Pentagon to destroy $1 billion worth of ammo. This makes sense because...? - Allen B. West -
  • Timk

    Armed Citizen are “True Americans”…
    Sempre Fi’

  • Dual Bag

    oh bah mah

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    Quote from above “…Excess ammunition? We were begging for excess ammunition for training purposes…”


  • Фрэнк Pharma Czar™

    Col. West, we need more people like you in government. I hope that you consider running again. We the People support you!

  • Maurice Moe Colontonio

    My last year in the Marine Corps Reserve, I was in an Infantry unit that only had 60 live rounds per man to train with for the entire year. What a waste this is.

  • Frank Szabo

    If it were to be declared “surplus”, it could be sold to citizens – Obama and Heinrich Holder will have none of that.

  • stop_the_damage_in_november

    Something is rotten in the state of our Union…..

  • edster48

    Nothing to see here folks, move along. These are not the droids you’re looking for.

  • Ohiogunr

    There’s just SO MUCH , that’s so frustrating, that it’s hard to fathom how this Country can continue. From treasonous illegal actions of the administration and the Senate, to the inability of the House to reign in any of it, and the unwillingness of the “JUSTICE” department to stop the crimes. HOW can it survive? How can America remain free?

    • Brian Sprouse

      time for a reboot.

    • Ollie

      It can’t, time for all Americans to put on their Captain American suits and take down these bastards!

  • W900A

    Shouldn’t some of this be declared surplus like in the past? Surplus and placed up for auction and disposed of to the public. Obviously some of this may not be common 7.62, 9mm, etc. etc. But if it is it shouldn’t be “destroyed” if it is safe to be used.

  • eherring

    It is bad when the most trusted institution can’t be trusted

  • tripleopts

    It’s simple business management. You have to do weekly/monthly/annual inventory audits for ordering purposes. I guess they don’t care when it’s not their dollar on the line. We need more accountability from those that earn their wages and pensions from our hard earned tax dollars.

  • Dallas

    Raise the Bovine Excrement flag.. LOL good one.

  • Ollie

    one flew over the coo coo nest and is now in charge dangerous fools indeed!

  • irish7_1sg

    Another DELIBERATE, NEFARIOUS plan to decrease the operational capacity of the American military. Barry wants DHS to be the “Power Broker”, largely because he has hand picked the leaders to support the destruction of the United States as a FREE, CAPITALIST nation.

  • Willie Dowg

    The albatross that is the Federal government is out of control. It cannot even communicate with itself within the channels of its own communications. It is time to reboot and rid this nation of its albatross.

  • Dan McNally

    What has the GAO been doing . . . besides, apparently, nothing?

  • American-By-Choice

    Whoa… Hold on now. I’ve been introduced to a term with which I am wholly unfamiliar.

    What is this thing ‘Excess Ammunition’?

    It seems to be a flaming non sequitur. You’re using a word which implies ‘too much of something’, which in practical terms cannot be associated with the thing it is being used to quantify…

    Now, this is relevant to one’s position I suppose… For instance, if I were, oh… I dunno, say I was an enemy insurgent, who found myself in the office of the President of the US, and I needed some means to undermine the means of the US Military to adequately project power against an international aggressor… ONE way I might do so, is to advance the notion that ‘we got too much ammo!’. Thus, despite not having near enough money… to buy new ammunition, where I applied a deflective approach, using ‘economics’, such that ‘it cost us too much money to keep all this ammo, so we need to destroy it, ’cause it might not work right when we need it…’ that might ‘sound’ like a reasonable position to take, so it would provide me cover from charges that I was promoting the interests of the enemy of the US in a time of war; actually adhering to that enemy through my policy, despite my actually doing so through that policy.

    I mean, the people that would except that would have to either be idiots, or adherents to the enemy, themselves. Which would be BAD!

    Am I wrong here? If I am I’d love to here where, specifically, I got it wrong.

  • JimNEPA2_0

    Why aren’t they selling it at auction to the civilian market? Cheaper Than Dirt, Sportsmans Guide, etc, would scoop it right up?



  • HackAtak

    Gun Control via Attrition! They could offer this SURPLUS ammo up for sale to the private sector, but keeping it out of the private sectors hands means no ammo for gun owners! So they waste over a Billion Dollars to be in control! Liberal Genius!

  • akatom3565

    This is just one example why I don’t want them to be in charge of my health care!

    • American-By-Choice


      These people want to be in charge of the ENVIRONMENT… Healthcare is a block of wood by comparison.

      We’re talking about people who are not only inefficient, their intentionally inefficient, because being inefficient is how they undermine our means to BE FREE. They’ve done this for DECADES. It is intentional, it is deceitful and it is fraudulence on a grand scale… They’re subversives, and they are decidedly NOT WITH US.

  • KJinWTexas

    First and foremost, they need to update and integrate their computer systems so the right hand can see what the left hand is doing. Talk to the folks at Facebook – they can show you how to share information. If 50 gazillion FB’ers can share one post, why can’t the government figure this out??

    • Reba

      The reason the systems don’t talk to each other, is each branch has their own system. It has been an issue for many years and has been tried over and over to be fixed, but the top command of a couple of services do not want to change their system. Until they are ordered to do it, period, it will not change.
      As for Facebook, the government does not run like businesses, although certain things could be used.

      • KJinWTexas

        So true, Reba. Think how much better it would be if it were run more like a business.

      • Reba

        The government can’t be run like a business, but parts of it could be fine-tuned. There are areas that could be improved and this is one of them. To destroy ammo that could be used is insane. This administration thinks they have a money tree in their backyard.

  • Paul

    We’ve lost our damn mind…

  • Jupiter C.

    Good information to know.

  • paul

    During the depression they were dumping tons of potatoes in the ocean while people were going hungry. Follow the money and you will find the answer.

    • American-By-Choice

      Tens of thousands of head of cattle and pigs went the same way… even as those who were slaughtering that livestock, were lamenting the ‘lack of jobs’ to produce earnings to buy food.

  • Mancave Heywood

    I hope one day in the near future the system just crashes here!

  • John Brown

    That disaster in Iran, where 4 services got involved in attempting to rescue the hostages being held in Tehran, was caused in part by radios not on the same frequency, equipment that was incompatible between the services, and fragmented command and control. We lost lots of good men and good airplanes in that fiasco. Squabbling and positioning for a piece of the Grenada pie was bad enough that even that simple operation was in doubt. The marine who had to use his cell phone to contact Washington to contact his command post is a case in point for non-interoperability. Each branch is so protective of its assets God forbid that any of the others would know what they had. Continuing the tradition, we can’t even share ammo between the forces, that work equally well in M16s, no matter what color uniform the shooter is wearing. This issue has lived on for decades, and the ills it causes and the cures for it have been well described equally as long. General/flag officer egos are a huge obstacle to establishing some rational efficiency between the services.

  • PedroGonzalez

    It is Obama’s intention to bankrupt our nation. He does this by giving away, spending, wasting and destroying.

  • Firebrand98

    1. They have shown time and again that they can not automate (obamacare)
    2. Gift to the ammo manufacturers. “Give you a nice new BIG contract if you do not leave state. (New York, California, etc)

    • Timothy Elkins

      Sounds about right…

  • Rob

    Any good senator wants to put those back on the hands of the tax payers, we would gladly buy it back.

    • Bob

      Buy it my ass. We’ve already paid for it! Hand it over to the people!

    • geo brecke

      Not my Senators, Cantwell and Murray don’t want you running with scissors….

  • American-By-Choice

    I entered the Corps in 1977. The Carter Years were not kind to the US Military. I went to the westpac shortly afterwards and we didn’t have enough ammo to train with. The 3rd Marine Division barely had enough ammo to provide us with the means to meet our annual qualifications.

    We’re heading right back there, right now.

    (What a change when President Reagan came along. Brand new rifles, and enough ammo to train everyday for what seemed like forever. We trained with live rounds in every conceivable way, almost every week… you would NOT have wanted to tangle with us. No sir… we knew something about placing hot steel into soft tissue, on the run, in the wind, in the rain or on a lovely sunday afternoon… . Plinking became second nature.)

    • SHOTGUN285

      Its more recent than that. I went through MCT in and SOI in 1992, and there were still ammo shortages because so much had been shipped to saudi. A lot of the weapons we would have normally fired were instead fired by instructors as a demonstration only. So 400 new Marines got to see an instructor fire one box of ammo through a weapon. That was the extent of our live fire training on anything bigger than 5.56mm

    • geo brecke

      That’s exactly what it takes, practice, and lots of it. It’s a reason to consider starting back up the draft, these bastards need to know, it could be their Sons going into battle with far less training than they need.

