the Muslims who would lie and say the Jews have no history there. The fact if the matter is you say he is a puppet, when you are no less Obama’s puppet. You can worship the radical Muslim scum if you want. I for one will stand with Justice, Truth, and True reasoning, that comes from looking at the pros and cons for all. Well for all but the Muslim Radicals. I would rather see them burn in Hell.

    • Sherill Weber

      Jewish terrorists??? Where DO you get your information from? So you must be for Palestine,,,,the same Palestine that has named their library Osama Bin Laden because they want to honor him. Honor the “Bass Tard” terrorist that was behind 9/11 and killed 2,977 Americans. They have made him a martyr. Worship your muslims,,, but watch out because they will kill you without a second thought. Jews would protect you. You say we want to become more powerful in the “Jewnited States”,,,,you need a lesson,,,,you liberals say the Jewish own the big banks. Goldman Sachs ring a bell???? Well those big banks are the ones that donated huge money to Obama’s campaign. Dumb A$$. And think about how many billions of dollars have been sent to Palestine only to have them that piece of crap Bin Laden.

      • Hamza Nadeem

        Youre the one who needs to get your facts straight. Pakistan hasn’t named the library but a Pakistani CLERIC (ie fundamentalist) has made a library. Also, how many Iraqis and Afghanis has America- and yes, the American government- killed. Many more than 3000. Theres bad people everywhere in the world, but stereotyping a whole religion or nation shows the same lack of tolerance that is being denounced in this post.

      • Sherill Weber

        But it’s ok to put down the Jewish Religion??? The library has been named after Bin Laden. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/04/18/pakistani-cleric-who-runs-islamic-school-for-girls-names-its-new-library-after/

      • Hamza Nadeem

        The state of Pakistan has nothing to do with the naming of the library. You can’t attribute an individuals actions to a whole state. You criticise Muslims, so i think you answered the question yourself, it would probably be okay for me to criticise Jews, which i wont do because i know that not all Jews are responsible for the actions of some. But i wouldn’t expect anything else from someone who uses fox news as their primary news source

      • Sherill Weber

        I sent you another link,,,read it. I don’t use Fox news as my primary. I read them but I also go out and investigate what I read. I also read what Allen West post and others. Let me ask you this….if it was reversed and you were always reading how Christians were going around killing Muslims just because they were Muslims,,,how would you feel? I don’t go around saying death to Muslim. But I do say I don’t trust them because of it. And I’m not arguing with you. I really would like to understand why.

      • Hamza Nadeem

        I mean living in Pakistan, i always hear about the several civilians killed by American drone strikes, so i should say that i don’t trust the Americans? That website is very anti-islam, and there is alot of anti-islamic sentiment in the west just due to the actions of a few individuals. I understand how you would be enraged by the killing of Christians, but there are good and bad people everywhere. I can assure you there are many more Christians that are living peacefully.

      • Sherill Weber

        Yes I am enraged about all the killing of the Christians and at the same time I am enraged about all the killing of innocent civilians killed in drone strikes. But again as a Christian how do I know the difference between the good and the bad? Who’s the Brotherhood and who isn’t? On one hand we hear that the Muslims want to kill us and on the other hand we have the atheists ridiculing us for our beliefs and suing to take any religion they can away from us. We hear that the Muslims want the world to be one religion,,,theirs. We hear about the holy war. If you don’t join their religion they will kill you. I have never hated any one religion and I still don’t. I would have to say my feeling are from fear that somebody want to kill me because of my faith.

      • Hamza Nadeem

        My parents are muslim and they have alot of not Muslim friends, and all of them are still alive. Most of my friends are muslims and their friends in college are non-muslims, and i have yet to see anyone killed. You cannot attribute the actions of a selected few to an entire religion.

      • Sherill Weber

        If your parents are Muslim why aren’t you? Of course that really is none of my business. Let’s get back to what Mr. West posted. Why did or why would several people walk out?

      • Hamza Nadeem

        Also, you make a lot of assumptions. I am not even Muslim.

      • Sherill Weber

        You have your right to say what you want and defend yourself but you tell us why Muslims are killing Christians. You say there are good and there are bad…how do we know the difference when all we hear about is how another Christian or Christians have been murdered. And how all we hear about is how the Muslims want to kill the Americans. I am a Christian,,,you tell me how I know who to trust and who not to trust. Explain it. I attached another link for you. This is what we see and hear. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/ChristianAttacks.htm

      • Hamza Nadeem

        Well i mean its not like the Christians ever did any prosecution you know-say the Crusades, The Inquisition, and the Witch-hunts. I’m sure you as a Christian can explain how that is different from the Islamic fundamentalists of today?

      • bobcchicago

        You need it explained to you how those actions are different than say for example 911? Really??

      • Hamza Nadeem

        I mean its not like the Christians ever did anything wrong. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Witch Hunts. How would you differentiate those from present day Islamic fundamentalists?

      • HonestToAtee

        Problem you got is those things happened centuries ago and Christianity has evolved unlike the fleebag fake religion that is nothing more than a war and death cult!

      • Hamza Nadeem

        Oh so a “real” religion must be the one that reforms after committing all the wrongs. Makes alot of sense.

      • HonestToAtee

        Are you complete with a brain and a soul? Or are you just full of crap all the time?

      • Hamza Nadeem

        Youre the one full of crap. Atleast i’m making an argument in a somewhat neutral way unlike your “brain” that can only understand one viewpoint

      • bobcchicago

        Neutral way? Comparing the Crusades, Inquistion and witch hunts to today’s actions by Muslims killing innocent Christians?
        Oh yea, I can see the similarity to 911 and the Crusades-good one you mor on.

      • bobcchicago

        Have you tied any bombs onto children and told them to go blow up the cafe and collect their virgins?

      • HonestToAtee

        There is not “radical” or “fundamental” Islam, there is only Islam!


      • bobcchicago

        Get real you mor on. The Crusades, Inquisition, Witch Hunts –>
        I would differentiate today’s Islamic terrorism as it is happening TODAY.
        99% of the hotspots in the world are being caused by MUSLIMS.

      • HonestToAtee

        You fricken muslums are trying to get away with your taqiyya act but we are on to it pal!

      • Hamza Nadeem

        You arrogant idiot, I’m not even Muslim.

      • HonestToAtee


      • Hamza Nadeem

        What does that even mean :/

      • Ebenezer

        Since it is not sin to lie to an infidel, there are two words for this type of lying:
        1. Taqiyya, deception, telling half truths, etc.
        2. Kitman, pretending to be friendly to infidels to gain their trust or pretending to conform to an infidel society. Moors even went to mass in 15th century Spain so as not to be expelled.

      • HonestToAtee
      • bobcchicago

        So you say.

      • bobcchicago

        Muslims have killed more Muslims since 911 than the US has. Get your facts straight.

    • Timothy-Allen Albertson

      And you are a racist anti-semitic nazi. Hope you had a nice celebration of your Onkel Dolphie’s 125th birthday on Sunday last.

    • 4deuce

      Saying “coward” and “Allen West” in the same sentence displays you as an utter fool.

    • HonestToAtee


    • bobcchicago

      Jewish terrorist. Do the Jews tie bombs to their children? Do the Jews mutilate their women?

  • cerpas

    Good to see you have not changed even after all these years…to the truth you remain “Faithful and True”…

  • beenthere

    It is time to start being INTOLARANT OF THE “TOLARANT”. Come speak at our open minded campus. We welcome all views and opinions. Except the views of Christian, Constitutionalist, Jewish Americans, Republican or right wing thinkers or any other ideas that do not fit within our narrow tolerance of thought, All others welcome.

    • eadtuff

      maybe you should learn to spell “tolerant”

      • Paul Robinson

        Maybe you should have a coherent rebuttal

      • beenthere

        Thank you so much for point out my error. I guess I have the intolerant version of spell check. Great another update. So what do you think of the article and the post discussing it. Or are you just looking to show how good you are at spelling. Bet ya dun good in skool to.

      • abeleehane

        Being somewhat tolerant of spelling errors should be considered required especially when it is within a valid comment.

  • Troubleshooter

    Come on Col West. You KNOW you can’t bring History, and Facts, and Cause and Effect into any conversation involving the Socialoids, or the Commitose; Then you are just “the man” trying to subjugate “the revolution, man” with that rich man’s superior knowledge and intellect crap man, and hey man, that’s not fair, man, you could just be telling them anything, man, and trying to trick them into giving up pot, dude. Just sayin’…

    • Larry Miller

      Maybe it was time for their ‘pot’ break?

  • eadtuff

    Wow, too bad those students missed out on a failed politician reciting some facts he learned on wikipedia.

    • Paul Robinson

      YOU will NEVER be worthy to dust his boots, moron.

      • Timothy-Allen Albertson

        Nor to lick them after he has walked through one of the cattle pens on the Bundy Ranch.

    • Jose CUnha

      yeah, think about. They could have instead listened to an idiot like you say absolutely nothing of value on social media. Perhaps they have more in common with you than you think. And I second the moron part.

      • Timothy-Allen Albertson

        Another racist opines.

      • Jose CUnha

        ..,ah yes, of course, the last resort of the truly desperate and illiterate, play the race card. That’s all you got? You’re out if your depth.

      • Jose CUnha

        ah. yes, Racist. The cry of the truly desperate, ignorant and misguided. That’s all you’ve got? Nice try, you’re out of your depth.

  • La Lummus

    LOL well they couldn’t throw the race card they had no other option. liberalism is a mental illness. They are completely brainwashed they will wake up after few years in the real world.

  • Jimmy Mercer

    ” The mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

    • Zeke Brehm

      On the other hand, “A terrible mind IS a thing to waste.”

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        Or, in the Islamic way:

        “A mind is a terrible thing”
        – al-Ghazali

  • Patty Nale Davis

    The actions of these students sort of reminds me of a petulant grade school student who plugs his ears and chants, “na na na” when he doesn’t want to hear “vegetables are good for you.”

    • Kim in California

      I’m actually cool with them walking out. Sure, it would have been better for them to stay and listen to everything that was said so that they could be informed, but they could have erupted into a more vocal protest making it difficult for the 40 who remained to hear the truth. The great thing about America is that we do support the right to protest, even when the protest is based on faulty logic and poor factual information. Who knows, maybe some of them heard enough to make them question what they thought they know.

      • 4deuce

        I tend to agree with you about accepting civil sorts of protests. I begin to be less tolerant of those whose protest when those protestors delibeartely include disruption of events – so others wishing to hear a speaker cannot do so. IMO, at that point it is the protestors who morph their protests into criminal acts of public disruption that (justifiably) negates their very own right to “protest”. Walking out is their legitimate right and it does send a message – or messages. Some viewers of the protest might interpret their walkingout as simply a silent expression of disagreement with the speaker/presenter. But many will instead see their walkout as their refusal to listen to any opinions other than their own – thus causing them to be view in less than respectful ways by those viewers. Acts can be interpreted in numerous ways, In this case, the protestors did nothing to make their opinons appear laudable.

  • Ebenezer

    What are the Palestinians? Well, mostly they are the descendants of Egyptian workers brought in by the Turks to solve a labor shortage, plus the Circassian (from the Caucasus mountains — Caucasians) women that the Turks brought for their umm comfort. Add to the mix the miscellaneous remnant of Christianized Arabs and Jews, and the descendants of Edomites and Amonites and there you have it.

    • Wayne Force

      And you hate them all right? You previously stated there are no Palestinians didn’t you? So what is it? Maybe you should go live among those non existent “Palestinians” on the Gaza strip and see how Israel has quarantined them in that “concentration camp”. Every group has good and bad people. You can’t paint them all with the same brush. I see what Israel does to illegally expand their lands while killing those who stand in their way. Where is the outrage for this? As long as humans kill each other for power, money, and religion we will never ever advance as a species. We are doomed to destroy ourselves because the good people of this world are not standing up against evil like they should. Sad.

      • tammytnt

        “Palestinians as a nation do not exist. They were a nomadic people. Arafat gave them that name, to try to give them some legitimacy. Israel, has given up much of their land, as was given to them after WW2/ The Palestinians were suppose to go to Jordan. Muslims in Jordan, Jews in Israel. The Muslims want it all, and murder Israelies on a regular basis. If Israel let Palestinians lose on their lands, many more Israelies would be murdered. Unlike our country, the Jews protect their people the best they can.

      • Wayne Force

        @TammyTNT – You say: “Palestinians as a nation do not exist. They were a nomadic people.” You mean like the biblical Jews who wandered without a land of their own? Bottom line is they are people no matter what you call them and should be treated as so. Why don’t you Google “Israels theft of land” and have a look. Plenty to read there! The hard core Israelis and Jews are just as bad as the rest of them! I think they have all been out in the desert heat a little too long!

      • tammytnt

        God gave that land to the Israelis. No man has the right to take it. All those years that most of the Jews had been taken from their land, there was still a majority of Jews in that land. The Palestinians are Muslim and belong in Jordan. That was the original contract. They are considered a dirty people, much like gypsies, and the Muslim countries do not want them. Let the Muslims take them, they do not deserve the land that belongs to Israel. Have you seen the original map of the area once divided. Israel was twice the size it is now. They keep giving up land for peace, but never get the peace. The Muslims will only be happy when the Jews are all dead, every man, woman and child all over the world. Then all other religions, convert or die. Thank God for his promises. He says that when they try to destroy Israel, they will be attacked from all sides, God will step in and save his people and those who come against them will have the wrath of God upon them. But in the mean time, things will be pretty bad for all of us. It is all in the Bible. Watching the word of God unfold is amazing

      • Wayne Force

        You are truly clueless… And a god nut to boot. Newsflash, there is no god. Get over it.

    • DJ

      What are the Israelis? lol thought so! If you want to claim palestinians are fake- then Israeli’s are as real as a Rolex watch being hustled in Tijuana.

      • bobcchicago

        Israelites are the God’s chosen people.

  • Honoring_Honore

    There was probably more truth and fact taught in that hour, or so, speech by Col. West, than what one learns graduating with a degree in Mid-East Studies.

  • Craig1748

    You are so right about our children and universities being used as “petri dishes”. When these people become adults at some point in their lives they will be the voters and some will be running for political office while others will just be malcontents……..America had better wake up to what is happening in our schools of higher learning!

    • Kim in California

      Frankly, if our kids reach our universities and don’t have the ability to question and search for the truth, we parents only have ourselves to blame. I went through a liberal university and I can tell you, my friends who DON’T have college educations are as liberal, if not more, than those with college educations. Don’t forget the constant barrage of media and storylines in movies/tv that make corporations, the military, and conservative out to be heartless bastards. We don’t have to go to college to get a major dose of liberal crap.

      • tammytnt

        Our kids are being brainwashed in elementary school. Parents do not realize what their kids are being taught and the influence it is having on them. They will soon be turning their parents in for infractions against the gov. Got their brown shirts ironed?????

      • bobcchicago

        Everything flows down from the Muslim President whose goal is to minimize America.

        Common Core –> BAD for America.

      • tammytnt


    • Timothy-Allen Albertson

      Higher Education in the US needs to be broken into a billion pieces and then rebuilt.

  • patrickt777

    Blind, blind, blind! “The whole world is under the sway of the wicked one” 1JN5:19 “In a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act”.

  • Grumblton

    Surprised that they just walked out and didn’t try to shout out your speech.

  • Obozo_Must_Go

    LibTard Logic 101, when confronted with history, facts and the truth, immediately counter with accusations of bigotry, hate and racism…..Awesome !

