Brat topples Cantor: Will GOP establishment finally stop circular firing squad? - Allen B. West -
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    It seems to be the “other sides” goal to attack a persons character. That is what “we the people” are tired of.

  • maggiegirl

    I’m not getting too excited over this one. Brat’s district is small, so the surprise factor just isn’t there.

    • KC

      The Virginia Congressional District 7 population is the same, or very close to the same, as all the other 434 Congressional Districts in the United States. Representation in the House of Representatives is apportioned, for each state based on population based upon the national census taken every 10 years. So the lack of your “surprise factor” can’t be because of a small Congressional district.

      • halevi

        LOL – I was thinking the same thing. They’re all the same size by definition!

  • Lol

    Oh, they’ll almost certainly cut off their own nose. I think I saw Boehner and McConnell sharpening their knives this morning.

    They had that crazy “we need more moderates like McCain and Romney” look in their eyes.

  • reshas1

    They are so stupid they will cut off their nose to spite their faces.. Pathetic bunch..

  • profsportster

    The RINO’s still have the power, the money, the prestige. But they have no message and lack the bravery of committed Constitutionalists. The struggle can be won against them and the godless Dem’s. Go Tea Party!

    • Bob McMahan

      Indeed. Well said.

      • profsportster

        Thank you!

    • Marnott

      I have not contributed to the Republican party for several years. I know they have corporate donors (pork buddies) who make my paltry donations pale by comparison which in turn makes their representation of me as an individual non-existent. I quit donating when they were using the money for visits to strip joints.

      • profsportster

        Indeed! I now only give to specific causes, wouldn’t be caught dead throwing my meager dollars at the RNC, or Chamber of Commerce, or Golfers Gutless, or whatever the Rep’ Party calls itself now.

  • Roscoe

    We’re going to have to knock out a lot more of the old dogs before the establishment GOP wakes up and realizes we’re not going to take it any longer. Their way – along with the Democrats – has led our country to where we are now.

  • Patrick Schilling

    I just hope the VA GOP and the national party doesn’t abandon Brat like they did Cuccinelli. The Republican Party has no one to blame but itself for the liberal carpet-bagger of a governor we have in McAuliffe.

    • Bob McMahan

      True, but Bob Sarvis didn’t help either.

  • Rafael X

    GOP intramurals are a lot of things but boring is not one of them.

  • Gary Alderman

    I do not see many people mentioning the real elephant in the room. Apparently there was a relatively well-publicized campaign by Democrats to sabotage this “Republican primary” by having DEMOCRATS vote against Cantor using Virginia’s screwy “open primary” rules. Apparently, the DEMs had no one on the ballot for congress, so any DEM who showed up could feel free to throw a wrench into the supposedly “Republican” primary. Does anyone know if the data exists to see the actual vote in Virginia by registered party affiliation? Perhaps Mr. Cantor should “pull a Lieberman” and run as an independent in November. See the Huffington Post for background:

  • Tread7

    GOPe American Citizens need Jobs !

    ALIPAC Issues Statement On Eric Cantor’s Defeat For Supporting Amnesty!

    Raleigh, NC — Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is Congratulating all
    Americans who played a roll in making history today by defeating favored
    incumbent Eric Cantor in today’s GOP primary due to Cantor’s support
    for immigration reform amnesty for illegal aliens.

    “Let this be a lesson to the the rest of Congress, especially Republicans who are considering supporting immigration reform amnesty that would devastate and destroy America’s borders, immigration laws, and conservative voter base as well!” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Today we have proven that the grassroots can prevail against a Republican amnesty supporter even when outspent by more than 10 to 1!
    Our congratulations go out to our endorsed candidate Dave Brat!”

    Read more at:

  • Tread7

    The Great State of Virginia voters gave GOPe Eric Cantor a pathway to private citizenship.

  • Patriots4Freedom

    Good riddance to all GOPers (RINOS) who support amnesty and ignore their constituants…Just the beginning…More to fall…”Drain The Swamp”

  • WestPoint78

    Thank you to all Democrats in Virginia who voted for David Brat and threw out the moderate Republican in favor of swinging the party even further to the right. You have almost assured the election of Hillary Clinton as President.

    • dct

      Hillary is an old lying piece of work. She lied during Watergate, Vincent Foster, whitewater, Benghazi…

      • WestPoint78

        all politicians lie. All of them. She’s your next POTUS for 8 years and the GOP eating itself just adds to that certainty. I’m sure she was laughing her head off last night.