      • American-By-Choice

        Well, I’m against the draft… specifically on the grounds that we shouldn’t be training the people we’re going to be fighting, when the Left finally ignites the big one.

  • repellant

    Shouldn’t we all just be grateful that they aren’t sharing it with Mexican drug cartels?

    • Ronny Nelson

      How do you know they aren’t?

    • Gunner

      Or sharing it with Al Qaeda in Syria, But then again they might be. all they have to do is say we are destroying it

  • Akbull

    These are supposed to be the smartest people we can find? we definitely have some real DUMMIES running the Pentagon… GOVERNMENT!

  • JonDillinger2016

    Give it to the new militarized police state that will eventually try to take over our military.

  • ElmoS

    This inept Government never cease’s to amaze me, one unit buys all the ammo and weapons for the IRS, DOJ, HHS, BLM, CIA, NOHA, and others who don’t need this ammo and then the DOD destroys it. Its no wonder we are going broke, sell this ammo to GUN SHOPS and we will buy it, but, no the government can’t do that. We the tax payer have already paid for it so give it back?

  • Kim Bailey

    Is there not some “mandate” that these must be disposed of through the CMP, or has obummer changed that?

  • opsman

    With all the automation available today to all the branches, there should be some simple method of accounting for ammo inventory and expenditures. I agree the branches need to talk to each other and make use of what is available, but this business of the Pentagon destroying ammo when it can be used is just plain stupid. But what really makes me scratch my head is why is the Pentagon destroying ammo when the various Law Enforcement agencies within the Government are buying billions of rounds. What I really want to know is why NOAA buying ammo? Is someone going to steal a cloud or what.

  • Lawrence Bouchat Jr

    WTH! They should use the ammo for training if not good for Combat, or sell it through the CMP, (Civilian Marksmanship Program) as they did in the past, before all the libs took control. DUMB A$$ POLITICS!!!!

  • Robert Ray

    Liberalism is logic’s retarded cousin.

    • The_Moderate

      And yet you are here and you believe every word of this article.. Don’t you?

  • Martin Bellone

    Always said there are way too many civilians working in DoD. Let the Soldiers do what they are trained to do and the ammunition will get used properly both in training and combat!

  • geo brecke

    It has been declared illegal to destroy assets paid for out of the public purse WHEN there’s a legal market for same. Wasn’t it just a short time ago, the Federal Government was caught selling empty brass to the lower bidders? Why must we pay ever higher taxes when these clowns make such poor use of our taxes? It’s time to sue them, and it’s a slam dunk.

  • Jim Markert

    Mr. West, l don’t know what kind of oath, if any, DHS or TSA must take. But I know that our armed forces take an oath to uphold the constitution and to defend this country from enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC. Many of our troops believe in the path they took. There is one group called the “3 percenters”, who pledge to display any orders to fire upon their fellow Americans. If they do this, in essence, they become “enemies of the state” or government. Might this be our federal government’s way of tipping the scales in their favor if just such in instance occurs? We already know they are using this strategy to disarm the American people!

    • Rick Vincent

      Obama himself took an oath. Fat lot of good that did.

  • Syble

    And with this information as just a small example… I just bet the Federal Reserve could stand an audit too!!!…?????

    • AnneCameo

      By whom?

  • AnneCameo

    As our fed. gov’t proves over and over again, they are unable to couple of basic functions they are Constitutionally required to do: submit a budget, manage fed. lands and programs; and RUN OUR MILITARY….. Libs/ Dems/ Obama added a huge new entitlement that has failed/been a debacle, a train wreck from the writing, to the passing, to the reading, to the instituting…?

    If this type of lack of accountability isn’t enough cause for treason or prison… it certainly should be. What will it take to reclaim some amount of accountability?

  • Laird Manlove

    It’s getting harder and harder to convince myself that things like this are not gross stupidity, but part of a master plan to revoke the Constitution, seize dictatorial control, declare many of us domestic terrorist and authorize unlimited bonbons and vacations for the White House. Can anyone see over the horizon yet? Does anyone know how to stop the slide into anarchy?

    • The_Patriot

      Operation American Spring will happen on may16th millions of people will descend on DC Calling for barry and company to resign

    • The_Moderate

      Boy you are paranoid, aren’t you?

      • Homer

        I`m thinking that if you aren’t atleast alittle worried/paranoid over what this govt. has been doing in the last 5 years you are either Part of it or legally blind!

      • The_Moderate

        I’m not exactly worried. Things really aren’t all that bad. Could you elaborate on what’s troubling you?

      • Homer

        At this point if your really in the service and in politics and you don’t see a problem then either it`s too late for you or u Are part of the problem..

        c ya

  • Scott Snoopy

    what is most amazing about this is that small arms ammo that is properly stored functions reliably decades after its manufacture date. Why in the hell is the Army allowed to destroy a perfectly good product? We hear all this talk of cost savings…well here you is one

    • Peter Erik Bensen

      That’s because you have lawyers and liability specialists making the decisions for our warfighters. At the behest of politicians, to cover their worthless a$$e$.

  • Magic Monty

    Are they really destroying it!?!? Or is that code for ship the supply to Al Qaeda secretly? We have a President in office with scandal after scandal. Fast and Furious, Benghazi etc. It is time to stop the talk and start using action to remove this President from Office. Impeachment at this point would be a slap in the hand.

  • AnneCameo

    I could be confused so don’t be too hard on me; but didn’t Obama – through some Ex. O. or a couple of years ago, declare no weaponry – used in foreign countries – could be brought back to the U.S.? Seems my husband I talked about it, as those items were, in the past, brought back and sold at auctions? I don’t think this has much to do with poor management, as Obama’s rule?

  • eadtuff

    I wonder if West knows that many people in the armed forces move on to work at defense contractors and happily bilk their old employer. Presumably he doesn’t want to cut the defense budget either.

  • beenthere

    The military knows about a problem. Seems like the same the FBI and CIA had before September 11. The right hand has no idea that the left had has what they need. Government accounting has always been an issue, BUT HOW STUPID IS IT NOT TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM AND SAME MONEY. My God what is it going to take to get the living dead in Washington to do the right thing for a change.

  • Icorps1970

    The small arms ammo should be auctioned off to the highest bidder for use ONLY inside the United States. This would be all ammo under 20mm at least. 20mm and over could be recycled only if proven to be unfit for live fire training.

  • Josiah Gravelle

    God forbid that they just give the ammo back to the people, since they bought it.

    • The_Moderate

      What else are you entitled to? Tanks? Do you want some tanks? The tax money that you spend is not your money.

      • Josiah Gravelle

        yes actually, id rather see it go to a private militia than be destroyed. news flash taxes is your money.

      • The_Moderate

        You don’t know how taxes work or what they’re for right? When you spend $1 at McDonald’s and have to pay the sales tax, do you think you own that sales tax?

  • barry

    We are not getting the whole story in the article. Where is the actual reason justifying it? I just recently I saw a History Channel program that discussed the ton’s of ammo left over from WWII. Most of it rendered useless on the newer less weighted and much more efficient weapons currently in use due do the burs and external defects that will not allow the shell to eject correctly during live fire situation. Each bullet would have to be inspected polished by hand due to remove the corrosion that builds up on brass over years or storage. I don’t think the government would destroy billions of dollars of ammo for nothing just to start a blog war on aol… Also in 1944 the government melted down millions of pounds of brass shell casings and added them to the copper penny due to copper shortages. Penny collectors call them shell case pennies. This isn’t the first time the government destroyed ammo for various reasons.

    • RVNMike

      Why don’t they use the older ammo first? Rotating stock is basic. I have been doing it for decades. Its common sense to use your oldest ammunition first, not buying more until you have used the excess. I too think there is more to this story. Maybe it is one of the reasons behind the recent ammunition

      • James Chant

        Unless its submerged under water or in oil, ammo generally does not ‘go bad’. You may have to wipe tarnish off the brass cases – which can be done easily by just dumping them into a brass tumbler. (I usually use plain old bird seed first in mine, then switch the media out to crushed walnut/corn cob if you want them cleaned better.) I have ammo that belonged to my Father that’s over 70 years old, and it still fires just fine. The only reason to destroy ammo is if its defective in some way. Other than that, small arms ammo should be resold to the public like all surplus military equipment is suppose to be offered.