    • Ebenezer

      Speaking of the racism card: I recall not too long ago seeing a video clip of a blonde, blue-eyed “Palestinian” (Circassian?) girl, no more that 11 or so, insulting and attempting to goad a brown-skinned Israeli soldier into some action while the adult Palestinians waited nearby with their cameras.

  • Thill

    Why do we keep sending our children to universities that seek to radicalis them there must be other options.

    • 4deuce

      Hillsdale College (Michigan) is Radical-Free and focuses on its graduates having a full mastery of the US Constitution.

  • SYG

    Unfortunately . . .there went 30 Liberal Voters walking out the door. How sad!

  • Abby Sapp

    I’m sure you know more about the subject than they did, sir. You can see by this action what our schools are teaching and exploiting. Keep teaching sir.

  • Tina Renee Walls Moody

    So sad for those blinded students. But they were just obeying the liberal school of thought …don’t let facts determine your thinking. The good news is that some of them will eventually grow up. I would of loved to hear your speech.

  • JFXP

    The good news is that 40 stayed, which means many young people are responding to the truth when they hear it. It’s only the 30 that the Lib press loves to make us think they’re the majority when in fact they’re not! Keep up the great work, Lt. Col. West. And thank you fro serving our nation and allowing me to remain free.

  • Kim in California

    Allen, despite being a Libertarian, I appreciate the fact that there are numerous opinions in the world different to mine. Since I’m only right 95% of the time, it’s good that there are people somewhere to call me on my ‘sh–‘. They’re young and at some point their opinions will mature, maybe more liberal, maybe more conservative, but keep teaching, keep telling the truth, eventually it’s hard to ignore what’s right in your face.

  • tarcil

    There is one thing that often gets lost in this discussion, though – it’s not 100% about the Israelis vs. radical Muslims. There are Palestinian Christians as well, and they often get caught in the crossfire between the two sides. They are definitely a small minority, but they can face persecution from both sides.

    • Timothy-Allen Albertson

      So-called Palestinian Christians like Sirhan B. Sirhan? Still pallie terrorists.

      • Ebenezer

        Palestinian Christians are the archetypical Dhimmis.

      • DJ

        bwahahaha bullshit. I come from a Palestinian Christian family. Christianity is treated better in PA areas than in the US. Just this Easter there were thousands of Christians celebrating in the streets of downtown Ramallah.

      • Ebenezer

        BFD. Ramallah is a city founded by Christians.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        That’s awesome! You should take your act on the road! :-) I recommend going into Mecca, and explaining that you are a Palestinian Christian, and would like to build a church there. Go on, we’ll wait :-)

        Oh, and when/if you return from your pilgrimage to build a church, try going to Jerusalem and applying for a permit to build a Church. I’ll bet you have a warmer reception in Jerusalem than Mecca.

        But you already knew that.


      • tammytnt

        OK, I’m dumb. What is Dhimmis? It is not even in my dictionary

      • Ebenezer

        Dhimmi is the Arabic/Muslim term applied to subjugated peoples. Supposedly it means people under protection, but it just means second-class citizen of a Muslim society. Usually Christians and Jews, sometimes Zoroastrians.

      • tammytnt

        Thank you. Love it when I learn something new

      • tarcil

        Your comment actually made me feel slightly ill – such an astoundingly dumb and brutal thing to say, writing off the Christians there who live every day in fear of their lives as “pallie terrorists”. That attitude is as intolerant as the students who walked out of Col. West’s lecture. Because of that one man’s actions, every Palestinian Christian is a terrorist? Are there entire terrorist organizations of Christians that mirror Hamas and the PLO? Of course not.

        From the strange and contradictory things he’s said, Sirhan seems like he has psychiatric problems far beyond any religious, political, or rational motive. But if anything, his history illustrates the persecution that Arab Christians face from both Jews and Muslims; while they face hardship and persecution from Muslims, often the Israelis have not treated them much better.

      • DJ

        LOOOL the PLO was founded by a Palestinian Christian. As was the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. There are also currently 11 Palestinian Christian Ambassadors and 9 Palestinian Christian mayors, including the mayor of Ramallah- the capital of the Palestinian government.

      • bobcchicago

        Did the Palestinian Christians tie bomb vest to children and send them in to cafes to blow everyone up?

  • http://www.aConservativeRN.com villagehomecare36

    They walked out, rather than listen to an opposing view. That is intellectual poverty.

    • Timothy-Allen Albertson

      I would call it intellectual cowardice.

  • koowah

    You can quote history all you wish, but the facts on the ground today are that the occupation of Palestine is brutal. Palesstians, both Christian and Muslim are denyed basic human rights as more and more of their property is conficated or destroyed by an illegal occupying force that mocks civil behavior..

    • Ebenezer

      There is no such place as Palestine. It was made up by the Roman occupiers of Israel to punish them. There is no such person as a Palestinian.

    • Timothy-Allen Albertson

      So-called palestinians are treated better by Israel than in muslim country. BTW, how was your celebration on Sunday 22 April last of the 125th Birthday of your Onkel Dolphie?

    • tammytnt

      There has been a Jewish majority in that area since before Jesus. After WW2 the Jews were given back their homeland and the Muslims were given Jordan. The problem came when the Jordanian Gov refused to let the “Palistinians” (given that name by Arafat) into Jordan. The “Palistinians ” are reviled by other Muslims. They were a nomadic people, much like Gypsies, with the same kind of reputation. No Muslim country wants them, they want Israel to give their land to the Palistinians. Send them back to Jordan, let them give them land. Israel is the only country in the middle east who do not kill different religions, or people. They all live under the same laws, not like all Muslim countries, that murder Christians and Jews for sport, without penalty

    • Don & Cristina Smith

      Talk is CHEAP! Show unbiased proof of your statements or keep your mouth shut!

      • koowah

        A very angry reply, I almost deleted it, but changed my mind, Mister Smith, try to send money to Christian orphans is Bethlehem, I will name one orphanage for you, Home of Peace, run by Catholic nuns from Poland. There was a service project by a Catholic high school student, she earned over two thousand dollars, She is still attempting to get the money to the orphans long after Christmas. Nothing happens without approval of the occupying force, and approval is almost impossible. I will stand by my statement, an occupying force that mocks civil behavior. Or do you consider Catholic nuns a threat to Israel also?

      • Ebenezer

        Why did she not send the money to the official representative in the USA? They would take care of it.

      • koowah

        What official? It must go to Israel, and then to Bethlehem.. It is an occupied country. The hold up is in Israel. It is difficult. You won’t know unless you try.

      • Ebenezer


        This is in Mass. if you had bothered to look.

      • Ebenezer
  • catfood1

    My daughter is a 2012 graduate of DePaul and is VERY Conservative. I think she is such as she educates and informs herself before making decisions. She was one of the young adults who went there with the purpose of educating herself. THIS IS OBAMA’S AMERICA, as one person in the audience shouted when the group of uninformed young people left the room. They only care about promises such as FREE birth control.

    • Sandra Johnson

      Or they still believe in 0-bummer’s campaign slogan: ‘ Hope & Change’! What an utter joke!!

  • Larry Miller

    Walking out shows why they remain unlearned,……….and maybe unteachable.
    They face a very hard life.

    • tammytnt

      No, they are well taught, or brain washed if you will. Our kids are indoctrinated through school. Unless parents counter, schools are making brown shirts out of them

  • SouthernMan

    Unfortunately you spoke truth not revisionist history. That clashes with their world view. Don’t worry though, you’ll be labeled an extremist next, or racist very soon. To get the truth blocked, you’ve come up on their political hit list to be removed. But your speaking engagements at Universities will be on the decline real soon. Can’t let the truth be heard by our college students. Don’t want them educated by real world events.

  • Dave Hough

    Jimmy Carter and Arafat got Nobel Peace prizes for accomplishing nothing of value. Arafat also shoved millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars into his Swiss bank accounts.

    • Stryker

      Ironically, the now worst President in history also got a Nobel Peace prize for not doing anything either. Funny how that works.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        There are a lot of Nobel Peace Prize winners who are Muslim – but very few Muslims get the Nobel Science prizes.

  • galensdad

    Sadly, some of us are no longer “young enough to know everything.”*
    *Oscar Wilde.

  • http://politics.moonagewebdream.com Moonage

    What is really scary is the current strategy of appeasement for the radical Muslim factions in Palestine by Obama is straining the only restraint Israel has to not annihilate the Palestinian military factions there. The ONLY thing that has stopped one of the most powerful militaries on Earth from laying waste to the desert that is Palestine is the United States. Obama is doing everything he can to eliminate that relationship, and with it, Israel’s only reason to NOT destroy the very fractious terrorist elements in the Middle East that thinks blowing up babies on buses is an acceptable military strategy.

    • bobcchicago

      Obama is a Muslim – not a Christian.

  • O’Malley is a Idiot

    Lt. Col. West, I wish you were in command of the 44th MIMS when I was in the Air Force. I hope to see you one day as President.

  • ColoradoSunshine

    Academia has been perverted.

  • guy r west

    you cant teach those who do not want to learn . theres an old adage a heard head makes a sore A.. .. i can think of some who need a good attitude adjustment

  • soundnfury

    These students are not interesting in learning anything. They are only interested in “Palestine, from the river to the sea”, with no Jews.

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      Or, more accurately, their bosses are. Most of those students don’t have enough knowledge to have formed an opinion that strong. They just want to get along in their student group.

  • Dual Bag

    Oh no……the truth…..it burns!!!!!

  • Timothy-Allen Albertson

    Tolerance for those who so loudly proclaim is Zero Tolerance or those with whom tey disagree.

  • Brad Wulfsohn

    The arabs living in Israel have a higher standard of living than most arabs living in the arab countries. Is that discrimination or appartheid? It appears the truth doesnt matter to the Pla, the U.N. or Obama

  • EdC

    Where is your speaking schedule? I’d love to catch some of them.

  • commonsense_is_dead

    I can’t read your remarks for all the ads plastered along the edge of the page. I don’t mind the ads, but please reformat the pages so the ads don’t overlap the content.

    • tammytnt

      What are you talking about???I don’t see any adds. Maybe it is your set up

    • ChrisM cotr

      Try changing the size of font (CTRL + scroll button on mouse). That’s what works for me.

      • commonsense_is_dead


  • Maggie Hammerle

    Facing the same challenges, on a minuscule level, compared to you, I understand…I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this is a spiritual battle, and cannot be fought in the natural realm…I have tried to “explain” the truth to intelligent “good” people…But without the renewed spirit of Christ, from within, they are incapable of understanding the truth…But we know the end of the story, thanks be to God!

  • milootoole

    I believe the walk out was orchestrated. Col. West’s conservative position is well known. I think some campus group, perhaps anti- Jewish, which is coming back to our colleges, planned to steal the stage with their antics. I am happy that some 40 young people have the ability to think for themselves.

    • bobcchicago

      At both Loyola and DePaul in Chicago there are ‘Divest’ groups. I am sure this bunch of intellectuals were part of that group.

  • debw777

    I would have stood up and cheered.

  • JimmieMee

    they came just so they could walk out…on the mark of some leader they show their tolerance by refusing to listen….they adore yasser arrifat who became a multi-Billionare on the backs of the poor arabs he would allow them arms and bombs but no food…let them go hungry to grow hatred….this they admire?

  • http://www.WhammIsRight.Blogspot.com Ian Whamm

    You are right, they do not know their history and as George Santayana warned us; “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

  • avoiceinthewilderness

    How sad such a well thought out speech was only heard by less than a hundred people. Those who missed it missed out. Well done!

  • DJ

    I guess you forgot to mention Zionist terrorism by Irgun/Lehi, the 500 Palestinian villages destroyed, the 30,000 homes demolished since 1967, the cold blooded massacres such as in Dier Yassin and the 300,000 refugees BEFORE the war of 1948.

    I guess some people just don’t know their history.

    • Troubleshooter

      Clearly, you have proven that there is at least One.

      • DJ

        Really? Did I post incorrect information?

      • Troubleshooter

        Incomplete IS incorrect, but your interest in posting here is obvious, and I don’t play stupid games with juvenile shills.

      • DJ

        You probably didn’t even know anything I stated. Rookie.

      • Don & Cristina Smith

        Just another effin troll with nothing to contribute!

      • bobcchicago

        Do me a favor — Why don’t you site some references for your assertions? From what I understand about the koran it is acceptable to lie to Infidels.

      • aspacia

        You have zero balance. Read some facts from Daniel Pipes. You omit the atrocities Muslims commit daily against Christians, Hindus, Jews and other Muslim sects.

      • DJ

        Speaking of Islamic terrorism- the PLO, PFLP, DFLP were all started by Palestinian Christians.

      • Ebenezer

        How do you say “Uncle Tom” in Arabic?

      • Sophonisba

        Let’s find a way to remember that Uncle Tom was the Christ figure in Ms. Stowe’s novel. Honestly, when are people going to learn!?!

      • Ebenezer

        Yes, I knew that. I was using it in the popular, pejorative connotation.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        “Taquiyya” :-)

      • Sherry Mitchell

        Just because their ancestors were Jews or Christians does not make them Christian, Im sure they would be very offended by your comment since they are mostly Muslim and would hate that you called them Christian….trying to kill two birds with one stone?

      • Ken Williams

        Since when do christians push for sharia?

    • Cutenu2

      I agree whole-heartedly. Col. West, if you’re going to tell the truth, tell the whole truth.

  • BarbaraGriffin Gulf Shores

    Dear Col. Please know that you WAR NOT against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
    Proverbs 25:22 For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head and the LORD shall reward thee.

  • GrandmaB

    Mr. West, could you please talk to the Secretary of Education in our government. The Common Core is the government take over of education. Hitler all over again. Sign here and we will give you money. Unfortunately the money did not get to many states. It was or suppose to of been a lottery (states were not told this) and not many winners. It’s costing Calif. 1.6 million to buy computers and train teachers to how not to teach. I help in a kindergarten class and the language used to subtract is decompose. How in the world can 5 year olds learn this? Forcing children to not think their own thoughts but to answer test questions (on a computer) over and over until the Common Core computer receives the answer required, Whether it is correct, wrong or what the child thinks. First there is no common child. Each child is unique and learns different from another. Mr. West, please get the book Common Core the Trojan Horse. Our young children need you to be their voice. I too would like to see you President of the USA!

  • Geraldine H Houston

    Stupidity always shows itself.

  • DJ

    I guess you forgot to mention Zionist terrorism by Irgun/Lehi, the 500 Palestinian villages destroyed, the 30,000 homes demolished since 1967, the cold blooded massacres such as in Dier Yassin and the 300,000 refugees BEFORE the war of 1948. Israel was founded on heartless terrorism, massacres, property theft and the displacement of the Palestinians- which include the oldest Christian community in the world- most of whom became refugees.

    • Don & Cristina Smith

      Your full of crap. My statement is just as relevant as yours. Show believable proof of your statements or shut-up. Talk is cheap and opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one.

      • Guest

        *You’re…. spell check is free.

    • butterflyinoh

      DJ, either your STUPIDITY is showing, or you just hate the TRUTH!!! I’d say it’s the latter.

    • Richard5877

      20-30 or 50-70 That proves there are more racist than we thought in the liberal world…. ;-)

    • aspacia


      Do you really want me to list the atrocities committed by Muslims in the name of Allah? How about just listing the atrocities Muslims committed against Israel long before 1948/

    • SHOTGUN285

      Funny, you seem to forget that Islam was founded on the basis of violence and terrorism, subjugation of infidels and women, etc. You also forget that the PLO destroyed Lebanon and that nation still bears the scars of Yassir Arafat and his thugs. And the so-called palestinians today thrive on the poison of perpetual victimhood and violence. Please explain to me how murdering children today makes the palestinian people more free? Does that give them their land back? Is that justice to you? If so, you are as sick as they are.