      • The_Patriot

        You lie too, You arrogance like Cantor’s will be your undoing

      • olddog

        Indeed..She shares in (D)elirious (D)elusion..You provide her company..fur sure , fur sure (D)ude.

      • hadenough57

        So what you are saying dct, is that Hillary is a democrat.

    • Connie Lee

      anyone stupid enough to vote for Clinton, for any reason, will be getting what they deserve. It’s just a shame the rest of us will be paying right along with them

      • WestPoint78

        MY guess: she will get 55-60% of the popular vote. Of course that all depends on who runs. IF the tea party demands a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, you might see a landslide of historic proportions. The GOP needs to wake up. The country is sliding left. When you keep pulling farther right, you are gonna get buried. The moderates are gonna flock to the Dems. Its the reverse of what Reagan did in 1980.

      • The_Patriot

        Hey fraud, no one asked for your opinion. You need to go to another fraud site to give them your bogus opinions

      • Canuck Sailor

        We heard this crap in Canada for years, until the Conservative Party got its act together, elected a solidly conservative leader, and showed people all the liberal talk about bogeymen was just that: talk and pure BS.
        In 2006, we elected a conservative government, and it’s performed quite well since that time.
        Americans want an alternative to the crap they’re seeing in DC – and that means a real conservative choice, not what they’ve been getting.

      • olddog

        Well said…Agree 100%…

    • olddog

      OK..Now on your knees, Swallow the Choomer prayer and worship..(D)rone.

  • Amria Ahmed McGillivray

    Lord thank you, and I ask that you keep taking the foolish things to confound the wise. I also ask that you would uncover any and all manipulation, bribery, and any death threats to any one of the new politicians, that stand for the USA and the American Jesus precious Holy Name I pray!! Amen and amen!

  • dginga

    Multi-candidate primaries DO favor the incumbent because the anti-incumbent vote gets split up between multiple candidates. In this case there was only one other candidate. I think his anti-ILLEGAL-immigration stance particularly resonated in light of the media coverage of the hoards of illegals being moved around the country by our own government. If they can put them on a plane and ship them to an air force base in Massachusetts, why can’t they send the plane to Mexico City instead?

  • Richard Anderson

    the GOP best start listening to the will of the people…

  • lungshot

    Surprised West is throwing a bone to an anti-police statist:

    “Brat is an incisive critic of the Surveillance State. On his campaign
    web site, he went after Cantor for voting for the NDAA and against Rep.
    Justin Amash’s legislation that would have reined in the NSA. As the
    Brat campaign put it:”Dave believes that the Constitution does
    not need to be compromised for matters of national security. He
    supports the end of bulk phone and email data collection by the NSA,
    IRS, or any other branch of government.”

    Not only that, but Brat went after Cantor for voting for the National Defense and
    Authorization Act (NDAA) on the grounds that it “authorizes the
    unconstitutional bulk data collection by the government under the PRISM
    program.” He also savaged Cantor for voting against Rep. Justin Amash’s
    amendment to the Act, which would have stopped bulk collection dead in
    its tracks.”

    • Magnetic_North

      Lungshot gasping. Perhaps NDAA has undesirable words?

  • carola123

    I wonder what his position is on Guns? That’s all Congress needs is another Tea-Partier. Why can’t we force equal amount of dems and repubs in our Congress which, in turn, would force bipartisanship? And, No More career politicians. Term limits is the way to go!

    • douglasmarks

      Gently are an idiot.

      • olddog

        Gently put…She’s a (D)em-wit 2.0…

    • The_Patriot

      Why can’t we all get along?, Are you a coexist’er. Water and oil do not mix, no matter how bad you want them to. Get over it already. Liberal’s have this country in a downward spiral and the Rinos are in it with them.
      Whether they have been bought out or anti-constitution I do not know. There actions speak loudly. The are killing this country. If that’s what you want, then you don’t deserve your freedoms which they will take from you if re-elected this november

    • olddog

      So..You want to “go along to get along ” to HELL???..Very compromising of you…I’ll watch but I WILL NOT COMPLY..

    • Magnetic_North

      Yes! to term limits!

  • hadenough57

    The Tea Party is now being called antisemitic, for voting for Brat, and against Cantor, who is Jewish.

    Cantor lost for being a Washington insider, that votes along establishment lines, Period!

    At least the people of VA are informed, and voted accordingly, unlike the people in Kentucky and South Carolina.

    • Calvinius

      Cantor lost because he didn’t express enough hatred for brown people.