    • ndemos

      Much surplus WWII ammo used to go to the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program), the organization through which the Govt. releases for sale surplus WWI, WWII, Korea era Rifles. This ammo was usually sold “as is”. If this current batch of ammunition is unusable by the military, due to age, corrosion etc, the rifle and pistol calibered stuff could go to the CMP for sale to the public.

      That said, if the ammo is usable it should go to the military. The current story sounds like Govt inefficiency.

      • barry

        I just wish the article was a little more informative such as the percentages and types of ammo etc. to be destroyed. I agree there is much inefficiency in all aspects of our government. I just wonder if they are being destroyed to keep up a contract with a current ammo contract producer for the military. Crazier things have happened like $500 hammers and $1000 brooms back in the 70′s and 80′s. Talking about waste. The first thing I said when this war started was that Halliburton would get the 1st contract and I think they did in an emergency war situation without bids…

    • The_Moderate

      Thank you barry, finally someone in this topic that is willing to think outside of the news article.

  • SouthernMan

    What about all the equipment they are willing to destroy in Afghanistan because we don’t want to bring it home because it costs to much. Hundreds of millions of tax dollars going to be destroyed, billion dollars worth of ammo. But hey it’s only tax money. They didn’t earn it right???

    • barry

      That’s true Southernman. At least we are not leaving it to be used against like when Russia and the U.S. did back in the 70′s. They just used our own equipment against us when we invaded again. Now that was stupid.

    • The_Moderate

      Yes, lets spend billions bringing back all of our paid off used vehicles so they can sit in a lot until the next war and rot away.

  • Billie Jacobs

    The Military need not worry about the citizens rebelling; they should worry about the rank & file rebelling against unlawful orders such as firing on civilians without just cause!!!!

    • djmc993150

      The military does not fire on civilians. Period. Ever.
      Criminals in the military might. Attempts to engage enemy in among civilians, but I have never once seen civilians targeted. Ever.

      • FrancisX

        Sorry to disagree, but, according to Wikipedia, The Kent State shootings (also known as the May 4 massacre or the Kent State massacre) occurred at Kent State University in the US city of Kent, Ohio, and involved the shooting of unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard on Monday, May 4, 1970. The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis

      • djmc993150

        A. That’s National Guard, not the professional military, basically a bunch of civilians in uniforms with guns.
        B. That was 40 years ago. Our military, the military of today that has no conscripts and does not employ the NG except in very specialized combat support roles, does not. You might as well have gone back and said the Whiskey rebellion or the Bonus Marchers.

      • FrancisX

        It’s the ARMY National Guard and you did say “ever”.

      • djmc993150

        And you should take an english class and learn about tense. For instance, “does” is PRESENT tense, that means now, or currently. Past tense in that sentence would have been “has”. Is that too complicated for you? Are you really so uneducated you couldn’t figure that out? Or was it more important to you to try and refute something you know to be true that you completely ignored the context of the statement and argued against what you wanted me to say and not what I did say?

      • FrancisX

        You are one confused dude; still, you did say “ever” so quit trying to be a pseudo-liberal and obfuscating what you really said!

      • djmc993150

        oh i see, so if someone says “I would never ever do X” you take that ALSO mean they have never done it.
        So your English is that poor.

      • waltkaiser

        better check the riots in DC in 68.Martial law declared there. Rounds fired.

      • djmc993150

        And in the 20s they fired on the Bonus Marchers… Do you want to drag up more things from 50 years ago when it was a conscript army?

      • iraqisandman

        Kent State University.

      • djmc993150

        Whiskey rebellion. See I can do it too. Naming events from almost 50 years ago and more = not applicable

  • Stacy Methvin


  • Marcus127

    Odd….during Vietnam we sometimes had to “get rid” of old ammo or Ammo Lots that were out of date. We generally just flew out over the South China Sea and dumped the stuff into the ocean. If we had the time, we simply shot it up and gave our Air Crew a “Jolly” by doing lots of shooting.

    Why not transfer excess DOD Ammo to Law Enforcement for Training use….and give the leftover to the DCM Program and let them sell it to Civilian Shooters enrolled in that Federal Program? Let the Government recoup some of the cost and at the same time provide a valuable and controlled source of Ammo to Civilian Sport Shooters?

    • djmc993150

      It would be better if they just gave it to units to train with instead of leaving it in centralized ammo points that cant be accessed. Units have to pay to train with ammo and cant always train because of it..

    • Douglas J. Patraw

      Because that makes sense. We all know the government is run by a bunch of idiots with out an inkling of common sense. They think nothing of wasting taxpayers money. Time to audit every government agency and fix all the waste. It will help cut the debt we are in.

  • JimmyC

    This is the same government that wants to run your healthcare and fine you if you and your doctor don’t comply with all their bureaucratic rules. Oh, and the ruling class gets the platinum coverage paid for by you and me but don’t have to follow the silly rules they established for the little people. Do you think it’s time We the People took back control of our government?

    • Peter Erik Bensen

      AKA “death panels”.

  • arebel1

    If ATF & DHS had extra ammo, I expect they would just transfer it to various mexican drug cartels.

  • EdinColorado

    Since this is a Government action, my guess is that it will cost 4.6 billion to get rid of 1.2 billion worth of ammo that could be recycled or surveyed to the general public.

  • Hunter Swift

    They will say they destroyed the ammo so it gets off their books, then they will turn around and sell it to terrorist to make a quick buck.

  • Peter Erik Bensen

    Frankly, condemning this idiot action without profanity seems so very lacking.

  • Peter Erik Bensen

    It’s been said that if the US Federal government was in charge of the Sahara Desert, within 5 years they would run out of sand.

  • Scoobert2

    Its all bull . they will do anything to keep the ammo market dried up .After they get rid of it they will buy another billion dollars worth of ammo .

  • AWCheney

    That is strange. They usually don’t shoot everything off until just before the end of their fiscal year…and that’s not now!

  • willynilly

    they are giving this excess to the brotherhood make no mistake about it.

  • Chris Cassone

    Whatever happened to Army Surplus?

  • ba

    Why would they ever “destroy” any ammo. They have no ammo that cant be sold on the civilian market in about 5 min. Most of the .223 and .556 out there last year was surplus from other countries, and we ate it up all over the country! Ditto for pistol ammo, if they had it we would come! OR is this another scam to get ammo and supplies off the books, for it to be used in other ways, or handed over to groups that are not under oversight? Or maybe its a scam to get product to use to make more money and buy more votes! Come on man!

  • Ken Walters

    There is NEVER a surplus of ammunition. It will be needed sometime, I am sorry to say.
    With the military selling off and Homeland Security buying, looks like someone or some group is anticipating a civil war or a take over of the government.

  • Dr. Obvious

    Let’s have a day where civilians can pay money to shoot weapons. Military makes money and no ammo goes off base.

  • Prop187_imlaw

    I’m in total agreement with him. We need ex military that know what’s going on to keep an eye on and possibly help fix this lack of communication between the military branches. It never ceases to amaze me with all our technology that were are so inept.

    • Jl Kiser

      “Military intelligence” has always been an oxymoron.

  • Rocketman

    Let’s be perfectly clear here – DHS is NOT buying all that ammo to stock up its agents arsenals – they are buying it to keep it out of OUR hands!

    • onebigelf

      Too late. ;-)

    • The_Moderate

      So you’re saying that you can’t go to Walmart right now and purchase ammunition of almost any caliber? I don’t think anyone is trying to keep anything out of your hands, Rocketman.

      • Lloyd Kermet Lewis

        I can guarantee that you cannot go into any walmart on the western slope of colorado and buy almost any caliber, because they don’t have but a very limited supply. I know. I have been trying to buy 357, 38 spl, 40 cal, 45 cal, 22 LR, 22 bird shot, 16 ga. 0 and 00, 300 H&H, 250Sav, 7MM, 300 Win and 06 for three years, and can only find a box at a time. I have several other rifles that my stock pile is about shot up, and I’m not able to replenish my stock there either. I’ve resorted to ordering through gun dealers, and sometimes have to wait for months for a box or two to come filtering in.

      • The_Moderate

        I know for a fact that in the state of NY I can go into any Walmart, Gander Mtn or Bass pro shop and stock up to my pleasure without fear of running out.

      • Lloyd Kermet Lewis

        Today I was in Walmart here and the town 20 miles down the road, and was unable to find any of the ammo listed above. They haven’t had 22 ammo here for at least 3 months, and when it came in then (I think around February) we were limited to one box per customer.I would like to at least by some varmint gun ammo so it would be helpful to have NY for a closer neighbor maybe. You’re pretty fortunate and I envy your access to ammo.