    • bobcchicago

      If you have any friends that walked out please tell them not to wear any bomb vests and take out the local coffee shops around DePaul -I get my morning joe around there.

  • Robert Mission

    Col. West is right, DePaul University is just one of many examples of
    revisionist history taught from an radical agenda perspective. Charlotte Iserbyt wrote extensively years ago about “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” how
    the international, national, regional, state and local agendas for
    education reform are all interconnected and have been for decades.

  • dginga

    I would love to read the text of this talk and educate myself on this history. As for the students who walked out, I am inclined to agree with the comments that say these people only attended so they could stage their mass walkout. I saw a similar leftie “protest” at a speech Condoleeza Rice gave at Stanford when she was National Security Advisor. It was ridiculous.

    • Ken Williams

      Wish that would happen with the current National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, who is ill equipped for her position. Our ‘place’ in the eyes of the world speaks to her bumbling, and this present administrations.

  • Larry Miller

    I would like to see the history of their protests follow them to their first employment attempt and be asked if they would walk out when asked to perform their duties.

  • Gregg Dudash

    Let’s use liberal logic here. Allen West was the speaker. 30 students walked out of his speech obviously because he is a black conservative. He supported Israel. Conclusion: those 30 students are racists and anti-Semites. As such, they should be expelled for their racism which, I’m sure, violates DePaul’s political correctness guidelines.

  • PenelopePitstop

    Keep on speaking the truth Allen, hopefully it will penetrate their ignorant soul.

  • Lois Elmore

    Good for you. What is the saying…if we don’t learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it? Same could be said for our mistakes. Education right now is not education but indoctrination. Most college profs are either extreme liberal or socialist. keep up the good work.

  • timely1

    Well, Sir, maybe the tide of ignorance is shifting in our favor since 30 of 70 exited. The larger percentage are more informed and better for it. Keep teaching the facts as they are.

  • Richard Keith Ross

    Colleges are not places of learning TRUTH, but, a breeding ground for hatred of Israel, Christians or anyone who has the Truth and speaks it. If they had their way they would dig up my ancestors, Hancock, Henry, etc. and hang them all for treason. I am a 7th Generation American Patriot and I know one thing for sure. We Christians win; Israel wins when all is said and done. You see God keeps His Word as He has since the beginning of time and their is only one way to eternal life…..it is through a Jewish Carpenter. They all must hate that FACT! If Israel would have done what God told them to do before they took possession of the Promised Land, we would have no Arab-Israeli Conflict, because, they wouldn’t exist.

    • DunthorpeMD

      Israel breeds enemies thru it’s own conduct and treatment of other people

  • phdkremlinonthecharles2

    So a bunch of liberals walked out on Ltc. West’s speech. By the standards set by liberals I guess that makes them all racists!

    • bobcchicago

      I don’t think it was a bunch of liberals–I wasn’t there but I think it was mostly Muslim students who are anything but liberal.

    • NunyaDangBisness

      That is the most illogical statement I have ever heard. They must be racist because they walked out on a lecture? Are you just stupid, or are you actually mentally deficient?

      • phdkremlinonthecharles2

        Obviously you don’t understand! If it was a black Democrat speaking and students walked out, they would be called racists. It is “Illogical” and that’s the point! No offense, but jees…

    • DunthorpeMD

      I am as conservative as the day is long and thought Reagan was too liberal and when Col. West started in with his love affair with Israel at the expense of the truth and the facts I would have walked out as well. As much as I love so many of the things Col. West says and believes he is also smart enough to know that you do not get elected to national office or to the presidency without paying lip service to Israel … the rest of you need to open your eyes and take a good hard look at the values and conduct of the little country you are supporting because the truth is ugly

  • Robyn Stewart Hansen

    You can see that their parents are not interested one bit in politics or this country. Same thing happened to Hanoi Jane. By turning a blind eye to what is going on around you, you produce generations of idiots!

  • trooper4truth

    Ah, that is correct. The Muslim brotherhood did assassinate Egyptian president Anwar Sadat. I remember the news of that day, and for me the historical context of the Muslim Brotherhood being a terrorist, and treasonous organization will remain constant. Actions speak louder than words and no doubt the Egyptian people also have a long memory when it comes to having their leader assassinated. The Egyptians needed to forcibly remove the Muslim Brotherhood from rule in light of the horrific conditions they ushered in. Credible reports of Mosques being used as torture chambers. I don’t know if conditions are changing for Christians in Egypt today but with 50 percent of a Christian population reduction, a population that was once 20 percent in the middle east and is now only 10 percent of the people is a level of genocide comparable to the Armenian genocide which most Muslim leaders also claim never happened.

  • Shamus OBrian

    I have to say that your brief discription of your speech was amazing. I am a new student at Metro State University of Denver Colorado and am loving it. Be in mind I have been out of school for fifteen years but I am a sponge more than ever. I would enjoy the chance to attend one of your lectures if you ever get the chance to stop into Colorado. Keep strong in your truth.

  • Wilecoyote

    I guess the thought police is out in full force at most colleges now. There’s no way you can have any serious conversation with these ‘students” and if they are not in school to learn, what are they there for? Yes, I guess truth can be painful sometimes…

  • http://www.174ahc.org/ Dale Cordell

    Truth is too painful for people who already think they know it all.

    • gregzimmerman007

      I think they call this, “rigidity of thought, or of the mind.”

  • blackyb

    That is all we need is a few good men. We do not need the rest. If they were bright enough they would have listened and learned. Thank you Colonel West.

  • blackyb

    Remember, it is not the Jews they are after, it is God Himself. That is their goal to eradicate the Word of God from this earth so the followers of God and those who would be His followers will be at their mercy. They know, perhaps unconsciously, that our strengtth is in the Lord and is given to us by Him..

  • Sandra Johnson

    These ‘students’ came in with a mindset of not being tolerant. It sounded like they staged a ‘protest’ of unacceptance of what you, Mr. West, stand for. The truth hurts and when you don’t hear what you want to hear, you stop listening. Their itching ears were not hearing their ‘truths’. Thank you for such a fantastic history lesson. Israel has God’s blessing to be a country, albeit small.

  • Dennis Wagner

    Blind ignorance runs strong in these bastions of liberal bias.

  • DownsizeDC

    Great write. I think you are fantastic and I would love you to run for President, Col. West.

    Just to show you I was reading:

    “What I saw last night is that tolerate is indeed a one-way street.”

    What I saw last night is that tolerate is indeed a one-way street.
    Read more at http://allenbwest.com/2014/04/depaul-students-offended-comments-palestine-walk/#F5BsDJv0VloxFtUs.99
    What I saw last night is that tolerate is indeed a one-way street.
    Read more at http://allenbwest.com/2014/04/depaul-students-offended-comments-palestine-walk/#F5BsDJv0VloxFtUs.99
    What I saw last night is that tolerate is indeed a one-way street.
    Read more at http://allenbwest.com/2014/04/depaul-students-offended-comments-palestine-walk/#F5BsDJv0VloxFtUs.99

  • http://politicallyconstipated.com/ Politically Constipated

    Ironically, liberals are more dogmatic than intellectual. Intellectual would imply continually growing and transforming in intellect, through debate. However, liberals do not want debate. They are rigidly entrenched in their belief and force it upon their captive students. More dogmatic than intellectual.

  • Paul

    I wish I knew you were coming to Chicago. I would’ve attended your talk Allen.

  • Lisa Bergeson

    I am surprised they got up and left, are they not able to defend their views?

  • Mark James

    Proverbs 18:2….” A fool does not delight in understanding, but only in revealing his own point of view.” Proverbs 12:1…” Whoever loves instruction, loves knowledge, but he who hates to be told they are wrong are stupid!” GOD’s words…not mine. Those that align themselves against the chosen of GOD,(Israel) will be punished.

    • gregzimmerman007

      Bravo, Mark.

  • Pam

    I do not believe that standing for Israel either increases or decreases your standing with God. I do not understand this reasoning. However as a God fearing people we stand on their side. That I am sure pleases God because it is the right thing to do.

    It is such a shame that Universities have become less a learning institution but a hot bed of radical ideas that are raping young and impressionable minds.

  • Robert Conrrad

    Love you, Allen! Liberals are tolerant and inclusive as long as you don’t disagree with them. If you do, then you’re a hater and other epithets. You are a patriot!

    • gregzimmerman007

      How do u know u are winning an argument with a Liberal? When u start to hear (or read) words used accusingly against you that end in: -ist, -ism, -ot, -er.

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    They are the ones we have to worry about because they refuse to be educated, they refuse to use maturity, and who knows what tactics they WILL use when faced with more truth as times goes on.

    • gregzimmerman007

      I think the bigotry of students, especially the hatred of Jews and Israel begins with an indoctrination of hatred of these people and their religion right from the start – from their parents.

      Then of course there is the scapegoat part-of-it which acts as a diversion from whatever else is going wrong in the world — historically the Jews have been picked-on when some group is needed to absorb the blame or be “faulted”; And, look no further than the Eastern Ukraine today where a pro-Russian group apparently released thousands of fliers calling for the registration of all Jews less they be arrested (otherwise they should flee the country).

      And so on from there…

  • http://woodstermangotwood.blogspot.com/ Woodsterman

    The power these schools have over these minds full of mush always amazes me. Students are getting lazier and not seeking answers for themselves. Thanks for trying, Sir.

  • Truckie 117

    Thanks Col. They can’t handle the truth.

  • oklahomabound

    Truth is considered radicalism by the Communist Left these days, but hey, they still have Unicorns in their socialist Utopia.

  • Vance York

    We need to revamp what college is all about. It has degenerated into something that is next to worthless!!!

  • gregzimmerman007

    Outstanding article, Allen; Wish I had the chance to sit in that lecture of yours.

  • David Robinson

    I highly doubt that any of those..”Students.” Hardly know little if anything that is going on whatsoever in Palestine let alone have any understanding of it. How can they judge anyone or anybody?

  • Gary Iampaglia

    Students will continue being brainwashed. It is unfortunate. Facts are something they DO NOT WANT TO HEAR. However Col. West, maybe you opened the eyes of some students that stayed because they learned from you. Let’s Hope!!!

    • gregzimmerman007

      As Jesus said, it just takes one person to hear and spread the message for the whole world to learn.

  • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

    Guessing it was a staged protest.. would have happened regardless of the topic.. Retired Colonels with conservative opinions and real world knowledge scare the academic community..

  • Mike Dewey

    Would love to see you come to Rice University.

  • disqus_U177lu3GVp

    Kids being indoctrinated by their bigoted, liberal professors. It’s so sad.

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      …and the student groups that pay them to protest…

      Don’t worry, it’s a very good chance that most of the students in the “protest” don’t even know what it is they’re “protesting”, let alone agree with it. They’re getting paid and pressured to protest.

  • webcleaner

    Americans must understand that Islamic Jihadist are not “Extremist Muslims”, they are the Muslim Leadership.

  • koowah

    Mister west has a certain viewpoint, those who follow him have the same viewpoint. That does make them right or wrong, Those who walked out had a right to do so. Many post what they believe, some lie, some twist history. As for who owns what in Israel, I would defer to those who have documents showing taxes paid for generations. They are Christian, Jew and Muslim. I would not consider a claim from an Eastern Europena who uses the bible as legal right to anything. One day we will all face our maker and at that time we will know who was right, who was wrong.

    • mcorps

      It boils down to this with me. Jews are more tolerant than Muslims. We never hear of them killing to enforce the Torah. When I go to symphony hall, a hospital, an art museum, I see philanthropists names on the walls — names from the ghettos of Eastern Europe, survivors of the holocaust and their descendents. The winners of Nobel prizes in physics, math, and medicine are disproportionately Jewish. Jews took a neglected land and made it productive while the Muslim land owners not only bled their tenant farmers dry, but lived lives of luxury in Beirut and Paris, drinking Dom Perignon while chasing the whores of a dozen nations. So, what is hard to understand? Jews are more worthy.

      • Ebenezer

        Re: Nobel Prizes, Mohammad Abdus Salam, the only Muslim to win a Nobel in science is an Ahmadi, a sect of Islam that originated in India. He lived in Pakistan (AKA Muslim occupied Western India) Where it is illegal for an Ahmadi to call himself a Muslim.

      • Joyce Ramirez

        Auschwitz – This is fascinating.

        The following is a copy of an article written by Spanish writer

        Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez and published in a Spanish newspaper on Jan.

        15, 2008. It doesn’t take much imagination to extrapolate the message

        to the rest of Europe – and possibly to the rest of the world.


        By Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez

        I walked down the street in Barcelona , and suddenly discovered a

        terrible truth – Europe died in Auschwitz … We killed six million

        Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned

        a culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people,

        truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who

        changed the world.

        The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science,

        art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the

        world. These are the people we burned.

        And under the pretense of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to

        ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our

        gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought us stupidity and ignorance,

        religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty, due to an

        unwillingness to work and support their families with pride.

        They have blown up our trains and turned our beautiful Spanish cities

        into the third world, drowning in filth and crime.

        Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they

        plan the murder and destruction of their naive hosts.

        And thus, in our misery, we have exchanged culture for fanatical

        hatred, creative skill for destructive skill, intelligence for

        backwardness and superstition.

        We have exchanged the pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their

        talent for a better future for their children, their determined

        clinging to life because life is holy, for those who pursue death, for

        people consumed by the desire for death for themselves and others, for

        our children and theirs.

        What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe.