      • The_Patriot

        always has to be the race card for you

      • olddog

        Why do you hate White/Hispanic women???

      • Godzilla Smash14

        You mean like the black mobs attacking brown people after the Zimmerman trial?

      • Calvinius

        No, we were talking about reality, not your race-war fantasies that never happened.

      • Godzilla Smash14

        They did happen. In Oakland California.

  • bindare

    “will the GOP cut off its nose to spite its face?”
    The authors question assumes the GOP Leadership is motivated exclusively by career protection and/or the good of the Party. But when someone fights the Conservative base of the party with ferocity but coddles our Democrat opponents, it raises certain questions to a logical mind. When a tree bears bad fruit we assume the tree is infected and is a bad tree.
    One must ask exactly where does their loyalty lie and what is their agenda? Is it far-fetched that either because of threats, blackmail, or bribes that they are in league with our political enemies who instinctively oppose everything good about America. Even Jesus had a betrayer among the twelve.

  • Marnott

    The GOP establishment will cut off its nose to spite its well-fed face. None will give up their place at the trough for the good of America. They won’t deliver for this grand old country but they will chastise, intimidate and vilify those who do.

  • Rafael X

    You have to give it to them Tea Partiers take no prisoners, sheesh no one is untouchable. Makes me wonder if it’s a wise move to trade the second highest republican in the house for an inexperienced candidate (Bergdahl argument). To Mr. Brat credit he took DC by surprise republicans and democrats took notice.

    • Opinionated American

      History is repeating. 1979 Grassroots movement brought us Reagan. Point is Grass roots is what Most Americans want. Then was called Right wing extremes Now we are called Tea Party patriots. No matter what label. Grassroots is going to be the winning party. Dems have not figured that out yet. still calling us names. Rafael X. It is interesting indeed.

  • jeff

    We keep hearing the establishment this and the establishment that. Don’t forget Cantor was outside the establishment when he was elected to office. Mr. Brat is an academic and he understands institutions and how they work, he’s no political novice. Professor Chamberlain was a History professor before he made his charge at Gettysburg. Anyone who knocks off the majority leader with a fraction of the budget on the other side is no novice. This is our system, and it’s working as it should be working.

  • cmorplante

    In 2012 a slew of dead people helped elect the travesty we now have in the White House. We conservatives know how the play oneupmanship. In 2014 a dead movement helped elect a slew of Constitutional Conservatives.

  • The Imperial Goat

    I live in the 7th. A couple years ago, Cantor and the establishment republicans hand picked their candidate for the Henrico County Commonwealth Attorney (what most places call a District Attorney) He got beat at the convention. Rather than throw his support to the republican candidate, he got an establishment guy to retire from the state legislature and run as an independent, which split the vote and got a democrat to win. I was disappointed, but it was expected, that today he refused to even mention Dave Brat’s name and did not offer his support or endorsement. I’ll bet he ends up spoiling the race for Brat and a hardcore solid republican district will go democrat

  • Opinionated American

    Those who remember the Carter era. Liberals laughed at an Actor who put his bid in for the presidential race. Old fashion values. They said it would be a easy victory for dems, Because old fashion was not progressive. A losing strategy. Funny how old fashion values A.K.A grassroots won in 1980. This 2014 may not be the presidential race. But it does show how people want the old fashion way A.K.A grassroots thinking and beliefs. Dems I will watch and see if history repeats. Laugh my a$$ off when your best has lost. American people are voicing their Opinions.

  • John Sposato

    The Republican Party as it’s currently constituted is the Stupid Party. Never underestimate their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Will they be smart enough to look at this result and take a different stance toward true conservative principles? I hope so, but I’m not betting on it. The GOP is our only hope. One can only wish that it gets smart and tunes in to what its constituency truly wants.

  • samplecase .

    unfortunately the tea party is an emotional party, wearing empty hats. At least you are consistent. You stand for light weight answers to heavy weight questions. You put no thought or research into your “policy”. For instance, you state that Mr. Brat is a graduate of Princeton University, implying he is smart too!!! Well he is not, he is a graduate of the Princeton Seminary College which has nothing to do with and is not affiliated with Princeton University. (It is run by the Presbyterian Church). Go Tea Party! making up facts, or just too lazy to do proper research.

    • Godzilla Smash14

      Us emotional? That is literally the pot calling the kettle black. All you guys is scream and chant slogans and set up tents and provoke the cops into spraying your crying a$$es with mace. All of which you learned from your gender studdies as UC Berkley or Oberlin: where reason goes to die.

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