      • Rocketman

        Well, Walmarts in Texas are pretty raped of ammo!

    • TNUGA

      REally? How do you figure that?

      -DHS bought about 180 million rounds in FY 2012 and FY2013. That’s less than 1% of the ammo produced in the US.
      -Their annual purchases have gone DOWN since 2009.

      Can you explain how buying less that 1% of a product and buying LESS each year can cause a shortage? Me neither!

      The shortage is not caused by DHS purchases, it’s caused by the market segment that bought 80% (8 billion rounds) of the 10 million rounds produced in 2012. That segment’s purchases increased by about 48% in 2013 over 2012.

      Want to guess who that was?

  • Ron Coon

    I’ll take some of that ammo off of the governments back if it is too much of a burden for it to carry. I’m more of the 10mm, 7.62mm, and 20 gauge brand of ammo. Send it my way and I won’t charge you a dime. I’ll do it for free.

  • powhatan1

    Then for next years budget they can claim they need twice the money

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    THAT ‘ammunition’, regardless of caliber or designed use is 100% OWNED by the PEOPLE.

    The ‘government’ has zero money invested in the purchase or production and they have no Right, Authority or Constitutional Power to destroy that which does not belong to the ‘government’.

    The PEOPLE PAID every dime that was invested.

    If the government is willing to state they no longer have the NATIONAL SECURITY need for the material, then it resorts to the OWNERS of the property.

    Just like the Korean War surplus rifles the ‘government’ refuses to allow back into the country.


    • Humanity4Humans

      Since the view remains that this is government property and not the property of the American people, the government has then become a mafia to which we pay protection money.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        All the more reason to explain it in detail to your elected representative.

        If nobody explains it, they are not intelligent enough to figure it out for themselves.

        I’m in favor of class action lawsuit from every congressional district in America forcing the surplus from all agencies and branches of government be returned to the People.

        That includes any, and ALL surplus ammunition and equipment purchased to the rogue agencies within homeland insecurity, blm, forest service, postal, hhs, etc.

        The pretend cops created by clintoon have out-lived their value to America.

    • Jeff Lamoureux

      I am surprised Obama doesn’t give it all to his terrorist buddies in the middle east.

      • Shirley Carden

        I’m sure he will after he lies about destroying it.

  • Brian Hughes

    So you’re talking about around 1.4% of their stockpile. How old does a bullet have to be before you’d consider it untrustworthy to, say, send your own son into battle with? I’d rather have the military destroying surplus ammo and replacing it than sending our troops into combat with something that might be ‘potentially viable’.

    • Jeff Lamoureux

      the military stores All ammo in the best ways, ammo can last a very long time. 2nd when your in combat and in need of ammo you will deal with an occasional misfire. All government ammo is stored in water tight containers and are shipped to their respective areas in us in those containers. Powder doesn’t get moisture and last almost forever.

    • Dan Mac

      Brian, you’re missing the point. No one here, including me, wants to see outdated ammo being used by our sons and daughters in combat. The question of “can you bet your life on it”? should always apply.
      But I own ammo dating back to 1935, and it always goes bang when I squeeze the trigger. The difference is, I’m not betting my life on it, I’m using it for recreational shooting. If anything fails to go bang, nothing’s lost but a few cents worth of brass and lead. And the government doesn’t have to pay to destroy it! In fact, they MAKE money on the deal, re-selling it to civilians and PD for target practice.

      • TNUGA

        At this point, we don;t know any of the specifics. For example, how much of this is missiles? The Hellcats and other missiles common;y used cost $40k to $80K each. It doesn’t take long to add up to $1 billion. it is sheer speculation at this point to assume how much of it is small caliber ammo.

      • Dan Mac


  • Nelson Coleman

    When I was growing up the Army Depot in our hometown used to sell surplus ammunition at surplus sales. The type regular people could use.

  • Jason_Kahl

    I will buy that ammo…instead of paying to destroy it.

  • Daniel DePaolo

    I agree that the standard handgun and rifle ammo could and should be offered for sale to the public. The shortage that we see today is entirely created by this administration’s attempt to infringe upon our second amendment rights.

  • Joseph A. Clark

    What caliber is the ammunition? If it’s .30-06, why not sell it to the CMP and make a little bit of the money spent on it? I seriously question the viability of selling off 5.56 or 7.62 NATO ammunition, but the .30-06 isn’t used in any current configuration. The CMP could sell the .30-06 ammunition to its authorized buyers, and you have to be authorized by the CMP and meet certain qualifications to purchase ammunition or firearms from them. It’s not like John Q. Terrorist is going to be able to buy it….but the paranoiacs in the gummint would think we’re all going to rebel against them…..well, if they’re afraid of us, then that’s a good thing, as long as they don’t do anything stupid like try to become royalty and we just peasants…….

    • Don

      Because they are lying. Bet they are covering for ammo given to our enemies.

    • iraqisandman

      Bought some old Greek .30-06 from CMP with no problems. Why not? Good suggestion.

  • Kumbayah

    Some stinks in all of this. And I doubt it’s about furthering the cause of Freedom and Liberty.

  • Gary Nero

    Shouldn’t the Ammo be given to the people? I certainly could use a lot of 7.62 x 51..We have to be “Well trained” as in the 2nd..

  • Ruthie

    Because they are ALL IDIOTS

    • The_Moderate

      You’re right. You’re much smarter than they are!

  • Mark Hudson

    I can tell you what they are doing,,,they are saying they are going to destroy the ammo and then the CIA will sell it to the mexican cartell’s or trade it to the taliban for something.

    • The_Moderate

      Yeah, because the Taliban have anything to trade.

    • JohnLeB

      something being cocaine or heroin..

  • dusty

    they have been burning ammo at ATK here in Utah for over 5 months now,and this is brand new manufactured amo coming in truck loads from the companies like Remington & I say that’s how they get around confiscating guns if they destroy all the ammo what good are the guns anyway

  • onebigelf

    Why isn’t it going to the Civilian Marksmanship Program?

  • work4ammo

    Congressman West, Please read the actual report, The munitions are still extensively managed as you described above. The demilitarization stockpile of ~$1.2B is what has accumalated over decades. More goes in than comes out of the demil stockpile becasue it is cheaper to store than demil because of all of the new environmental rules. The demil stockpile is mostly unserviceable for many reasons and some serviceable. The serviceable is mostly stuff DoD can’t use any longer, an example 4.2 mortar rounds (DoD no longer uses 4.2 mortars), old Hawk missiles, etc… The finding in the report is that DoD munitions management systems don’t talk well across DoD so some things must be checked with the actual Service or transferred by a spreadsheet between Services. DoD worked perfectly fine before computers doing everything so to imply everything is broken because automation isn’t doing everything is a bad assumption. Is it as efficient as it could be, no, but broken? Not hardly. There are too many great Service members working day in and day out making sure things are done correctly and munitions aren’t wasted!

    • TNUGA

      Exactly! I reviewed the report today, and I’m having trouble finding where it even says how much they plan to destroy. What page # is that on?

      • work4ammo

        Doesn’t. The Army runs the DoD demil program and it is significantly under funded. As I stated more goes in than comes out every year because it is a lot less expensive to store than demil. Short sighted but resources are tight. There is stuff from the 80′s still in demil.

      • TNUGA

        That’s what i thought. The USA Today article is suspect in my opinion. I can’t find anything in the report about 1.2 Billion to be destroyed or disposed of. Might be a Ho-Ax!

      • work4ammo

        Sorry. I wasn’t clear. It is a $1.2B liability to demil everything. The inventory to demil is valued ~ $16B (all Services). This is everything piling up for decades. Lots of old missiles (think cold war 60-80′s) and rockets, broken munitions with some serviceable but obsolete ammo tossed in (example 4.2 mortar rounds). More goes into the demil account than comes out annually. The report doesn’t state the amount that will get demil’d each year because it varies and it isn’t tracked by dollars. It is tracked by short tons. We aren’t talking significant quantities of small caliber in the demil accounts. What small caliber there is, is there for a reason.

      • TNUGA

        What page refers to this?

      • work4ammo

        Page 10 is the $1B liability and page 30 references the $16B total demil inventory.

      • TNUGA

        Thanks! The folks screaming about this also believe DHS bought “billions.” Facts and common sense are almost useless with infowars readers.

      • work4ammo

        Yep. I see that. It’s a shame. All they need to do is actually go to the source documents and read. I’ll stop posting before they start calling me names.

      • TNUGA

        When they start calling me names, it tells me they’ve run kurt of facts. The libs do that. When they run out of facts, whey call us “racists.”