        The Global Islamic population is approximately 1,200,000,000;

        that is ONE BILLION TWO HUNDRED MILLION or 20% of the world’s

        population. They have received the following Nobel Prizes:


        1988 – Najib Mahfooz


        1978 – Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat

        1990 – Elias James Corey

        1994 – Yaser Arafat:

        1999 – Ahmed Zewai






        1960 – Peter Brian Medawar

        1998 – Ferid Mourad

        TOTAL: 7 SEVEN

        The Global Jewish population is approximately 14,000,000;

        that is FOURTEEN MILLION or about 0.02% of the world’s population. They

        have received the following Nobel Prizes:


        1910 – Paul Heyse

        1927 – Henri Bergson

        1958 – Boris Pasternak

        1966 – Shmuel Yosef Agnon

        1966 – Nelly Sachs

        1976 – Saul Bellow

        1978 – Isaac Bashevis Singer

        1981 – Elias Canetti

        1987 – Joseph Brodsky

        1991 – Nadine Gordimer World


        1911 – Alfred Fried

        1911 – Tobias Michael Carel Asser

        1968 – Rene Cassin

        1973 – Henry Kissinger

        1978 – Menachem Begin

        1986 – Elie Wiesel

        1994 – Shimon Peres

        1994 – Yitzhak Rabin


        1905 – Adolph Von Baeyer

        1906 – Henri Moissan

        1907 – Albert Abraham Michelson

        1908 – Gabriel Lippmann

        1910 – Otto Wallach

        1915 – Richard Willstaetter

        1918 – Fritz Haber

        1921 – Albert Einstein

        1922 – Niels Bohr

        1925 – James Franck

        1925 – Gustav Hertz

        1943 – Gustav Stern

        1943 – George Charles de Hevesy

        1944 – Isidor Issac Rabi

        1952 – Felix Bloch

        1954 – Max Born

        1958 – Igor Tamm

        1959 – Emilio Segre

        1960 – Donald A. Glaser

        1961 – Robert Hofstadter

        1961 – Melvin Calvin

        1962 – Lev Davidovich Landau

        1962 – Max Ferdinand Perutz

        1965 – Richard Phillips Feynman

        1965 – Julian Schwinger

        1969 – Murray Gell-Mann

        1971 – Dennis Gabor

        1972 – William Howard Stein

        1973 – Brian David Josephson

        1975 – Benjamin Mottleson

        1976 – Burton Richter

        1977 – Ilya Prigogine

        1978 – Arno Allan Penzias

        1978 – Peter L Kapitza

        1979 – Stephen Weinberg

        1979 – Sheldon Glashow

        1979 – Herbert Charles Brown

        1980 – Paul Berg

        1980 – Walter Gilbert

        1981 – Roald Hoffmann

        1982 – Aaron Klug

        1985 – Albert A. Hauptman

        1985 – Jerome Karle

        1986 – Dudley R. Herschbach

        1988 – Robert Huber

        1988 – Leon Lederman

        1988 – Melvin Schwartz

        1988 – Jack Steinberger

        1989 – Sidney Altman

        1990 – Jerome Friedman

        1992 – Rudolph Marcus

        1995 – Martin Perl

        2000 – Alan J. Heeger


        1970 – Paul Anthony Samuelson

        1971 – Simon Kuznets

        1972 – Kenneth Joseph Arrow

        1975 – Leonid Kantorovich

        1976 – Milton Friedman

        1978 – Herbert A. Simon

        1980 – Lawrence Robert Klein

        1985 – Franco Modigliani

        1987 – Robert M. Solow

        1990 – Harry Markowitz

        1990 – Merton Miller

        1992 – Gary Becker

        1993 – Robert Fogel


        1908 – Elie Metchnikoff

        1908 – Paul Erlich

        1914 – Robert Barany

        1922 – Otto Meyerhof

        1930 – Karl Landsteiner

        1931 – Otto Warburg

        1936 – Otto Loewi

        1944 – Joseph Erlanger

        1944 – Herbert Spencer Gasser

        1945 – Ernst Boris Chain

        1946 – Hermann Joseph Muller

        1950 – Tadeus Reichstein

        1952 – Selman Abraham Waksman

        1953 – Hans Krebs

        1953 – Fritz Albert Lipmann

        1958 – Joshua Lederberg

        1959 – Arthur Kornberg

        1964 – Konrad Bloch

        1965 – Francois Jacob

        1965 – Andre Lwoff

        1967 – George Wald

        1968 – Marshall W. Nirenberg

        1969 – Salvador Luria

        1970 – Julius Axelrod

        1970 – Sir Bernard Katz

        1972 – Gerald Maurice Edelman

        1975 – Howard Martin Temin

        1976 – Baruch S. Blumberg

        1977 – Roselyn Sussman Yalow

        1978 – Daniel Nathans

        1980 – Baruj Benacerraf

        1984 – Cesar Milstein

        1985 – Michael Stuart Brown

        1985 – Joseph L. Goldstein

        1986 – Stanley Cohen [& Rita Levi-Montalcini]

        1988 – Gertrude Elion

        1989 – Harold Varmus

        1991 – Erwin Neher

        1991 – Bert Sakmann

        1993 – Richard J. Roberts

        1993 – Phillip Sharp

        1994 – Alfred Gilman

        1995 – Edward B. Lewis

        1996- Lu Rose Iacovino

        TOTAL: 129!

        The Jews are NOT promoting brain washing children in military training

        camps, teaching them how to blow themselves up and cause maximum deaths

        of Jews and other non-Muslims.

        The Jews don’t hijack planes, nor kill athletes at the Olympics, or

        blow themselves up in German restaurants. There is NOT one single Jew

        who has destroyed a church. There is NOT a single Jew who protests by

        killing people.

        The Jews don’t traffic slaves, nor have leaders calling for Jihad and

        death to all the Infidels. Perhaps the world’s Muslims should consider

        investing more in standard education and less in blaming the Jews for

        all their problems.

        Muslims must ask ‘what can they do for humankind’ before they demand

        that humankind respects them.

        Regardless of your feelings about the crisis between Israel and the

        Palestinians and Arab neighbours, even if you believe there is more

        culpability on Israel ‘s part, the following two sentences really say

        it all:

        “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more

        violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no

        more Israel.” Benjamin Netanyahu

        General Eisenhower warned us it is a matter of history that when

        the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight Eisenhower,

        found the victims of the death camps he ordered all possible

        photographs to be taken, and for the German people from surrounding

        villages to be ushered through the camps and even made to bury the


        He did this because he said in words to this effect: ‘Get it all on

        record now – get the films – get the witnesses– because somewhere down

        the road of history someone will get up and say that this never


        Recently, the UK debated whether to remove The Holocaust from its

        school curriculum because it ‘offends’ the Muslim population which

        claims it never occurred. It is not removed as yet. However, this is a

        frightening portent of the fear that is gripping the world and how

        easily each country is giving into it.

        It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe

        ended. This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the,

        6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians, and 1,900

        Catholic priests who were ‘murdered, raped, burned, starved, beaten,

        experimented on and humiliated’ while the German people looked the

        other way. Now, more than ever, with Iran , among others, claiming the

        Holocaust to be ‘a myth,’ it is imperative to make sure the world never


        This e-mail is intended to reach 400 million people. Be a link in the

        memorial chain and help distribute this around the world.

        How many years will it be before the attack on the World Trade Centre

        ‘NEVER HAPPENED’ because it offends some Muslim in the United States ?

        Do not just delete this message; it will take only a minute to pass

        this along.

        No virus found in this message.

        Checked by AVG – http://www.avg.com

        Version: 2013.0.3462 / Virus Database: 3722/7231 – Release Date: 03/22/14

        Internal Virus Database is out of date.

      • koowah

        Who you deem to be worthy and what is legal or what is moral are two differant things. If right or wrong was deceided on your criteria the world would be a very sad place. As for neglected land, there were ancient olive groves, vineyards, dates, and many other fruits that were exported all over the world. Destroying the remants of these is a prime objective of the “settlers”. Also, as more people become away of the true situation in Palestine, that sad old lie, “A land without people for a people without land no longer holds water.”

      • bobcchicago

        In this case what is legal and what is moral is the same.

        Do me a favor? I assume you are a Muslim? Please tell me when have Muslims protested the killings of innocent people in the name of Allah that is taking place in the world today.

      • koowah

        No, I am not a Muslim,,, but someone who states that the Jewish person is more “worthy” and therefore should have certain rights, certain land, is offensive. I would never presume who is worthy. I know many wonderful Jewish people, I know a few who are not. Are they worthy, it is not for me to decide, I don’t know any Muslims on a personal basis, but I would not assume who was and was not worthy, the same with Christians. Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims and Jews have been slaughtered by Christians. That does not change what is legal and what is moral. The occupation of Palestine, or the West Bank if you prefer, is neither legal or moral.

      • Mike Currid

        Koowah, When you make statements such as “If right or wrong was deceided on your criteria the world would be a very sad place.” then you expose yourself a closed minded person pretending he has all the answers. This is the very point the posters who you disagree with are trying to make. Open your mind and listen to people you don’t necessarily agree with. You’d be surprised what you might learn from the rest of us, even though we may not be as enlightened as you seem to be.

  • bobcchicago

    Colonel West,

    I am sorry that I was not aware that you were speaking at DePaul. I would have loved to have been there to support you and what you represent.

    At both DePaul and Loyola, they have a group of students that are attempting to get the Schools to ‘Divest’ from Israel investments. They also have speakers and host movies about the ‘Palestinian struggle’. Two weeks ago at Loyola they were celebrating women in the Palestinian struggle. I found this odd because at this time the documentary film “Honor Diaries” was in the news. I commented on the Loyola Divest FB page and was told that this was off the point.

    I have also commented that I found it odd that Muslim and Christian students didn’t protest the worldwide killings of innocent Christians by Muslims.
    I guess it is just like 911 and every other Muslim atrocity committed against innocent people – they just don’t care, the street is one way. The only protest that I heard of by Muslims recently was about a flier that a father saw about an Easter egg hunt in Michigan.

    I am no longer allowed to make comments on DePauls Divest FB page. As you said they do not want to discuss the other sides thoughts.

    In my opinion Americans should be alert to what these Muslim groups represent and what they are trying to accomplish in America. If that statement makes me a racist, then so be it.

  • Steve Etheredge

    yes, it is disappointing, but not surprising. our institutions of “higher learning” have become nothing more than liberal agenda indoctrination vehicles for the weak minded. “thought” is the last thing these institutions want. “independent thought” is frowned upon and even quashed. it is a sad, sad direction our country has chosen. further and further away from the moral fabric our founders had intended – further and further away from our SUPREME GUIDANCE! no matter how badly this nation thinks it is all powerful, all important, we desperately need the guidance of THE ONE TRUTH!

  • Don Anastas

    Col. West – try visiting another RADICAL at the Northwester campus. Her name – Bernadine Dohrn, Associate Law Professor, co-founder of the Weathermen Underground and wife to Bill Ayers. It’s too bad ilk like this are allowed to teach at universities. You can’t get a law license but you can teach on a top university campus in America.

    After being acquitted of domestic violence on a technicality Bill Ayer said – “Guilty as sin, free as a bird.”

  • Yabetcha

    Thank you, Lt. Col West. One of the BEST explanations of FACT I have read! Keep Up the Good Work!

  • SHOTGUN285

    Is the transcript of your lecture available? I would really like to read it. Thanks!

    • alnga

      also read Hal Lindseys “Everlasting Hatred” It ties Allen’s lecture back to the British mandates and the Balfour agreement of 1922.

      • SHOTGUN285

        Thanks for that. I’ve read “Pity the Nation” which is about Lebanon, and also “A Peace to End All Peace: The fall of the ottoman turkish empire and the making of the modern middle east”. Both are great books that really get into the background of that era. Also being that my spouse is Lebanese and I travel there a lot, so I am much more aware of the day to day politics than most.

  • akatom3565

    College is most schools is more akin to indoctrination than education!

  • coachtodd23

    The truth can sometimes be a pill that cannot be swallowed by the biased or foolish….

  • fullerhonda

    Thank you for the history lesson, Mr. West.

  • alnga

    the typical college student of today would have a great deal of difficulty getting out of the high school I attended in the 1950’s. We rank in the low middle in all of the required subjects to live a successful modern life. All of the great Parochial schools and the better public schools are breeding hate,, intolerance of truth and down plays the motivation to be intentionally living a God centered life.. We have now breached the borders of our State of idiocracy.

    • Dana R Casey

      Not all public school teachers teach liberal ideas. I fight for truth. I fight to create thinkers, not followers. I am trying to lead those that I touch out of Plato’s cave. Not all teachers are liberal useful idiots.

    • koowah

      How are the great Parochial schools breeding hate? As a product of Parochial education, with nine grandchildren attending Parochial schools, I assure you, you a sadly mistaken. Parochial High students all must do service work. Sadly, Christmas money earned in a recent serrvice project for Cristian children in Bethlehem is still being up by Isralie authorities, I would suppose an eighty year old nun running an orphanage is a danger to the I.D.F.

  • Stephen J. Smith

    Stay strong, Colonel. You have many supporters.

  • Transpower

    Excellent job, Mr. West.

  • LibertyNow14

    The truth shall set you free, and they will be slaves.

  • Steven Shaltiel

    Mr. West, I was at this event. First off, I want to thank you for speaking at DePaul; your lecture was very informative and I enjoyed hearing your opinions on foreign policy. I was embarrassed to be a part of a university which displayed so much ignorance last night; what you didn’t know, is that they planned on walking out before you even spoke a word. They waited for the clock to strike 6:25, which even further demonstrates the ignorance of those individuals.

  • Steven Shaltiel

    Please don’t let the event last night discourage you from speaking at more liberal universities. We need voices like yours to be heard! Universitites like DePaul are the places that need the truth most desperately.

    • Rena

      I’m sure he won’t give up. This action by the students is appalling in our day and age that they are incapable of hearing the other side. I’m afraid our universities are producing a bunch of drones to follow orders without questioning the issues…

    • HonestToAtee

      Never fear, Allen West has received much worse than that from loony leftwing audiences! Thank you Steven for posting your honest remark. Israel is under assault by the global MB Caliphate movement and the tools that walked out last nite are nothing more than useful idiots that will one day be forced to convert or lose their head by the sword!

  • Peter Charles Miller

    Mr. West, I appreciate what you said to the kids at Faith Middle School at Fort Benning, GA and what you attempted at DePaul. It is obvious that those who grow up apart from reality can’t handle anything that upsets their box. Plato explained clearly that everyone starts off in the womb then migrates to the Cave of Illusions and only a few ever escape that cave to be born again into the true reality of the macro/micro cosmos. Those forty or so students are still tied to their chairs staring at the shadows of the cave believing strongly that those shadows are it and are reality. What they don’t understand is that those shadows are shadows of a reality of Laws that have placed them there because of their own past beliefs. They are in a hell of their own making.

  • whozits

    well at least they heard some of what you had to say. maybe they didn’t listen to it, but at least they heard something they might not otherwise have been exposed to

  • bobcchicago


    Very good comment. Thanks.

  • Rick Story

    Where do I get a transcript of this lecture?

  • voodooidol

    The only radical agenda in the region is the agenda of Israel – which is an agenda of genocide.

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      Absolutely! End the unjust Jewish occupation of Arab land!


      Or spend 2 minutes reading actual facts and hope nobody remembers you ever said something so ignorant :-)

      • Hamza Nadeem

        The fact that Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and several others are included in this map seems to make me question its credibility. Last time i checked, none of these countries were Arab. Also, this is equivalent to saying how just because America is so big, I can come to Rhode Island and take it and no one will care.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        If it were my map, I would have put “Muslim” instead of “Arab”, but I had to go with what was available. Sorry about the confusion.

      • Hamza Nadeem

        well then you’d have to include Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia as well right.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        Again, very true — I’m not the one that made the map.

      • Hamza Nadeem

        then what were you trying to prove when using it if i may ask

      • PierceEye

        Forgot London

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        Oh, and for the record, if you wanted to come by and take the northern half of California, I personally would have no problem with it — it can only improve things.

        Actually, I would like to see Sharia law implemented in San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago, if only for a decade or two. I truly believe it will make the world, and the US, a better place.

      • Hamza Nadeem

        How ignorant is it to assume that all Muslim majority countries are run according to Shariah law. Just because a minority of Muslims want Shariah doesn’t mean that that is the sole defining characteristic of a Muslim majority state.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        Here’s a hint: A few days ago, I took an elevator ride up to my workplace. The two people in the elevator were myself and a woman I work with. Neither of us thought anything of it.

        In Malaysia, it is illegal to do that unless that woman was my wife or sister. And Malaysia is only 65% Muslim.

      • Michael

        30 percent of BRITISH muslims agreed that death was the right penalty for apostasy.

      • HonestToAtee

        The problems are NOT between Arabs and Jews, it is that Muslums want to kill all Jews and then the rest of the Infidels, it is in your book! I have read it, I have read the Hamas Charter, there will NEVER be peace with Islam, Islam does NOT allow for it!

      • Hamza Nadeem

        The fact that the Jews took away the land of the Arabs doesn’t really help the Arabs like the Jews anymore than they already did. Also, I don’t quite know what you mean by “my book.” Hamas is a terrorist organization denounced by the majority of Palestinians AND Muslims.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        … in English, but in Arabic, they are supported, as they are the group that funds a lot of schools, and does a lot of charity in repressed Muslim countries.

      • HonestToAtee

        Stop lying, Arabs ran away in 1948 at the behest of the surrounding Muslim armies with the promise that Israel would become Muslim and they could return, the Jews told them to stay as neighbors. Their are videos of actual Israeli Arabs who were the ones admitting such! Here it is!


      • Hamza Nadeem

        The Jews must be the perfect people i assume. I urge you to look up the Sabra and Shatilla massacre. Also, if the Arabs did stay, how would the JEWISH state come into existence, because clearly, they would have been the majority. If Israel was so open to Arab citizens, why does it deny the right of return to the Palestinian refugees today?

      • HonestToAtee

        Lies of atrocities created by Arabs in order to anger the surrounding Arab States is nothing new, we saw that when the Hamas claimed 500 were massacred in Gaza several years ago, after investigations by the UN etc. it was proven to be a lie as is usually the case with Muslums!

      • Hamza Nadeem

        Okay so im guessing Israel should be okay with the absorption of the west bank and Gaza into Israel proper. well its not, the population of the Arabs far outweights the Jews and Israel would cease to exist as a Jewish state if that were to happen. They do not want to live side by side with the Arab “Muslums”

      • HonestToAtee

        Plus, it was none other than the Terrorist Yasser Arafat who walked out of Wye once Israel agreed to 98% of the Arab Terrorists demands, No! It has always been Israel making peace gestures by giving back the Sanai, by forcing the Jews out of Gaza in 2005, by giving and giving and giving. NO MORE GIVING to the people who want no peace!

      • Hamza Nadeem

        Firstly, Israel gave back the Sinai to Egypt, which to this day holds a peace treaty. Secondly, Israel can give back everything and still it would be nothing for the Arabs who believe the sole existence of the Jewish state is illegitimate.

      • chevymon77

        Nobody is stopping the Palestinian refugees from returning from their land in Jordan. However,Jordan won’t dare have them back either.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        They were pressured to leave by their own governments. The story of what you call the Palestinians is indeed one of oppression. But the oppressors are the Arabs in Jordan and Egypt.

      • Michael

        Once Israelis start hanging homosexuals from lampposts, executing people for apostasy, forbidding women equal rights, and calling for the death of jews everywhere, you might then have a ghost of a point.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        How dare you bring reality into this conversation? Hamza was working up a perfectly good head of steam with his emotions rather than actual thought, and you have to go in and ruin it with facts!


      • Michael


      • Michael

        Because it would be a tidal wave of jew-haters. Years of rocket fire bear that out.

        I wonder why you don’t condemn the other Arab nations who won’t even take the Palestinians. You obviously don’t want the Jews (a world minority due to extermination), to have their own small place in which to be safe.

        Boy, when anti-semitism and political correctness co-mingle…

      • Hamza Nadeem

        Why should the arabs pay for the anti semitism of that the europeans practiced against the jews. If i come to your house just because someone else oppressed me, in pretty sure your neighbor would not be okay with just letting you into theirs

      • gjsmith_62

        The Jews have lived near Jerusalem for Millennia.


      • DunthorpeMD

        not the same jews who claim it now

      • gjsmith_62

        What?! You mean they didn’t live for thousands of years? Go figure.

      • DunthorpeMD

        yah thats what I meant …dipshit.

      • gjsmith_62

        Blow it out your Obama, douche.

      • http://politicallyconstipated.com/ Politically Constipated

        of the main problems in this scenario, is that we forget history. At what point
        was it “Arab” land? For
        millennia it has been in the hands of many empires – Egyptians, Canaanites, Israelites,
        Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, the Sunni
        Arab Caliphates, the Shia Fatimid Caliphate, Crusaders, Ayyubids, Mameluks,
        Ottomans, and the British. We seem to
        only focus on the last century. Now, if
        we do that, we also have to be cognizant of the fact that when a nation loses a
        war they often also lose land rights.
        Two things here: the Arabs in the region were aligned with the Germans in
        World War II and they lost. So they also lost land rights as reparations. Second, the Arabs in the region twice
        attacked the Israeli state and lost.
        They should not have been surprised at the loss of land for reparations
        or loss of strategic advantage. Bottom
        line, you can’t claim to be the victim while at the same time acting as the
        antagonist and aggressor.

      • Michael

        the Jews didn’t ‘take away’ the land. Much of it was purchased, and much of it was desert. The Palestinians fled before the oncoming Arab armies.

        Their mistake.

      • Hamza Nadeem

        Search up how much land was actually purchased on how much they were allocated in the un partition plan of 1948. And yet theyre still expanding. I

      • DunthorpeMD


      • Michael


      • DunthorpeMD

        but we aren’t talking about Semitic Jews here now are we? besides I’m Jewish and calling me an anti semite makes you look desperate uninformed and foolish

      • Michael

        Ah. A self hating Jew. Even worse.

      • gjsmith_62

        The Jews were there long before Muhamed got the hots for six year old girls.

      • DunthorpeMD

        wrong tribe

    • HonestToAtee

      Remind me the next time I see you to kick your A$$ idiot!

      Israel is the only Democratic society in the ME, where Arabs are members of not only the Knesset but the IDF! You are obviously a Neo Nazi moron!

      • NunyaDangBisness

        Ah, so anyone who disagrees with Israel’s policies MUST be an anti-semite, just not someone who disagrees politically. Gotcha.

        You sir, are a douchebucket of the highest order.

      • HonestToAtee

        Who the hell used that term here, I know you hate Jews, anyone who stands against Israel is ignoring the truth for only one reason, PURE HATRED OF THE JEWS HITLER STYLE! Come and get some!

      • NunyaDangBisness

        Grrrr, you’re so tough soldier boy. You’re a disgrace to the uniform. But please go on with your disgusting zionist rhetoric.

      • HonestToAtee

        Sissy! Neo Nazi!

      • NunyaDangBisness

        As someone who has literally fistfought NeoNazis in my day, all I can do is laugh at an ignorant tool such as yourself.

        But hey, the conservative path of logic is to demonize anyone who disagrees with you and label them as the most repugnant things you can…in your case, you call me a Nazi. You know who has a lot in common with the Nazis? CONSERVATIVES.

        You should really learn what a fascist is before you try and call someone one…because you actually fit the bill way more than I do.

        If you were smart enough to understand that, you might actually take pause before you run your yap any more.

      • HonestToAtee

        I can tell you hurt the guys knuckles with your face! You leftist punks, I’ll bet you are a Code Pink Commie who aligns himself with Al’Qeada! Are you aware that Hitler and Arafats mentor were working together? Yea, you align very well with Fascists, Nazis and Al’Qeada!
        “The Palestinian Mufti and Hitler” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iJvZURsXus


      • NunyaDangBisness

        Wow, your replies just get more and more ridiculous. I should get some popcorn for this. Commies and Al Qaeda? You DO know that those two things don’t make ANY sense in the same sentence, right? Completely different political and religious ideologies. Communists are typically atheists and Al Qaeda are fundamentalist Muslims. The fact that you associate them together just shows the depth of your ignorance. But please…keep finding new ways to entertain me with your utter stupidity.

      • HonestToAtee

        I can’t help you if you have your head stuck up your butt! Code Pink/Gaza Flotilla/Bill Ayers/Bernardine Dorn now shown to be connected to Al’Qeada. Sorry to inform you. Strange bedfellows? Not when you see the common bonds they all have on US College Campuses. WAKE UP!

      • NunyaDangBisness

        C’mon man…this many responses and you haven’t managed to work in a Benghazi reference? You’re slackin’! Also, I think you need to readjust your tinfoil hat.

      • HonestToAtee

        Tin hat? The problem you have is that I am aware of reality and truth, you are a propaganda artist who is sinking in the sludge of lies! Here is my above point proven true yet again. Benghazi will be dealt with in due time you scumbag!


      • HonestToAtee

        Looks like this same Al’Qeada group was involved with smuggling arms into Syria to the Terrorists operating there! Benghazi? Coming in other posts! http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/176279#.U1fpiHCwXk4

        Oh look, Obama has friends in low places! Why else did Obama use his Exec Order to allow himself to arm our enemies? http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/01/breaking-us-code-pink-peace-activists-linked-to-second-al-qaeda-group-in-one-week/

      • HonestToAtee
      • gjsmith_62

        Both are totalitarian systems. Not too unlike what democrats support, an all-encompassing nanny state.

      • NunyaDangBisness

        Um…no. But please, continue to say dumb things if it makes you feel better.

      • gjsmith_62

        So, given you’ve got nothing but space between your ears, you’re unable to articulate a coherent rebuttal.

      • NunyaDangBisness

        I don’t need to form a rebuttal for people who spout ignorant stuff like you have over and over. You’re doing a fine job of illustrating my points for me.

      • gjsmith_62

        Try to provide a couple points on how each are / are not totalitarian.

        Should be easy, no?

      • chevymon77

        Write all the words in your greater than thou tone you want….you still come across as a deranged,narcissistic, anti-semite.

      • The_Patriot

        clearly, the bigot and moron is you. You vote yourself up? what a tool

      • gjsmith_62

        He did vote himself up … Lol a narcissist, like Obama.

      • http://politicallyconstipated.com/ Politically Constipated

        Not to break up your soiree, but liberal logic demonizes dissenting opinion as well. You could argue the origin, Alinksy or other? Also, not that I’m counting, but the current progressives in power want more central control, not a smaller, smarter government, like most conservatives outside the beltway want.

      • NunyaDangBisness

        Here’s where your argument falls apart…there are no real progressives in power right now. If you’re referring to Obama and his administration, they are far closer to being Republicans then they are Democrats, and nowhere close to being “Liberal” by any stretch of the imagination. They’re slaves to corporate interests (as both parties are these days), and with all of the expanded domestic spying, drone strikes on civilians, etc. the last thing they are is progressive. About the only “progressive” in Washington right now is Elizabeth Warren, and if you take fault with her, then Jack, you’re just a maroon.

      • HonestToAtee

        YO, now we see that this MAROON is a Communist!
        He loves the phony “Native American” professed Communist and has kicked his 1st love, Obama, to the curb! How usual to see, Communists are not human!

      • gjsmith_62

        Fascist? Obama. He’s taken over industry via regulations and hands out favors to cronies.

      • NunyaDangBisness

        That’s not fascism, it’s actually more like an Oligarchy.

      • gjsmith_62

        “fascism sought that control indirectly, through domination of nominally private owners. Where socialism nationalized property explicitly, fascism did so implicitly, by requiring owners to use their property in the “national interest”—that is, as the autocratic authority conceived it.”


      • NunyaDangBisness

        And this is different than what the Republicans and Democrats have been doing since the early 80’s how? Yea, exactly, so hush up. Please keep buying into this “us vs them” mentality when our two party system is basically just different shades of the same thing. And sorry, but the Tea Party isn’t a new party, it’s just “totally insane” Republicans. And I hate to tell you, but we ARE in an oligarchy.


      • gjsmith_62

        Well, when idiots vote for a despot like Obama, who changes via executive fiat laws he signed into existence, it ain’t an oligarchy, it’s a dictatorship.

        And when precisely have democrats ever proposed cutting a single program or agency?

      • HonestToAtee

        Here we have a Paulbot nut job! Anarchist punk in his Mommies basement!

      • chevymon77

        You use a lot of words just to deny being an anti-semite,and bigoted towards the people of Israel. Why? Just admit you hate jewish people.Just because you fist-fought neo nazis don’t mean you can’t be anti-semitic and bigoted toward the people of Israel.Point at everyone else while the hate spews from your words. You are totally unconvincing.

      • DunthorpeMD

        the most prominent anti semites on the planet are the Zionists who run the government in Israel (and the USA for that matter)

      • DunthorpeMD

        Isn’t it more likely that the people who speak out against Israel’s actions simply hate terrorism, murder, theft extortion and treason and not the Jewish people?

      • Michael

        No, because you are less vociferous about the greater atrocities of Israel’s neighbors. You don’t know evil when you see it.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        Well, to be fair, he knows evil, he just thinks that it’s somehow morally superior to blow up children at a pizza parlor than to fire missiles at rocket launchers that are pointed at schools.

        It would be better to say he knows and loves evil.

      • HonestToAtee

        THIS IS THE BEST COMMENT TO DATE! Thank you Sir!

      • Michael

        I was trying to be generous. :)

      • DunthorpeMD

        I lived in Israel for over a year and I know evil

      • Michael

        My girlfriend lived in Israel her whole life. I’ll trust those who are immersed in a culture instead of flirting with it.

        Tell me how wonderful the Arab nations are once you have the guts to live in them for a day.

      • DunthorpeMD

        You are offering up a false choice Michael … Just because Israel commits evil acts and violates human rights on a wholesale level doesn’t mean that the Arabs don’t ….this isn’t a beauty contest between two ugly people where one wins and the other loses….each of these entities must be looked at in relation to what is considered acceptable and on that scale they are both seriously deficient

      • Michael

        I say again. By focusing your criticism squarely on Israel, you tacitly ignore the GREATER atrocities of Israel’s neighbors. Aside from anti-semitism, political correctness, or moral bankruptcy on your part, I can’t imagine vilifying Israel in that context. You lament a broken bone while ignoring a cancer.

      • DunthorpeMD

        the atrocities committed by their neighbors don’t even hold a candle to what Israel has done …not just to arabs but to americans as well …anyone remember 9-11?

      • Michael

        You think the Arabs on those planes were Jews……….?

      • DunthorpeMD

        No, I don’t Michael… Jews don’t kill themselves. They kill other people. But in this case the answer is simple because there were no planes that crashed into those buildings…

      • HonestToAtee

        AWESOME! You recognize that Israel and those of us who support here and the truth are the good guys, and that Nazis like yourself are the evil terrorists bent on murder and butchery!
        Congratulations dumb dumb!

      • DunthorpeMD

        I know that you think you are the good guys honesttoatee …the facts history and truth say that you are on the side of the synagogue of satan

    • HonestToAtee

      If that would be true then why are there Israeli Arabs, Bedouins, Christians and others all living within Israel BUT, No Jews are safe in the Arab territories? Please read the Hamas Charter and the Koran and then we may have some value in communicating, otherwise you are just another Muslim troll wasting our time!

  • http://batman-news.com kenwil417

    If you doubt the education levels of todays college kids just ask th Indiana student that lost on Wheel of fortune even after the answer was completely spelled out for him. His Achilles Heel was his education itself!

  • HonestToAtee

    Todays schools are completely overrun by Progressives/Communists and full blown radical Fascists acting as Teachers, Bill Ayers et al. Our Tax dollars are being used against us!

    • Amoun

      If that is not an understatement of the century, I do not know what is. Exery tax dollar you pay is being used against you. Whether it is sucked out of the country, whether it is in education system, army or surveillance. Every single cent is used with a goal of submission.

  • Hamza Nadeem

    How does the fact that there are alot of Muslim countries help the case that Israel has a legitimate claim to the land, no matter however tiny.

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      I think the main issue here is that someone on one side of the issue may look at Israel as a very tiny part of the whole region, and may consider it humorous that so many people have so much blind hate towards a country.

      What people don’t understand is that if you were to superimpose a map of the Caliphate (the latest one available), it becomes obvious what the problem is — it’s one thing to have formerly Muslim land return to an “unclaimed” status, as in Spain, but another thing entirely to have a Jewish State right in the middle of land that was already “won” by Islam. Until people understand the reason behind the hatred of the state of Israel (hint: It’s very existence bothers some people), they won’t understand how truly to address the problem.

      • Hamza Nadeem

        I think the reason Israel bothers people is how its encroaching on the land that, according to many, isn’t theirs to begin with.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        That’s kind of what I said — that land was “won” by Muslims many centuries ago. Of course, it was “won” by Jews many millenia before that, too, so it’s hard to really trace who should own some land based on who conquered it first. The Jews owned that land before Mohammed created Islam while on the road to worship his Moon G-d in Mecca.