        So, when conspiracy nuts call me a shill or an obama-lover, i realize they have given up because they’ve run out of anything to say.

  • Carrie Geren Scoggins


    Because they seem to not care that the tax payers are footing the bill for the 4 billion rounds that Homeland Security are buying up in one years time, with the outlandish excuse for this waste that they might need to use it on the Tea Party!!!!!!!!! I suppose that they felt that they were justified in this by sending in informants into the Bundy ranch to pose as militias, and they were paid to bring in guns, to make the threat look real, and big, due to those of us that are exposing their waste, and Obama Gate of stalking down Republicans and Tea Party. I suppose they wanted to use this stunt while the cameras were on Bundy, to justify Obama-Gate, and they stirred this up, set it up, and used it as a media fiasco as a cover up to justify the spending, the over 100 billion dollars spent by NSA last year, and that matched by every federal office, squandered stalking down the Republicans and Tea Party hoping to make them appear like criminals or a home grown terror threat, doing this as a cover in their political takedown abuse of a public office scandal.. Then to find out that they ordered 4 billion rounds yearly just by one federal office, and stated it was to use on the Tea Party…. And as Alan B. West just stated, that the actual military, of whom should be storing up rounds to use on possible threat from outside the nation, are dis arming. Our Democrat control government wants to shoot the Christian religious right, Tea Party, and Republicans, and try to make them look like terrorists and violent gangs of marauders, while they ignore any real threat from Russia and China, both could be on our door step any day. VOTE THE DEMOCRATS OUT, GET THEM OUT OF EVERY GOVERNMENT AGENCY, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. GET THE STUPID OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

    • TNUGA


      4 Billion rounds? Really? You actually believe that? How in the world did you come up with that number? Even Igno-Wars only says 2.5 Billion? Wow! you take the cake!

      Go any evidence to support that? (NO!)

      • work4ammo

        Wasn’t even 2.5 billion. Most of the so-called evidence was double counting the same items for a 4-5 year period. Stupid internet rumors with very little basis in reality.

      • TNUGA

        Correct. DHS bought 96 million rounds in 2012 and 84.4 million in FY2013. This one is so far off that it’s funny!

  • Carrie Geren Scoggins


    Because they seem to not care that the tax payers are footing the bill for the 4 billion rounds that Homeland Security are buying up in one years time, with the outlandish excuse for this waste that they might need to use it on the Tea Party!!!!!!!!! I suppose that they felt that they were justified in this by sending in informants into the Bundy ranch to pose as militias, and they were paid to bring in guns, to make the threat look real, and big, due to those of us that are exposing their waste, and Obama Gate of stalking down Republicans and Tea Party. I suppose they wanted to use this stunt while the cameras were on Bundy, to justify Obama-Gate, and they stirred this up, set it up, and used it as a media fiasco as a cover up to justify the spending, the over 100 billion dollars spent by NSA last year, and that matched by every federal office, squandered stalking down the Republicans and Tea Party hoping to make them appear like criminals or a home grown terror threat, doing this as a cover in their political takedown abuse of a public office scandal.. Then to find out that they ordered 4 billion rounds yearly just by one federal office, and stated it was to use on the Tea Party…. And as Alan B. West just stated, that the actual military, of whom should be storing up rounds to use on possible threat from outside the nation, are dis arming. Our Democrat control government wants to shoot the Christian religious right, Tea Party, and Republicans, and try to make them look like terrorists and violent gangs of marauders, while they ignore any real threat from Russia and China, both could be on our door step any day. VOTE THE DEMOCRATS OUT, GET THEM OUT OF EVERY GOVERNMENT AGENCY, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. GET THE STUPID OUT OF OFFICE!!!!


  • Lee Myers

    Fact: 50 ca. ammo currently used by our military was made in,,,,,,,yes 1942,43 &44. We still use dumb bombs from the Korean war………..which were left over from WW II.

    • work4ammo

      The Army 50 caliber from 42, 43 and 44 is all gone. All of the Army 50 cal was bought over the last 10 years. A decade of war and intensive management rotated most of the Army munitions. The Army munitions stockpile is the best in decades.

  • JohnLeB

    Oh, you missed the point.. some congressman’s brother in law got the ammo contract so now they have to destroy a whole lot, so he can make more (and more profits).. anytime something seems to weird to be true, look for the money.. it’ll be there..

  • Wayne Force

    If they have so much taxpayer money to waste let’s cut their budget by 50% I bet they will have a hissy fit when they can’t pay their contractor friends and get kickbacks like they do. They are a disgrace!!! Our military is grossly over funded to begin with. The real problem is they are incredibly wasteful and inefficient. It’s time to correct that and FAST!!! We’re now $17.5 TRILLION in debt. STOP THE WASTE!!!

  • Angry Grizzly

    I remember for quite a long time You could not even get primers through Midway due to them being out of stock. Bullets can be cast and the powder is used for too many things to be unavailable. Cases seem to be available too But where are the primers??? I think that O buttface wants to forcibly disarm the populace by Controlling the ammunition supply thus making our Constitutionally provided means of defending the Country from the enemy within a difficult task.

  • Nvrpc GS

    Just amazing. If they had excess ammo they simply could have donated it to every law enforcement agency in the nation and they would have been very happy and if they still had to much all they had to do was sell the ammo .223, 9mm, 45ACP, 308 and 30-06 to us civilians at their cost and we could have all been trained. What is wrong with the people in DC are they just dumber than a box of rocks? I think so.

    • Joe Jones

      SELL it to us? We PAID for it already through our taxes! It should be distributed freely to every gun owner in America. This is a dirty shame, and someone should be held accountable. There is no reason on Earth why this ammo should be destroyed.

      • Beckah

        Except they spend all their time finding ways to disarm the American people, this is a brilliant way….buy all the ammo, pretend to destroy it, send it to the muslimes brohoods…nice!

  • oldntrd

    Thank you Col West for this information. Now the question is “How do we get congress off their backside to do something about it”.

    • Schawminator

      You will never get any help from the Col West. He is a coward for not doing the right thing for us and our country by turning into self-serving politician. He refuses to expose Obama for who he is and more important who he isn’t. He will not join in the good fight with CDR ,Kerchner, Col Harry Riley, Jerome Corsi, Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo. There is indisputable proof Obama is a fraud and Col West refuses to represent We The People.
      May he never represent the people of Florida again.

      • Teresa Geib Bacon

        Look where spending dollars and time has it gotten those mentioned?

      • Reba

        I wouldn’t call Col West a coward. He does talk with the media and others about issues. I don’t always agree with Col West and I think he could go out to different places and speak to the people. Chicago is begging for someone and I think he would be the one to do it.

      • Beckah

        Chicago will never listen to anyone without a (D) behind their name, just like Detroit. They are perfectly content to let the bad guys shoot it out and keep everyone on welfare….they actually were calling school kids homes to sign them up for obamacare/food stamps!

      • Robert Crenshaw

        I disagree.Allen West has been on the Michael Savage Show(Savage Nation) on several occasions.Savage is the most outspoken independent Conservative talk radio show in the nation.among others.Allen West does expose Obama as a fraud..I wouldn’t be surprised if he were on Prison planet or Infowars,but he would never do it because Alex Jones is very much to the point when it comes to a world government.Alex Jones & Michael Savage are the only Two hosts that put there career on the line by exposing and telling the truth about our commie style government.Hannity,Beck,Oriely ,Rush & Levin are phony conservative talk show hosts.Hannity graduated a Two year community college.Beck and Rush went no further than high school.Beck,Rush,Hannity would cave in to socialism as many Germans went along with Hitler.They are fakes because they will look out for themselves and not our freedom & liberties.

      • Linda G

        Those talk-show hosts’ characters are now transparent to many people. They are ALL TALK & NO ACTION, so what good are they? We need the Militias throughout the USA to take back our White House and remove the fraud and his anit-American accomplices. If I wasn’t a poor Senior, I’d contribute to that cause in a heartbeat!

      • Jose Malo

        I do not know, whether what you say is factual or not. With regards to a, ‘self-serving politician,’ who sitting in WASHDC, is not one? Will you agree with me, that we MUST get a Prior Military ‘American’ Patriot, ELECTED to the 0val 0ffice, or this country is lost. Most people look at Harry Truman as having been a, ‘civilian president,’ after Eisenhower’s rise to Glory. However, truth be known, Harry Truman had great experience as a Combat Soldier, as an Artillery Officer ! We MUST get back to electing and having, a REAL, “Commander In Chief !”