      • HonestToAtee

        Sorry but history is not kind to the story of how Islam came to be! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd9lIuUjPs0

  • Mike Graham

    Mr. West, truth, whether it’s told by you or written on the pages of the Bible, people have been running from the truth for years.

  • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

    The larger the percentage of Muslim adherents in a country, the more likely they are to implement a higher percentage of Sharia law. It has to do with the way that Mohammed (pbuh) instructed adherents of Islam to spread it, and if you were to arrange the Koran in chronological order, it becomes much easier to see — look at the way that other people were treated in Sura 121, and then look at the way they were treated in Sura 9. You can see this progression, but you have to reorganize the Koran to do so (not remove the contents of any chapter, just arrange the chapters chronologically). I think you will find it an uplifting experience.

    Allah Hafiz.

  • Hamza Nadeem

    How nice of you to assume that i’m Muslim. I’m actually not, but what i do know that most, if not all, the relgions of the world have dirty hands, and it is unfair to create an Anti-Islamic sentiment just because Christianity and the likes have stopped the Crusades and what not.

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      Actually, I assumed that you were not only Muslim, but also not Pakistani — other Muslim groups would have said Khuda Hafiz — I was seeing if you would correct me.

      And I’m not creating Anti-Islamic sentiment – Leaders of Muslim Countries are doing a great job of that all by themselves, considering the vast majority of violent conflicts in the world are Muslim states that can’t get along with their neighbors. It’s no wonder that Israel faces such difficulty — I’d be shocked if any Muslim country decided to leave them alone for any length of time.


      But on to San Francisco — I think that that city would be very compatible with allowing Sharia law — after all, Mohammed (pbuh) liked to wear Aisha’s clothes, and he was reported being seen kissing one of his (male) companions using his tongue. So I think he’d fit right in, so to speak, and probably make San Francisco a much better place.

      * Edit: But only if there’s a lot of construction going on in San Francisco.

  • katekastorff

    Thank you for speaking the truth at a time when truth is not appreciated.

  • Hamza Nadeem

    I’m just assuming many people fail to see why people are so blatantly supportive of Israel, specially with all the settlements and the illegality of their actions. West is making an argument that there is no such thing as a Palestinian, which i dont have a problem with. That still doesnt change the fact that Israel has encroached on others land. Does it really matter who those people are, if they are Palestinians or not.

    • Sherill Weber

      Short version: In our Bible and our Christian upbringing,,,God loves all his children but has a favor to Israel and we are to defend it and not turn our backs on Israel. In our Bible, don’t know if you have one but Ezekiel 38: 1-23 it references the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus and the wrath of God against those that go against Israel. It talks about a war against Israel and that’s when the wrath of God comes down and all shall know him.

  • HonestToAtee

    The truth of what happened in 1948 as told by actual Arabs who were in Israel! The Arabs subjugated these people to despicable treatment, NOT THE JEWS!


    • DunthorpeMD

      So those must have been Arabs slaughtering 100’s of men women and children back in 1948 at Deir Yassin. Honesttoatee if you truly believe that it was Arabs who subjugated the refugees to the despicable and shameful treatment the ones who found a way to survive it received then sir you are living in a twilight of psychic denial of an otherwise unambiguous historical record: the state of Israel was founded on terrorism and ethnic cleansing and it started in the middle east back in the 30’s. People need to really wake up and recognize that the US is giving unqualified moral support to a state that is based on racial purity and one that is intrinsically expansionist and has spawned more terrorist activities than any other country on the planet

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        Ah, yes, the “racial purity” gambit. It’s obvious, really, when you look at it. I mean, only Jews can serve in their parliament ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Arab_members_of_the_Knesset ).

        I mean, since only Jews can be on the supreme court of Israel, it’s interesting that you only hear of people decrying how racist Israel is. Oh, wait, there are Arab judges in Israel, and they say that diversity rules there? http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/143899#.U1fOv-YXh2I Say it ain’t so!

        But hey, I’ll give you an “Aleph” for effort! :-P

      • DunthorpeMD

        I lived there Dr Falken …and they are screwing things down even tighter as we speak. Try to guess how many marriages between jews and non jews occurred in Israel last year?

      • Michael

        And you are siding with a culture that would, if given the power, conquer the globe spreading Islam. You’re political correctness is beginning to become a burden to your argument.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        There’s a very easy way to see who’s right in the conflict between Israel and Jordanians living in what they call “Palestine”. This is also the way we can find out who is right between India and Pakistan, and [Muslim Nation Here] versus [Non-Muslim Neighbor Here]:

        If “palestinians” were to unilaterally stop fighting, within a year, there would be peace, and both “countries” would be living together. There’s a good chance that the security wall would cease to exist. Maybe the palestinians can help destroy the wall using the surplus explosives they always seem to have on hand. They would also be acting in conflict with the Koran, but we’ll shelve that point for now.

        If Israel were to unilaterally stop fighting, within a year, Israel wouldn’t exist anymore.

      • Michael


      • DunthorpeMD

        just not so

      • DunthorpeMD

        I’m not siding with anyone … you are trying present a false choice …it’s possible and very probable that both the Israeli’s and the arabs are bad

      • Michael

        By focusing SOLELY on Israel, when its neighbors are committing human rights violations greater in scope, scale, and cruelty, you ARE picking sides.

        More Arabs are killed by Arabs than by Jews. Case closed.

      • DunthorpeMD

        what a meaningless statistic … more arabs are killed by jews than jews by arabs …its something like 50 to 1 or more

      • Michael

        It’s not meaningless. It shows that you are focusing on a smaller problem.

        More arabs have been killed by jews while engaged in terrorism. I can’t feel bad that the Israeli’s are better trained and equipped. Given their treatment for centuries, they have a right to be stringent, because their enemies would not hesitate to exterminate them. Apparently that doesn’t bother you.

      • dghealy

        and yet, I believe if the Arab population in Israel is not the majority population in Israel, then is will be soon.

  • VictorLandry

    I’m curious. Do Muslims agree or disagree with the division of India and Pakistan?

    • Israeli

      muslims always disagree.even with themselves.

      • VictorLandry

        Well, they certainly, fight among themselves when they’re not fighting someone, else.

  • HonestToAtee

    So I guess you are OK with Jordan re-absorbing their brothers and sisters and eliminating the refugee status they created in order to create thousands of Arab pawns! RIGHT?

    • Hamza Nadeem

      Jordan is the only Arab country that fully absorbed some of the Palestinians. Why should other Arab countries absorb the Palestinians and legitimise the claim of Israel. Why do the Arabs have to suffer for the problems of Europe.

      • HonestToAtee

        You are a well trained liar, taqiyya boy!

      • Hamza Nadeem

        search it up mr big bad military guy. Try to back your claims with some form of fact, even if they do pertain to anti-Islamic websites. That way i know that most of what youre saying isn’t the bullshit produced in your ignorant little head.

      • PierceEye

        So then why does Jordan recognize Israel?

    • Hamza Nadeem

      Not to forget, the Palestinians that became refugees fled ISRAEL proper. Even though Jordan was part of mandatory Palestine, the “Palestinians” there became Jordanian citizens.

  • bowie1

    At least they didn’t start yelling you down, it sounds like from your column?

  • HonestToAtee

    Why the Palestinians should NEVER be trusted! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjk34r7OSkM

  • 3/1 Marine

    The “tolerant” students came to your talk planning to walk out. They were biding their time until they could put on their little show. It was just grandstanding.

  • dghealy

    “In a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
    Republicans are the new radicals

    • mainesledder

      You really believe that statement? Radical in what way? Radical because true conservatives are no longer sitting quietly with their hands on their laps (the silent majority). If there is, please elaborate.

      • dghealy

        Republicans are the new radicals and the real progressives in American. They are the thinkers and the doers and the seekers of justice which the liberals only hope to be. Progressives are the status quo. God help us.

    • prtyfdup

      Radical? Republicans? In general they tend to be patriotic individuals of all races, who not only love their country, but know the importance of family and our loving God. Their children are taught respect, honor, and obedience. They believe in the right to life and in the Constitution set up by our Founding Fathers. If that’s radical to you I would like to know what liberals are; besides followers with very little factual information.

    • Fred Bar

      Look up the term RADICAL REPUBLICAN, those were the men that FOUGHT AGAINST SLAVERY in the 1860s and 1870s, passing and supporting a series of Anti-Slavery amendments to the US Constitution. The Democrats of the South were the reason the KKK was born and followed through to the 1960s.

      • mattwm

        There’s more of those pesky facts that liberals just can’t stand. Keep it up.

    • The_Patriot

      not the GOP, but the true Conservatives, are the real “New Radicals” and according to Harry Reid and the administration the domestic terrorists

  • fidlin1

    These Liberal University Professors should be duct taped to a chair and forced to listen to Allen. They might just implode.

  • cobalt_blue

    I used to be friends with a member of their administration. I can assure you that they are an intolerant lot.

  • mattwm

    You can’t teach a liberal. It will always backfire. Liberals detest the truth and factual knowledge.

    • Michael

      They say the same about Conservatives. You all sound the same.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        No, “they” don’t. They say that Conservatives are heartless and mean and without emotion. Because to a liberal, emotion IS thought.

      • Michael

        I’ve been watching these message boards for years. HP is mostly liberal, and all I hear are phrases like “logic doesn’t mean anything to conservatives,” or “Conservatives don’t like things like ‘facts’ get in the way…” etc.

        I think both parties have good points to make. And bad.

  • irish7_1sg

    Again, I thank you LTC (RET) West, for having the courage to tell the truth! We need more, EDUCATED folks to speak with our youth, as the liberal professors continue to lie in their college classes.

  • Ron

    The real problem is that the Arabs have a wonderful publicity policy. Although it is not truthful at all, it is very convincing for many people anyway.

    And, Israel does not have a propaganda department at all, the only thing that is done is to report events in a factual way.

    Facts are not convincing, but propaganda is.

    • MotherBatherick

      Unfortunately, you are right. It’s time for the GOP to learn this.

    • DunthorpeMD

      There is very little Israel has ever said or done that smacks of the truth. Israel’s propaganda machine is their control of 90% of the largest media corporations in the USA. The motto of the Mossad is “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt do War” and no one has invested more time energy and money into deceiving people than Israel

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        Well, not to point out the obvious flaw in your hate-filled invective here, but the word taquiyya, which means “to lie for the cause” was invented by some dude named Mo a few hundred years ago, and has sort of been the modus operandi (look it up) of his followers ever since.

        So the Mossad has a motto that means that they hide what they do. Do the words “Secret Service” mean anything to you? I am not aware, however, of a word in Hebrew (ancient or modern) that means “fighting for Israel by means of deceiving the unconverted”. They may have the concept, but moslems have made it into an art form! :-)

      • HonestToAtee

        Israel has no such “motto”, they are a Country of life and love, Shalom, and are the only diverse State in the region. There are Muslims in the IDF who proclaim their love for Israel, this Nazi Dumbthorpe is wasting our time is all!

      • Michael

        Do they teach their young students that Arabs drink the blood of children?

      • Ebenezer

        You must have a helluva research department to be able to say that 90% of the media’s stockholders are Jews. You should be a day trader instead of wasting your time here.

      • DunthorpeMD

        That’s not what I said Ebenezer …it will be a more interesting conversation if you just stick to responding to what I said and not what you wish I had said …that is if you can do it and keep up

  • SpecialOperationsExecutive

    I’m surprised they didn’t stick their fingers in their ears while walking out & saying “lalalala I can’t hear you”!

    It doesn’t matter what continent Leftards are on, they can never handle the truth. State a fact & they will almost always reply with abuse.

    There will never be peace between Jew & Moslem, because Jew hatred is embedded in the Koran & Hadiths.

    That is why the Grand Mufti of Jeruslaem,Haj Amin al-Husseini (Yasser Arafat’s uncle) formed a strong alliance with Adolf Hitler because they shared the same ideology – absolute Jew hatred.

    You can be certain that these leftards have never read one verse of the Koran but know all about how ‘peaceful’ Islam is.

    • marlene lapierre

      You made me laugh about putting fingers in our ears and singing, “la la la la la” I do it to my Mom, hahaha

    • DunthorpeMD

      There was an even stronger alliance between Hitler and the Zionists bankers who funded Germany in WWII …and if you think the Koran is bad then you owe it to yourself to thumb thru the Talmud someday very soon because it reads like the Koran on evil steroids

      • Michael

        Fortunately the Jews don’t follow the barbarism in their texts. If only the Arabs followed their example.

      • HonestToAtee

        Thanks for your point but there is a difference between Biblical history as is provided in the Talmud and a Political Ideology which is the Koran.

      • Michael

        But the Talmud does have a set of laws to follow, many truly barbaric.

      • HonestToAtee

        Oh, another ant has crawled out for a crumb. Which Biblical law can you cite that is being followed today as “barbaric”?

        I’ll wait!

        Or would you rather just admit that Gays are murdered in the Islamic territories in some of the most graphically insane “barbaric” ways? Public hanging, stoning, skinning alive etc!

      • Michael

        ALL the religions have barbaric texts. How different cultures respond to their holy books is another story. But the Old Testament says to stone disobedient children, for instance. Fortunately Jews don’t take that seriously. But that is not to the book’s credit, but rather to our modern secular values.

      • DunthorpeMD

        History says that they absolutely do Michael

      • Michael

        Yeah, I’m sure the 14 million Jews left in the world are causing as much havoc and atrocity as the Arab world. Uh huh.

      • Ebenezer

        the “Zionist bankers…” were funding Germany’s huge WWI reparations. The Nazi’s simply confiscated Jewish wealth for WWII.

      • DunthorpeMD

        you are comparing apples to oranges …I am talking about Zionists and you want to talk about Jews

      • HonestToAtee

        Here is you alliance Mr. Nazi!


  • Hawkeyeted

    Tyranny always hates Truth.

  • ceholley01

    The truth will always set you free……

  • Chaz Roberts

    you rock sir and to hell with those clowns

  • Southern Xposure

    Like your style Colonel! Low key and steadfast. Am trying to emulate.

  • WayneJ

    They were sent in to walk….count on it

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      Not just sent, but the organization that ran the protest was paid. Remember, giving money to a political TV ad requires you state the source of your money, and identify it as a political ad. But giving money to college students and professional protesters to walk out of meetings, etc., doesn’t have the accountability assigned to it. They’re fighting a 4th generation war. The organizers probably didn’t even pay all the volunteers who did it (but kept the money for themselves).

  • MotherBatherick

    LTC West, I believe you have “arrived”!
    Keep up the good work and educating those who want to be educated on the truth and for continuing to scare the crap out of the Liberals voter base.

  • marco

    Good Work Mr. West. JORDAN is their HOMELAND. No one has ever given me a good reason to build a 23rd Failed Arab Islamic state on the back of Israel for an invented people from the 1960’s Arabs already have 22 Countries and 600 X times the land of Israel. I am sure they can make a Pallywood state if they so choose. But we all know that is not the Islamist’s goal.

    • omer

      add another fact to it.. egyptians dont want to take the strip and its residents.. and the jords dont want the west bank either..
      facts been tested when israel gave back land after the wars

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      They’ve had several opportunities for statehood, and walked out of all the negotiations whenever it happened, usually to start another Infantada (IMHO, the correct word to use when they say “intifada”, as “infantada” means “holy temper tantrum, like an infant” )

  • SickandTired

    The truth has no agenda, and will set you free!

  • MotherBatherick

    With all the Liberal trolls on the site tonite, it’s a regular dope-fest!

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      The majority of liberal trolls to conservative sites, that have the really large post count (over 1000), are paid to be there. Think about it — how frequently do you go to, for example, “motherjones.com” or slate.com or thinkregress.com or any of the other leftist sites just to hang out for several hours? Would you do that voluntarily?

      So whenever I see a liberal troll, I am sure to reply to them, to waste their time, and Soros’ money.

  • gjsmith_62

    The “tolerant” members of the audience” wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them upside the head. You could quote the Koran’s admonition to slay the infidel and they’d blame the Crusades. Not realizing the Middle East had been majority Christian and Jew until Muhamed.

  • Stephan Mackenzie

    You didn’t follow the prescribed rulebook which has already been perfected by the marxist in control of American academia (Illinois is the new Mecca). How dare you digress and divert thought. That’s why they left the room.

  • Billy

    Thank you for speaking the truth and give them a history lesson. It is so sad that most never learn any history. They want to jump on some ban wagon that has been feed to them throw brain washing. Once that happens anytime anyone starts bring up real history they can not handle it. What is really scary is how many youth in America has jumped on that ban wagon. To not understand or to know history you will never understand the future and how it will effect your life one day. Citizens in America tend to live in a bubble believing the evil in this world cant touch us here in America. I am afraid that if we continue to ignore history and the things our founding fathers knew to be the truth history will come back and bite us in the A$$

  • 44Magnum

    You expected something different on a college campus in Liberalville?

  • Abigsoxfan

    Welcome to Chicago. I live in Lincoln Park a few blocks away from DePaul’s campus. Wish I knew you were here. Anyway, within the next couple years I’ll be moving out of Chicago and Illinois. I strongly suggest staying away.

  • Kyle Sexton

    Chicago has always been a town for rats, look at Al Capone.

    • jim wood

      And look at obama.

      • Kyle Sexton

        No argument here, but just the historical sleaze is enough to want to make you vomit.

      • jim wood

        I agree.

  • Filala

    Great article Col. West, you know history and have a fantastic way of sharing your knowledge with anyone willing to learn. Thanx

  • SpecialOperationsExecutive

    Just a few facts & figures to make the leftard heads explode.
    Israel has a total area of 21,770 KM² & a population of 7·5 million, including 1 million arabs (some would say 5th columnists).
    The surrounding 22 arab countries, have a total land mass of 390 MILLION KM² & a population of 410 million Moslems.
    So perhaps one of those leftards (any leftard?) can explain to me how Israel is an aggressor & are invading other arab countries to take over their governments (part of the Zionist plot these leftards dribble about)?
    Maybe they could also explain why all arabs in Israel have equal rights but no Jew in ANY arab country have ANY rights? Also what would happen to a Jew who wondered into a “Palestinian” (Fakestinian?) area?

    • DunthorpeMD

      Anyone who isn’t aware of the long list of aggressive Israeli provocations with their neighbors simply isn’t paying attention and anyone who thinks that the arabs in Israel have equal rights with the Jews in Israel is spewing forth complete ignorance of the truth. A quote that comes to mind has been credited to MLK when he may have said that “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity.”

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        When one of those “provocations” is existing, it becomes difficult to have any real conversation about it.

      • Michael

        You are siding against a culture which demonstrably contributes to the growth of our civilization in favor of one that actively is trying to destroy it.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        That is the liberal mind — it is inherently traitorous, as they realize how lucky they are to be born into the greatest civilization on Earth, and they have an inherent need to “level the playing field”. It’s a mental disorder.

      • Michael


        But they also SEEM to have more compassion than the Right, which is very insular. ‘Every man for himself’, attitude.

        Also, there is the unfortunate co-mingling of conservatism with religion, which makes things worse.

      • DunthorpeMD

        There isn’t a liberal bone in my body …my politics are to the right of most of the people on this board ..Col. West included

      • HonestToAtee

        You are trying to reason with a Nazi, good luck!

      • DunthorpeMD

        I wasn’t siding with anyone or anything except the truth. I lived in Israel and the facts I cite are based upon what I personally observed while living there and what close friends who still live there tell me…of course when ever someone tells the truth about Israel they can count on old predictable low information dishonesttoatee to call them a nazi lol

      • Michael

        Somehow I suspect that, if you lived in Arab countries, your review of them would have been sparkling in comparison to your review of Israel.

      • DunthorpeMD

        If that’s true then I’m glad I don’t have to choose between two evils.Mike Michael I understand what you’re trying to say. Believe me I do, but some of the things that aren’t included in your calculus are little things like 9/11, which was not Muslims. It was the Israelis… The only people who could’ve done it were the Israelis and of course us. The only people who benefited from it were all Jewish Zionist New World order globalists Kazarian bad guys…. But, the list doesn’t end there does it pretty think was responsible for the Boston bombing and that was radical Islamists from Russia or Pakistan or wherever? No…. Not just no but hell no. How about the USS Cole, the people who are selling all of our nuclear secrets to the Chinese that they stole from us or that we gave them, the people who are selling our advanced weapon systems to our enemies as we speak not just the plans for the designs for the technology they’re selling the actual weapons systems some of which we gave to them for nothing. That includes our advanced helicopters and drone technology… Every time we turn around and catch a spy is a Muslim spy or is it an Israeli spy…. 9/11 was staged to drag us over to the Middle East so we could find a whole bunch of wars for Israel. Every single skirmish that we been involved in the last 50 years, we’ve been dragged into the fight a battle for Israel aren’t you sick of it?

      • HonestToAtee

        That the best you can do? Proves the mans point you dumb dumb Nazi!

  • Holly Leeming

    I agree, they can’t handle the truth. As for being aware of the situation in the Middle East don’t fool your self they know what is happening, If you believe they only practice the Islamic faith in their own country’s you would be surprised as to comments made by the Muslim women I have talked too.

  • BoogieMan

    Keep doing what you are doing Colonel West. Proud of you for standing up to TRUTH. What we need is for more people such as yourself to run for and win national political office. I and my family wish you well and may you be blessed. God Bless.

  • twcooper@charter.net

    Pro-Arab or Pro-Palestinians were attending to hear if you would say the Jews are a bunch of thieves and murderers and have no right to be in Palestine. Thank you for giving them the true history of the land. I have read on Virtualjerusalem.com Jews say that the Muslims claim Jews never lived in the area of current-day Israel, which is ridiculous. Some Americans believe the Jews have stolen the land from the Palestinians and hate them for it.

    • DunthorpeMD

      Actually what they are saying is that over 90% of modern day Jews descended from the Khazars (eastern European jews) and argue that since the Ashkenazi
      Jews are primarily Khazar and not Semitic in origin, they have no historical claim to Israel, nor would they be the subject of the Biblical promise of Canaan to the Israelites. This also undermines the theological basis of both Jewish religious Zionists and Christian Zionists and most significantly negates Israel’s right to exist in modern day Israel. From that perspective alone they would be correct. In my opinion Israel’s right to exist flow not from genetic inheritance or biblical covenants but from a UN mandate.

      All that considered it doesn’t give Israel the right to commit all of the human rights violations they are guilty of including establishing an apartheid state which we all know or should know they have done and continue to do. This lack of semitic blood in modern day Jews could explain the role the Ashkenazi Jews played in the holocaust on the side of the Nazis as well as the 30-40 million Russians they exterminated in the early 1900’s during the most deadly holocaust

      • Michael

        Once Israelis start hanging homosexuals from lampposts, executing people for apostasy, and calling for the extermination of all Jews, THEN you might have a ghost of a point.

        Nevermind that the Palestinian Grand Mufti collaborated with Hitler.

      • Ebenezer

        Looks like the guys from Stormfront have found this thread.

      • Michael

        how so?

      • Ebenezer
      • HonestToAtee

        It is obvious we have a Nazi on this thread, more than one, and they were defeated then and will be again!


      • DunthorpeMD

        sorry dishonest name caller …that doesn’t work on me …I’m Jewish

      • HonestToAtee

        Yea, Hitler was too! LOL LOL LOL

      • DunthorpeMD

        I guess that explains why he had to kill himself gerbil brain…

      • DunthorpeMD

        You don’t think that underwriting Germany’s war machine is collaboration?
        My comments are true regardless of what muslims think of homosexuality… when the Jews exterminated 30-40 million (some say as high as 60 million) Christians etc. in Russia were they any less dead because the Jews didn’t think to announce their plans to the world?

      • Michael

        I suspect it has to do with a) not being genocide and b) BEING a
        revolution. To call Marx, say, a Jew first and a Communist second is an attempt
        to tar “the Jews” with bias. Were there Jews involved? Obviously. Where the Jews
        anti-Romanov? Obviously too. He was an anti-semite. (Otherwise, my grandfather
        wouldn’t have fled and we wouldn’t be here.) Not being an apologist, but it
        wasn’t about eradicating “a race” and gassing women and kids as a policy.

      • DunthorpeMD

        Left to their own devices they would have gladly wiped out every Christian in Russia

      • Michael

        Whether or not you’re correct, the Jews and Arabs TODAY are vastly different in moral temperament. 70 years ago was 70 years ago. Today you are siding with a truly oppressive, cruel, fanatical culture against one of the more enlightened people in the region. Arab human rights violations dwarf anything Israel has done, and for FAR worse reasons.

      • twcooper@charter.net

        Jews have been returning to Israel since the early 1800’s. These Jews are the descendants of the original Abrahamic Jews. That is good enough for me. The Balfour Declaration in 1917 put the Jews in leadership of the area.

  • MotherBatherick

    Those that walked out were probably trained by obama’s Chicago domestic terrorist buddies Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Just like obama, those two have always hated America.

    • Dinorah Kezler

      What I don’ understand is if they so hate America, why don’t they leave? of course because nobody else wants them!

      • Trucker

        Muslims want to get everyone else to leave and take your country to destroy since their conjuring up a cult in the 7th Century.

  • Michael Bowen

    YOU are right Col. that’s why they left .most people don’t know the history of Palestine so they can be lied to and manipulated .but they saw you had facts and the truth . and that left them with nothing .In essence you shut them up before they opened their mouth to lie

  • forlittlelamb

    We need someone as educated and wise like you in the White House Col. West.
    You have strong convictions and it shows…you speak truth because you know for those who are given much (wisdom from the Lord), much is expected.
    May God bless you.

  • RepublicAnne

    It’s sad that hardworking parents who pay teacher’s salaries, have their students ill-informed or brainwashed by posers. Integrity is a rare commodity in our American Universities… One more institution in need of reform…

  • Dawn in Eastern Washington

    A beautiful recitation of truth! I LOVE history, clearly and truthfully spoken.

  • Valerie Rolfe Goldstein

    Liberal minded people never deal well with facts, it seems their opinions are based on their emotions.

    • Michael

      That’s what liberals say about conservatives. From a moderate point of view, both parties sound the same.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        Not true — liberals constantly berate conservatives for “not caring” or not having “a heart”, or not “feeling” enough. And most liberal arguments can be blown apart by a few simple injections of logic and facts and reason. They have different mindsets — the liberal mindset is r-type, where the conservative mindset is K-type.

        Case in point: A man murders another man in Wyoming over a disagreement involving meth. It just so happens that the victim is a homosexual (also, the perpetrator is as well). Liberals look at this and fall all over themselves to make Matthew Shepard the poster boy for the oppression of homosexuals. They want to make sure that everyone feels sorry for him, and that that feeling will help change everyone’s mind to make sure “that it never happens again”, by making it more of a crime to kill a man if he happens to be gay than if he is straight, making a homosexual life more valuable than a straight life. Meanwhile, at the time, conservatives see this as wrong, because we (humans) are all Created equal. Conservatives attempt to inject sound logic and reasoning into it, saying that all murder is, almost by definition, a “hate crime”, and no one person is more than another. Liberals get upset and say that Conservatives are “uncaring” and “heartless” for that assessment.

        Fast forward a few years, and it comes out that the perpetrator was actually homosexual as well, and that the argument was about a meth deal gone bad, and had nothing to do with sexuality at all. Conservatives point to the disposition of the case and say “see? We were right here; and because we were, we shouldn’t elevate one group of people above another group, just because of where they choose to stick their collective weiners.”. And liberals, once confronted with the facts of the case, and knowing that they are wrong, are completely silent on the injustice done to American Society perpetrated by them and their rush to do what feels good instead of what is good.

        Does that help?

      • Michael

        I definitely agree that Political Correctness has outstayed its welcome.

        Frankly, I’m politically confused. I agree with certain points from different parties. Some liberal, some conservative. But one thing I DO know is the people from both parties are bigoted towards the other. They all make exaggerated claims about ALL members of a party. Makes it hard to know what to trust.

      • usmadgirl

        Dr Falken,
        Excellent example…and funny!

  • cardnut

    It was their loss, Dr. West!

  • David Lathrop

    There is alot of info. i don’t know & I will not judge people on my ignorance of the facts. I do know that all people have a right to exist & that evil is easy to spot & i also know that the truth is hard to swallow for alot of people. good job as always col. west & I am a big fan of yours…

  • Jeff Thur

    Col West,
    You are a true American Hero with a Brain, unlike the Liberals.
    God Bless

    • Michael

      Interesting. I hear liberals make the same comment about conservatives.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        Interesting. I hear liberals talk about “heartless” and “uncaring” conservatives. But only the trolls talk about them being “brainless”.

      • Michael

        Maybe. I’m not well-versed in such things. I find politics opaque. I don’t know who to trust.

        I hated Bush. I hate Obama. And people from both sides laud these guys.

      • DunthorpeMD

        Let me make it really easy for you…. They are all the same… They don’t get elected to institute new policy. They are put into office by the powers that be to sell the policies they are given… If they do a good job they get to come back for four more years but trust me there is no difference bazaars are running this country and they have been for the last four administrations, sometimes the very same czar. When you get a wake-up and smell the coffee

  • pat_riot_1

    Those “protesters” have no room for the truth. Such nonsense goes directly against their teachings and beliefs.

  • sadlyso

    If they truly believed that their stance is the right one, they should have stayed and debate with you. Guess, they knows that their argument has no truth to it.

  • Carl Sisco

    I have a daughter who came from college one day and made a statement about Vets. There was someone on TV talking about veteran’s fighting for their rights. She makes the statement to me (a vet) “you veterans, want everything.” I asked her what she meant and she goes on to tell me that one of her professors (a non-vet) was talking about how veteran’s demand everything just because they served in the military! I calmly explained to her how every veteran when they, enlist sign a contract with the government. In this contract it plainly states that for x years of service they will get certain benefits. Draftees are given the same benefits for the same amount of service since they were required to by the government in a time of war or need. I also told her about how many countries require so many years of military service. Because their military doesn’t pay well AND they get lousy benefits. Or like Israel and China, women also must serve. I then told her that the problem is, after the veteran are discharged . The government modifies the terms of the contract, changing things and taking away benefits they earned under the contract. I told her Vet’s simply want what the government promised them and to quit changing the terms of the contract after they’ve served and met the terms of their contracts. I also told her that if a business did that to it’s employees they could be sued. Unfortunately veterans can’t sue the government. She was dumbfounded as she told me that her professor never told her about the contract part. I told her of course he didn’t, he never served and was probably anti-military anyway. Of course she went to UNCW, a bastion of liberal ideology here and in NC. I told her to always learn the other side’s opinion and reason’s, before rushing to a judgment on anything. Her major, you may wonder? Criminal Justice…

    • Bud

      I agree with you completely. I am a recently retired teacher from WI and I could substitute the word teacher for vet and write almost the same paragraph. Our economy needs to be fixed but cheating public servants out of benefits that they are entitled to is not going to fix America. I’m sure there are a lot of state and federal workers like you and me that share our view

      • SHOTGUN285

        Yes Bud, but you have the opportunity to unionize, and can sue the government for changing it’s contract with you, but Vets don’t have that option. All they can do is get vocal and pressure their elected officials.