      • oldntrd

        In spite of his good points it appears you are right.

  • Joe

    Well Obama knows he wont be able to get the Military to turn on the American Citizen, so he has to form his own Gestapo (DHS)

    • Schawminator

      But know he will be able to get the Queers and Muslims in the military to do his bidding.

  • Guest

    I want to share on FB but it won’t let me. Wonder why.

    • IndigoRed

      Nothing nefarious. I saw the link to this on FB. Sometimes the share link to FB just doesn’t work for awhile.

    • laboop2u

      copy & paste

  • Ron Gilmer

    For the posting policy! Our government is setting up destroying millions of dollars of ammo and decimating our defense of our country and we have to waltz Matilda with our comments! How does one describe the assault of the government on the citizens without the “editors” using biased, judgmental assumptions! I guess the “discourse” is “no discourse!”

  • Marvin E. Fox

    There are big questions we should all be working on. What is the solution? How can we stop those who are doing it? Are they violating our laws.? Which laws are they breaking? How do we involve competent legal authority against the criminal acts?
    We the people are not organized to perform the police work necessary to clean up our government. The elected and appointed authority to do that are not performing that duty.
    The American people seem to be turning to individual legal actions, and so far that action seems to work when it is used. A more organized advisory to those legally active people would be an efficient addition. The more that individual action is used, the more it will be used, and our Constitution was written for it to be used.
    Marvin Fox

    • teatime

      They are going to do this very thing,starting o5/16/2014! hope every one shows up! .

      • MDPatriot

        I wish I had my health so I could attend this most worthy function! Please show up, if at all possible!

      • Marvin E. Fox

        I hope the beginning is at the 2014 elections. Maybe it will build and we will be rid of the Progressive revolution before 2016.
        Marvin Fox

    • Jose Malo

      You Sir are incorrect in your assumption that any of our current electees will help right this listing ship, called America. Where were these former military men that we elected to office years ago, (the McCains) who have been ENTRENCHED in WASHDC as career politicians, on the dole, themselves and allowing such destruction of our, “Republic,” to occur ? I subscribe to the beliefs of, “Irish1025″ shown below, it will take such action.
      Jose’ Malo

      Irish1025 mjnellett • 3 hours ago

      During the American Revolution our men instructed by General Washington “confiscated” the British powder and musket ball reserves. You know history has a very funny way of repeating itself !

      • Marvin E. Fox

        Jose. I pointed out that our elected officials are not doing the job. Due to past performance, I don’t expect them to be leaders in restoring our constitutional prerogatives to the people. The Tea Party is a good beginning but the TP is till too weak and is more directed toward electioneering.
        I think the right leadership is developing; but, it will be the result of individual legal processes rather than planned leadership organizations. That is; if things keep happening the way they are presently happening. That is a slow process but maybe best in the long run. Allen West, I believe, is in a leading position as a part of that slower process.
        Marvin Fox

  • Poser Hunter

    Of course to blame BO for any of this just gets you called predijuice.

    • laboop2u

      or a racist!

  • Patriot 100

    I was a member of the DoD team that built and maintains the pay and personnel records of every active duty and retired military person and pays them every month including allotments. Also tracks travel, leave and transfers. The system has worked for twenty years. But we can’t track how many bullets we have? But then we can’t build a healthcare website either. Sorry libs but it isn’t the truth.

  • teatime

    If they need more ammunition, all it takes is a phone call or an e mail to to get it to you!.If you run short on something ask for it !.

  • TheBlackList.Net

    Destroying ammo makes no sense when there are good innocent people to kill and plough share to make.

    • dave pitts

      Really – that is what I say all the time. I am military BTW

  • dave pitts

    Although, I am not sure how the plan to get rid of military members helps the GOV if they are planning a takeover. They now have highly trained members in the civilian population who own their own guns and have working knowledge of military tactics and base structures. Good luck DHS. Maybe that is why they are labeling vets as terrorists.

    • Beckah

      Those left in our military have all been asked the question “would you fire on American civilians”…and the rest of his forces would be UN and God only knows who else he’s made deals with (muslime brohoods). He’s already disposed of over 200 ranking members in our armed forces, then we get to pretend we have no money for defense while we keep boosting the number of illegals on welfare programs, that will reduce the rank & file too.

      • dave pitts

        True – what a lot of people are underestimating is the number of people who will hold their oath to the Constitution more relevant than the order of a president or general who asks you to break the Constitution

  • Tidus Stuart

    They don’t care about money or peoples wasted lives.. it’s just more more more

  • Jeffery Prior

    What happened to the government turning over ammo and surplus to the CMP? The civilian marksmanship program has been around for a long time and has been, in the past, a great source for the shooting sports enthusiast to purchase ammunition not to mention parts and entire weapon systems. The CMP has managed this country’s excess stockpiles after WW II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War. This current government is out of control. I too put 22 years in the US Army as an Infantryman. There was never such complete nonsense as this. Remember when I normal guy could purchase an M1 Garand for $127 or a M1 Carbine for $150? Ask your representatives what happened. Chances are they are gutless and have no clue. Sadly, the America many of us fought for, bled for, and sacrificed for has been sold out from underneath us. Making the shooting sports so expensive is putting an effective end to passing on the knowledge to the next generation. Ask yourself who can afford to let their 12 year old loose with a brick of 500 .22 rounds for an afternoon? Think about this folks. Shooting is a perishable skill and only those who can afford to shoot will remain able to shoot. Pretty sad.

  • CharlaS

    Gandhi’s 7 Dangers to Human Virtue ( I think at least a couple of these apply here)
    Wealth without Work
    Pleasure without Conscience
    Knowledge without Character
    Business without Ethics
    Science without Humanity
    Religion without Sacrifice
    Politics without Principle

  • CharlaS

    Maybe they really plan to divert instead of destroy. I’m sure the Mexican drug cartels could use some more ammo to go with all the guns this administration arranged for them through Fast and Furious.

  • magormissabib

    Obama is out to destroy america. Hes almost there.

  • Robert Crenshaw

    To bad West will never become our president.The last thing the republicans want to see is a genuine patriot American who will sanitize the White House.West is truly committed to the people and our country.Good guys do finish last.

  • Southern Xposure

    Not worried about republicans. TP values all the way; either party, but constitution 1st.

  • gjsmith_62

    So, the feds are buying millions of dollars worth of ammo and destroying billions? How about simply holding off on the destruction order and checking with other agencies. Nah, common sense and the gov’t are intractable enemies.

    But God forbid the gov’t is shutdown for a couple weeks, right?

    Seems akin to hiring one man to dig a ditch and another to fill it in. Obama jobs programs.

  • mspatdev

    obammy’s first priority when he was elected was to destroy the USA. He was going to put us down to a 3rd world country. We are there and lower. obammy has been trying to destroy the U.S.A. Military and have HIS OWN military or malitia army. His army is with the U.N./N.W.O. and he wishes we had no military. All of you in the military do not sign up, when you can, quit the military. This nation is under communist control and it is under the leadership of obammy, the country destroyer. To fight and defend this country isn’t like it used to be for the past 6 years. There is no loyalty for the military. He sends you to countries that you can be shot and die. Don’t get hurt as obammy’s USA is not going to help you. May God Bless this Country and get rid of the regime in the w/h.

  • mjnellett

    OMG! Obama wouldn’t want to arm civilians in any way, shape, or form now would he?? There are about a million M1 Garand, and M1 Carbine rifles that South Korea wants to sell back to the United States, but Obama has forbidden it? Why? Because he is trying to DISARM American civilians!! Those rifles, and this allegedly “excess” ammo was paid for with taxpayer money, so therefore these items really belong to the American people, NOT Barack Obama!

    • Irish1025

      During the American Revolution our men instructed by General Washington “confiscated” the British powder and musket ball reserves you know history has a very funny way of repeating itself!!!

  • SouthernLadyNC

    I don’t understand why they are going to destroy this ammo. Does it go bad or something?

    • chris

      No, it lasts for at least 100 years.

      • Sc Degenaer

        I dealt with ammo depos while I served 20 yrs in the Navy as a gunner. Stationed at a weapons depo for 6 yrs. Dealt with all aspects of Ammunition Supply system from the Navy perspectives. Ammo can go bad, reason why there are Ammo Info Notices, and condition codes for ammo. There use to be teams that would go around and sample the limited lots of stored munitions to see if there was any degredation of explosive or propellant components. And sometimes there will just be a bad mix of chemical components to such munitions that can break down rendering said munitions dangerious or degraded capacity.