      • Bud

        If you are suggesting that the military should be allowed to unionize I disagree with you. If you are suggesting that the union or anti-union debate in WI is relevant I disagree with you. A contract is a contract. If someone gives 30 years of their life to serve the public, in my case as a teacher and in

      • SHOTGUN285

        No wasn’t suggesting that, I’m very anti union. I’m saying that at least you have other legal recourse for your greivance of a broken contract, and the military veterans do not have that option. That is why at least once in the past (that I can think of) there have been riots by veterans demanding what was promised them, they had no other recourse. You fortunately have the option to go to court and attempt to sort out the issue.

      • Bud

        But I only have that recourse through a union that no longer has the power or support to represent me in the state of wisconsin. A personal law suit is out of the question. I don;t have the benefits that my family and I have been counting on for the past 30 years (I’m sure I would have made more money in another profession even though I was able to supplement my income by coaching during the semester and summer months). I was a teacher in the public school system because I believe in education and that every child in America deserves a good one. When you look at it Carl and my situation is not much different. Believe me, I am a strong supporter of our military. My feeling is that the US government should honor it’s contracts with it’s public employees. And I feel if we want the best and the brightest serving in our military, teaching our children, planning our transportation, protecting business and commerce, etc. we need to have contracts that attract those people. Perhaps privatizing is part of the solution but not the entire solution.

      • SHOTGUN285

        I’m sure you’ve already looked into this, but isn’t this a situation for a class action suit? The concept of a traditional pension is outdated, and in effect is a ponzi scheme, that depends upon ever increasing numbers of participants to keep going, and politicians should have done something about this 30 years ago. Public servant pensions and benefits are going to bankrupt most of our large cities because they kept robbing peter to pay paul and never bother to privatize these funds and turn them into 401ks. While the union may have gotten you the benefits, I think they failed you by not doing something about this many years ago when it was obvious this was not going to be sustainable. Good luck to you.

      • Bud

        Nice try, but the school system also agreed to those benefits and convinced me to accept a relatively low salary because of those benefits and the agreement has been part of my financial planning. Why do you think a 401K is the solution?? Private investors and pension funds are investing in the same companies, businesses, bonds, etc as mutual funds and as we’ve learned it’s all a crap shoot no matter who is doing the investment. Good luck to me and good lock to us if we have a demoralized military and education system and the best talent no longer wants to serve. What is your solution for the military??? A bunch of government bureaucrats are writing and breaking those contracts as well.

      • SHOTGUN285

        Well every investment is a risk, that’s the nature of the beast. I know people that lost 50% or more of their 401k value during the Freddie Mac/housing bubble fiasco. The military has many more problems right now, such as a president that despises them and has no clue what he’s doing, and his political witch hunt has driven nearly 200 senior officers out of the military because they were loyal to the constitution and not to him. Now he’s further emasculating the military with absurd policy shifts towards gays and women in the military, force reductions, budget cuts, cuts to VA benefits, no help for the 22 vets a day committing suicide, little or no help for the large number of PTSD sufferers, also a VA that is over 20 months behind on disability compensation claims, etc. As a country we are pretty much screwed at this point. I always assumed that if I had children I would encourage them to serve, but now I probably won’t. I’ll probably be an expat within 10 years to be honest.

      • Bud

        Oh, then good luck to you.

      • mikeb112

        We all have seen the wonderful job you “teachers” are doing.
        “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, sir.
        The results of the teacher is seen clearly in the student.
        We have also seen the absurdity of actions taken against students for nothing more then pointing a finger. Perhaps you are one of the few who are good, but your number is few and getting less every year.
        We always hear about how tough it is for teachers and how hard they work. Gee, like the rest of us didn’t work hard. You chose your profession. Get over it or get out of it.

      • Bud

        Thank you! That is the point I am making. I got out of it at the age of 60 but could have worked longer. I was a good teacher, I certainly worked hard and did my best and I think I may have made an impact in a few lives. And that’s exactly why I decided to go in to education. However, in today’s climate I never would have decided on that career path. Why would I choose an underpaid profession that is not valued by the society we live in or supported by the parents of our students. I would not choose to serve in our military for the same reason. This site seems to be

      • Nannette McGowan

        What you lost in WI was the right for teachers to have collective bargaining at the state level. You still have the ability to have collective bargaining at the county or district level. The reason for the change is that some county or districts with fewer cities and fewer taxpayers couldn’t afford the deals being made at the state level collective bargaining. If you do some research, you’ll find that most collective bargaining for schools is done at the county or district level in a majority of the states in the country.

        This battle between the state Republicans, the Democrats (supported by the teacher’s union) took place at a time when WI tax revenue had dropped due to the bad economy. When teachers were given a choice between lower wages so fewer teachers would be laid off, the teachers refused to help more teachers keep their jobs and still complained because of so few teachers.

        In this recession, the states suffered worse than usual because they not only lost sales tax revenue, income tax revenue and business tax revenue but property tax revenue dropped between 34% to 50%. Like private sector unions, the public unions did not care that the government was facing a huge reduction in tax revenue and the unions weren’t willing to accept any reductions even though the states, counties and school districts no longer had the funds to continue to keep the school spending and teacher’s salaries status quo.

        It was a lot more complicated than teachers getting picked on by Walker and the Republicans. There was a huge lack of tax revenue and teachers in WI just didn’t care.

      • Bud

        Carl’s case in the military (I also served in the Guard in the early 70’s) assuming they will receive certain retirement and health benefits for their committment and service and the government takes that away (in my case governor walker and the republican senate

      • Bud

        Sheesh, trying to post on here with an ipad is almost impossible. I’ll rejoin the conversation when I am sitting at a computer.

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        I do, however, find it amusing when someone still has the ducking autoerect turned on :-)

      • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

        * autocorrect

      • Bud

        what is the ducking autocorrect? Does that feature prevent you from making spelling errors?[-)

      • mikeb112

        Oh please stop with the pity party. Your Union promises votes in return for a favorable, if unsustainable, contract. All of the public employee unions and govt. employee unions do the same and they support just one party, regardless of the members desires. They take your money and give it to mostly just one party.
        Basically the politician buys your vote. Dispictable.

    • HonestToAtee

      You can also ask any of these Libturds when they complain about Vets getting their “EARNED” chinsey benefits why they conversely support giving SNAP/EBT/Food, Healthcare, In state College tuition, unemployment, SS, Welfare and all the rest of OUR TAX DOLLARS to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS THEN? Ask them if they support Obama raising the salaries of worthless Govt Employees and the millions in BONUSES paid to the IRS employees? These Libturd scumbags are HYPOCRITES AND LIARS!

      • Carl Sisco

        What’s really bad is the student was my Step Daughter, who I’ve raised since the 6th grade. She’s now 35 and a very attractive, bright, successful young woman. Never been married (she’s “PICKY” TG) NO kids, her own house and car. No one trying to live off HER hard work. I think she got the message all those years ago. Heck, she’s got a better house than me and her mom LOL…

      • HonestToAtee

        Good for her, and good job as a great Parent!

    • Jane Harris Bennett

      yeah government didn’t keep their promises to the Indians either.

  • Globe Warmer

    That’s how liberals remain stupid…by walking out or shutting down discourse.

  • Kitten

    The Muslim usurper Barack Obama has succeeded in dividing the nation in every way imaginable. The Communist goal has nothing to do with truth, nor justice. It’s plain to see the evil that dwells among us. Until it’s rooted out, there will be no peace.

  • DJ

    lol the walk out was planned. It had nothing to do with what Allen West said. Plus the only people who support Israel are those who know only half the conflict.

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      I think the vast majority of people that have any interest at all in that region only know half the conflict (either “their” half or the “other” half). There doesn’t seem to be a lot of people trying to understand both sides.

      • DavStp

        Which side? The one who believes they should kill all infidels, marry small children and mutilate their women’s genitals? Or the other side?
        There are some things civilized people don’t want to understand.

    • Dave Sharp

      Ahh, you missed the lecture, walked out did you? LOL?

    • Jeff Ely

      It really is very simple….pals drop their weapons and peace can be had!

  • Steven Shaltiel

    Mr. West, I was at this event. First off, I want to thank you for
    speaking at DePaul; your lecture was very informative and I enjoyed
    hearing your opinions on foreign policy. I was embarrassed to be a part
    of a university which displayed so much ignorance last night; what you
    didn’t know, is that they planned on walking out before you even spoke a
    word. They waited for the clock to strike 6:25, which even further
    demonstrates the ignorance of those individuals. Please don’t let the event last night discourage you from speaking at
    more liberal universities. We need voices like yours to be heard!
    Universitites like DePaul are the places that need the truth most

    • Jane Harris Bennett

      Maybe in their waiting for a measured length of time was in Gods hands. Maybe, just maybe…they heard things they didn’t hear before, and with that little seed of information Dr. West gave them, just maybe now they will ask why. Maybe they will not just blindly believe everything they hear from the polar opposites. I know, it may be a far reach, but we can hope. God is good. Thank God for Dr. West.

  • Salvatore Candeloro

    In a point in history when people believe they learn everything they need to know in a five second soundbite, it is amazing colleges still exist. Does anyone really study, or has it become an opinion pot, where teachers simply spread their personal.beliefs without facts or historical content? Things, time moves so fast and with it peoples ability to see and think clearly. Understanding and compassion get dropped off in favor of extreme views based on quick judgments. These are dangerous times, because people have turned beliefs to facts.

  • Julian

    I studied at DePaul
    and I know exactly how pro-Arab this university really is. Read the story of
    professor Thomas E. Klocek who was fired from DePaul for expressing his views
    on terror.

  • maggie

    What I think is so dangerous, is how some educators warp history to promote their own agendas. Educators know and understand that young minds are like sponges and once an opinion or belief has been absorbed, like cultist, the youth will defend their beliefs to the bitter end. This is how our Country is being changed, via leftist indoctrination of our children.

    • Nannette McGowan

      My grandson’s 8th birthday is Saturday, so yesterday I went to the bookstore because I always buy him books. I was looking for Rush Limbaugh’s second children’s book, “Rush Revere and the First Patriots.” I found a book on presidents and, being a history buff, I decided to scan the 2 to 3 page bios on a few of them. It was a complete indoctrination of socialism, expounding at length on those presidents who pushed entitlements and social programs but with shorter single page bios for conservative presidents. I’ve just been ill since then because I keep thinking about how our kids are being taught, from an early age, a completely skewed version of history. It makes me truly worried for the future of our country.

      • usmadgirl

        It is truly sad that a minority of criminally insane people (like the students who walked out will also become) have been able to hijack our Republic with the majority sitting by watching like blind deaf mutes! If we don’t do everything we can to keep the majority in the House & take over the majority in the Senate, our country isn’t going to have a future!

  • Quinten Martin

    the way I look at it if they get upset and walked out about the truth you’re doing your job we all need to do that

  • Shaeri

    Another, among so many, glaring examples of the intolerance of the tolerant. How their own hypocrisy doesn’t sicken them is a mystery.

  • Nannette McGowan

    It’s really hard to understand how those on the far left, who pretend to be tolerant, can show such support for the violent Palestinians who believe in Shariah Law, a law that considers abortion, homosexuality and atheism as crimes against god and punishable by death. It shows me how confused and hypocritical these liberal wackos are. We got a good idea of how confused they are when we saw the news interviews with the Occupy participants. They don’t know what they support or what they want but, whatever it is, they want it now. Insane.

    • Michael

      It’s political correctness. The impulse to side with the ‘underdog’, no matter how evil it is.

      • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000464734097&v=info Solas

        Even if the supposed underdog was put that way by himself or his chosen leadership.

      • Michael

        I’m referring to the Palestinians as the underdog. Regardless of who is right, politically correctness seems to side with the ‘oppressed’, regardless of how they got that way.

      • DunthorpeMD

        History is very clear on how they Got That Way, Michael sorry you missed it

      • Michael

        Yes, and unfortunately revisionists have distorted the history in politically correct favor of the poor Palestinians.

        If you really want to assign blame, the Germans are responsible. If not for the Holocaust, none of this would have happened. Plenty of blame to go around. And for decades the Pals have refused all the peaceful solutions from Israel. Arafat messed up. But don’t feign ignorance. You know that the Arabs have not dealt fairly with Israel for decades. It has been a one-sided attempt at peace.

      • DunthorpeMD

        Nobody has rewritten, more history and the last 100 years than the Jews Michael

      • DunthorpeMD

        Israel has given the finger to any ‘peace process. Israeli land theft in the Palestinian West Bank has reached epic proportions under PM Binyamin Netanyahu. The right wing in Israel is so isolated from the real world that they have begun claiming that the Palestinian territories are not even occupied. They claim that the Palestinian rejection of Israel’s right to exist forces them to occupy Palestine (in fact, the PLO recognized Israel as part of the Oslo accords, after which the Israelis screwed the Palestinians over royally). They distort history and say the most ridiculous things, such as that the League of Nations Mandate awarded to Britain in the 1920s allows them to now steal Palestinian land and water without recompensing them! The brazenness and zombie-like relentlessness of this march onto other people’s land has provoked an increasingly influential international boycott movement, targeting the ‘settler-industrial complex’ that preys on the hapless Palestinians under Israel’s control. That is why the Church of England recently endorsed a World Council of Churches-inspired program that brings people to the Occupied Territories to see for themselves what Occupation is doing to the stateless and rights-less Palestinians. The resolution was a major defeat for the Likud, right wing branches of Zionism. Likewise, the US Presbyterian Church very nearly adopted a resolution to disinvest from companies perceived as enabling the Israeli land grab in the West Bank. As it was, they urged positive investment to help the Palestinian victims of Israeli injustice. These votes are straws in the wind. As Israel moves formally to incorporate the West Bank into itself, it must offer citizenship to the Palestinians on the land it covets, or else it would perpetuate the new Apartheid.

      • dave pitts

        Name one Arab state that is genuinely interested in peace with Israel versus taking their land. Sadat was murdered by those peace loving arabs for attempting just that. I am pretty sure Israel gained this land when arabs tried to wipe them off the face of the earth and got their butts handed to them.

      • DunthorpeMD

        Here you go Michael …read through this …but do it with an open mind …then try to match up this blueprint with what has really taken place since it was written …regardless of who you want to believe wrote it … The media has tried its best to ridicule this find but the bottom line is that every single things it lists has come true to some extent today … We have become intellectually lazy Michael and it’s probably going to cost us everything very soon …take a read and wake up


      • DunthorpeMD

        Look Michael I don’t want to dog on you too hard because I was once as fooled as you are today. And it wasn’t until I opened my eyes and looked around and started re-aligning the parties to the things that they had done and not the things that they had said that I was able to finally make sense of it all. The Zionists are the great deceivers of our time. But of course what would you expect from the synagogue of Satan. Those people who say they are Jews who aren’t Jews…just like Jesus told us
        . The Zionists who control Israel and most of the world are not the who they want us to think they are…they aren’t God’s chosen people … can you think of even one thing Israel has done that would indicate to an outside observer that they were God’s chosen people? I could write a book listing all of the ungodly things they have done and stood for

      • dave pitts

        Dude, that is like saying “prove that child is your son by something they did.” God chose Jews in the OT and the death of Christ opened the door for all people to become God’s chosen people. Are you saying Muslims are the better alternative?

  • Larry Cheshier

    Excellent points. To help in understanding I suggest all reading “The Big Lie” by Michael Cohen.

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