    • MDPatriot

      Join the NRA, the 2nd Amendment Foundation and National Association of Gun Owners. You will be SHOCKED to find out what you Government is doing……..

  • Sharon Lawson

    Perhaps it’s already gone: to Al Qaeda in Syria, Turkey, Libya…etc., etc., and, if I forget, Mexico Drug Cartels. We need to really clean house!!

    • MDPatriot

      Sharon, I agree.
      And, to add to your comment, Don’t forget that Obama sent the radical Muslim Brotherhood, of which he is no doubt a part of, 250 U.S. tanks, 18 U.S. Fighter jets along with $2+ billion to help them overthrow the Egyptian government. He should have been charged with High Treason, by consorting with and aiding our enemies. In fact, since the Muslim Brotherhood has since been removed from the Egyptian government, Egypt now has warrants for the arrest of Obama charging him with War Crimes against Egypt. This was announced only on a very limited basis by the news media. Of course, it was hushed…..just like every one of Obama’s crimes of High Treason! I truly believe that the majority of the politicians, as well as the Obama administration, in the District of Corruption are intent on destroying our beloved county, no matter what!

    • Irish1025

      Sharon ALL of them MUST be removed physically!! all the way from Obama to the federal judges that make their “own” laws up. That is what it is going to take to get our nation restored back to the way our Founding Fathers left it for us.

  • Joe Edwards

    Government waste as usual, or is going to be sold or given to some new hidden army of Obama and the new world order to use against Americans. If the SHTF, and Americans have to fire on Fema, BLM, HS, and whatever illegal army Obama sends your way, the more you take them out, the more you have to fight with by taking theirs. This is sounding like the path we are heading down. If these guys fire on civilians, they are not soldiers, they are mercenaries and terrorists themselves. Someone below mentioned how you can’t by ammunition for even target practice because there isn’t any. Also there are no primers to be had either for the reloaders, sounds like a war on guns and ammo by attrition, destroy your capability to be able to fight back. Save your ammo, don’t waste it. If you were a good shot before, you’re probably a good shot still, maybe not as fast, but some things don’t go away

    • Irish1025

      Joe……A lot of people that I know are using paint ball guns and cross bows to keep their gun skills sharp. And this method is way more cost efficient for us the civilians.

  • Willik

    The flag ranks are always crying poor-mouth and the lack of $$$ to arm their personnel.
    Why the Hell are they putting up with this?
    This would be a perfect opportunity for supplying the personnel with much needed live fire training.
    Or is this just another ploy to disarm the military?

    • MDPatriot

      You are right on all accounts! I would add to also disarm “We The People”.

      • Chained

        Like any true wannabe dick-tater / tyrant

  • Rumpelstiltskin

    Boy you know how to raise my blood pressure Kernal. This adminisitration needs to be led off a gangway plank, and fast!!

    • Chained

      That would be Colonel not Kernal which is even misspelled. Your reference is to a kernel of corn. I believe it is Lt. Colonel West.

      • Rumpelstiltskin

        Can’t trust. .Left it up to spell check. I should’ve caught that being former Army. Trust but verify. All due Respect to Colonel West

      • Chained

        No worries. I hate auto correct mode too.

  • SgtMaj JD USMC Ret.

    Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the brain dead decision made by our Pentagon on behalf of our Lyin King Obama, AKA Simon, as in Simon says and all believers scramble to make his wish come true. We will pay an unbelievable price for being the silent majority as we hope and pray our leaders are looking out for we the people rather than the Benedict Arnold’s in our ranks. So if this subject is true, invest in KY gel. Again, just my thoughts.

  • Irish1025

    Well there you have it Mr. West; the reason why they don’t want a more efficient system, the military would make money AND Arm the terrorists oooppppsss slip of the tongue there! I meant to say sell that excess ammunition to the civilians at a nice profit to our Armed Forces.

    • Chained

      Why sell it back to us? We the taxpayers bought it in the first place.

      • Irish1025

        That is true we did pay for it in the first place however our government is in this to make money off of the peasants like us.

  • don2478

    This is not weird. As the POTUS wants his personal
    army [remember his comments] to be able to fight against US citizens if he
    implements martial law then an essentially unarmed military will not be able to
    enter on the side of the citizens. So is part of his plan to unarm military. He
    has limited ammo to US citizens already. So his personal army is growing and he
    is not about to let people interfere with his plan to bring about a global
    caliphate or place the USA under UN sovereignty which in the general assembly the vote is controlled by Islamic countries and can eventually control the security council.

    • RobertPPruitt

      As much as I don’t like the presidents policies and goals, he has NOT limited ammo to civilians.

      The whole article is a good read, but you can start at paragraph 6 if you want just the ammo information. Oh, and gun sales have also been up the past couple years as well, meaning even more ammo sold. But they have ramped up production, and they will get supplies back up before long. Of course it will take longer than it should since people that think like you(conspiracy) will buy all they can afford every time they find some, even though they have plenty.

  • GJK

    Only one reason here as far as ammunition goes. Follow the money, if you do you will see everything! Someone will benefit financially from repurchasing new ammo period! Anytime it seems sharing can’t be done follow the money. This is why even you requested audits and notice how nothing came about… Why… something to hide. So much money (Tax payers Money) available, to spend so why not benefit from such purchases… Right! The people in-charge are using this power of the purse to obtain much favor in other areas. Just to prove my point, every-time an investigation it done it is ALWAYS stated as one of the parts (Fraud & Abuse) no indictments it’s like a big unknown which seems no one can identify and it just goes on and on and on. So the real question rather then all of this speculative talk is HOW OR WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE AUDITS AND HOW ARE THEY COMPLICIT IN THE HIDING OF THE INFORMATION AND WHO COULD BRING THEM TO JUSTICE!

  • Jakob Stagg

    Nobody will ever accuse our government of looking out for Americans.

    • RobertPPruitt

      How DARE you accuse the government of not looking out for AND protecting Americans.

      You yourself saw how proud and eager the government was to protect all those rich Wall-Streeter Americans from the scum who dared to sit on the sidewalks during the Occupy movement. They could have easily tripped over them on their way to collecting their bonuses that the government provided the funds for when they messed up and broke the companies.

      And you say the government doesn’t look out for Americans. Don’t you feel stupid now.


      • Jakob Stagg

        Yup. There is that problem. Only “rich” Americans are Americans.

        The only problem was the guns and pepper spray were pointed the wrong way. They should have hosed down the banksters. But, at least someone is pitching them from the roofs of tall buildings. I hope they are getting the right ones, rather than just those that could expose the real criminals.

  • vodknockers

    0bama ordered the Pentagon 3 years ago and again last year to BUY ALL this ammo in an attempt to drive up the costs to civilians. It worked to an extent, when all dealers put restrictions on amounts we could buy. However, one major ammo manufacturer in TX refused to even bid on the governments annual appropriation request, and that freed up enough civilian accessible ammo to end 0bama’s scam.
    Now, all this ammo is going to be destroyed???? Make 0bama and the democrat party pay for this…NOT US.

    • ShiekYerbouti

      Closing the lead plants is another thing he did.

      • RobertPPruitt

        But closing the lead smelting plant will not have any impact on ammunition whatsoever as ammunition manufacturers don’t use any newly smelted lead. They only use recycled lead.

        I’m all for trying to reduce the amount of poisons we pump into the environment , and lead is a nasty element to be sure. It’s also a very important element to America for many things(just imagine how much car batteries would increase in price if we had to start buying say lithium batteries…would cost already struggling people money they don’t have). We will be just fine as long as we can get it from other countries cheaply, but what happens if we start squabbling with our main source country(ies)? It being our only lead smelting plant, I would have preferred the federal government use a bit of our tax money to upgrade it at no cost to the company(and maybe even tax breaks to allow them to run it at a fraction of capacity and not lose money, just to have it always ready if needed for war or something)

        But California passed a law to ban all lead bullets for hunting late last year. Many think that could cause massive price increases in ammo costs if other states follow suit. But TBH this is the 21st century and we do have alloys that will work in place of lead without too much of a price increase and it would be better for the environment. Plus it’s just for hunting, so people can still stockpile lead ammo for practice and shooting bad guys, so even a very active hunter wouldn’t actually need too much of the more expensive non-lead ammo.

      • ShiekYerbouti

        I get your points and fairly much agree.
        Definitely do reasonable things to protect the environment and I believe we should, enrich areas when prudence or common sense gives cause to better ones own area. But I do kinda think as lead is traditional ammo material, it is kind of short sighted to close one of the the avenues of common sense in resources management . I haven’t done it but I’ve read up on it a bit, there are lots of like free sources of used lead that can be made into bullets. Bullets are kind of an ironic thing to green recycle but good idea.

  • voted against carter

    The WHOLE point is to ELIMINATE ammunition availability for John Q. Public as the libratards can NOT eliminate firearms.

  • DyinginChicago

    Why couldn’t the small arms ammo go to the DCM? If our government can give MRAPS, sniper rifles and tanks to police departments who don’t need them, there should be no problem giving this ammo to the DCM for resale.

  • GoturSix Gear

    Law enforcement agencies have been increasing fire power since 9/11 during the Bush
    administration. It has been and still is considered preparation for terrorist attacks
    at home and this hasn’t magically changed because of a new administration.

    Active threat training programs nationwide are geared toward lone gunmen and Mumbai style assaults not conspiracy infested big brother martial law actions.

    The point of the second amendment is to ensure it is enforced by virtue of its enactment, ie you have the right to prevent others from taking your weapons in mass. No real cop is going to violate the constitution that he ultimately is bound to
    (not a politician) and no agency could anyway.

    • ShiekYerbouti

      Well, that cop has a family to feed, he might follow orders. I get told to do stuff at work all the time that I (not illegal stuff) disagree with. Also look how Australia disarmed: It was the Dept. of Public Health Sure it could happen here.
      They would be making criminals out of a lot of us but they might want that also.

    • jpc466

      Many real Germans violated personal constitutions during WWII

    • RobertPPruitt

      They will….and they have. Just look at the mass violations by “law” enforcement during the Occupy movement.
      Physically attacking unarmed and peaceful Americans who were sitting on the ground. Stealing cameras from reporters, deleting the memory and then charging them with false crimes.(which were later proven by the reporter having a techie friend recover the erased files)

      The list of Constitutional violations during the Occupy movement by those who are charged with upholding them is a long list indeed. And you can bet many will blindly follow orders and repeat those violations if told to by those that sign their paychecks.

      And Bush can be forgiven for the Bill he signed after 9/11 as many people were scared and wanted something done, and very little of it(if any)outright violated the Constitution(not that much didn’t scrape half the ink off the paper). Not to mention he only made it temporary. Obama not only made it permanent(for all intents and purposes) But he expanded it so far into the realm of Unconstitutionality that he should have been impeached for his actions.

      Nothing that Bush did that you don’t like or feel(correctly or incorrectly) was Unconstitutional and is still going on is his fault anymore. Obama has had more than enough time to fix it. And “fix it he did, didn’t he?

    • Peter Field

      GoturSix Gear — I am sorry to say that you are a dreamer. There are now MANY AGENCIES armed to the teeth that will fire on fellow Americans.

  • Luger Drmc

    The ammo should be donated to the DCM for civilian marksmanship programs!

  • Brandon Buskard

    Answer: It’s simple. They want the military (who are loyal to the U.S. and everything it stands for) To have less capabilities while all these scum sucking government agencies arm up, ready to fight Americans from within. This isn’t a conspiracy theory people, WAKE UP.

  • PAbanjoman

    Our Scout camp could use some .22 LR and 12 gauge. These programs are in jeopardy due to funding, as well as scarcity of the .22 LR. I don’t know if these calibers are affected, but seriously, how is this fiscally responsible?

  • Dale Liebes

    Brandon Buskard hit the nail on the head! Wake the hell up America!!!

  • Mimi Schmaltz

    Won’t HSA share?

  • Seahag

    The greatest threat to the American people is its own government. Forget about the radical Islam terrorist groups. The US government has been building a massive army of millions of devoted followers for years by encouraging dependence on government hand outs and free cell phones. When half of a country depends on government support for their livelihood you can get them to kill their own mother for the right amount of incentives. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • John Catron

    By reigning in the disparate data systems across all branches of the military, a solution could be possible to eliminate this govt waste, but I think they like to stick to their SNAFU systems and pet projects too much to actually come together and work this out. I know, I have been a government contractor dealing with supply chain management before, and from what I have seen, it seems no one wants to get along with anyone.

    • Beckah

      That is nearly true, HOWEVER, just as we saw with the obamazombiecare, there are still plenty of companies run by “friends” that will still get contracts to do it, run the price to 10x the bid (not sure how they get that on with a “contract”), and after years of getting paid it still won’t work!

  • Wilbert Jennings

    Just another way to spend money we don’t have and obligate ourselves to whomever we are now borrowing money from to send to the enemy so they can buy the new ammo that our business make for sell. We are a dumbed down society of give me attitude and anything goes because we have been striped of our faith as well as the right to teach our own children morality at home or even in our churches. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Where are the Christians demanding our rights as the muslims take theirs ? We offend the muslim enemy with our Christian images and our pledge of allegiance. We apologize when a private message was put on air by a person that compromised her self as a minority and as a adulterer.She enjoyed being the eye candy of a married man that probably is a racist but his comments were private and not public until the one accused of stealing decided to make an issue of his bigotry. Its OK for a person of color to call a white person a cracker or pecker head or even beat them to death from a black mob but don’t let a person have the freedom to dislike another even if its not right its still a freedom we should have. We can’t teach or share the word of GOD , because it is considered a hate crime. We have trumped GOD, aren’t we really smart now.We can’t use certain words that describe a listless lazy person that want work unless we are black then its OK. A 40 or so percent of our society have turned into pimps, they are pimping the working class and threw this administration destroyed the middle class.This is how socialism works, create dependency , destroy moral values, eliminate any way for the masses to defend themselves, create social disorder and declare martial law so the existing President can proclaim himself the dictator. There are still black, white, brown red and yellow Americans that will stand against tyranny such as this, the problem is the innocent that will be lost and the civil war that was fought once having to be fought again.

  • glenn

    With so much ammo either being wasted or destroyed every American in America should get an allotment of ammo.We paid for and we deserve what is ours in the first place.It’s time for America to arm itself cause we’re going to need it.

    • TNUGA

      All of us civilians already buy several times what the Government (including the military) buys in small caliber ammo.

    • Peter Field

      Having all that ammo for the Homeland lack of security, the post office and all the other department was just a ploy to make it difficult for civilians to buy ammunition.

  • Peter Field

    I remember in 1961 when I went through Air Force Basic Training at Lackland AFB that there was no ammunition to shoot, so we had to holler “Bang Bang” when we were supposed to shoot at the target. “everyone qualified”, but there were no “marksman medals”. To us, it was all a big joke. Fortunately for me, I went through H.S. ROTC at Lane Tech H.S. in Chicago and we qualified with .22 cal. rifles on the range there.

  • bigMike

    SO, they dont know how to READ LOT NUMBERS??? ALL ammunition has THE LOT NUMBERS ON THEM, SO THIS is nothing BUT WASTE to keep AVAILABILITY low FOR THE CIVILIANS!

  • Glenn Smith

    Typical government judgement,do some research before you vote,and hold their feet to the fire with the promises they made when campaigning…Please America,Please!

  • Forgotten Vet

    Some of the ammo will be destroyed for the records and cameras, the rest will be shipped to our enemies.

  • Jim Plantz

    Put the ammo back on the market. After all, Americans own the ammo. I suspect it was manufactured in the first place to create a shortage to the public. Now that that’s done they don’t need it or as Forgotten Vet says it will go to support our enemies in wars in other parts of the world that are actually Obamas friends. .

  • David Mills

    No Inventory control? BS. I am well aware of how anal the ammo guys were at inventory control.. They knew what they had down to every last bullet. And bullets last indefinitely. I recently shot some WW2 ammo and it was fine. It’s all on how it was stored. So, this is complete crap..

  • MDPatriot

    I think it is another quiet “Executive Order” from Heir Obama. But, rather than dump it in the ocean, I would be willing to bet it will be secretly shipped to the Muzzie Bro’hood!!!

  • dufus

    This administration is totally out of control and has no brains!

  • Skip Schlueter

    Ordered by our Commander-And-Thief ????

  • Concerned Citizen

    He is disarming our armed forces and building up his own. One that has allegiance to him and him alone. why do you think he wants to let know terrorist into this country.

  • penisl0rd

    The DoD doesn’t destroy them, they sell them to aggressors in the middle east. They just claim a loss to justify higher tax rates for the citizen.

  • penisl0rd

    The DoD doesn’t destroy them, they sell them to aggressors in the middle east. They just claim a loss to justify higher tax rates for the citizen.

  • JimmieMee

    we will stop all the fraud and waste in the military so we can put more fraud and waste into the health care area……I know ….. but if you “went” to harvard you would understand

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